How to Grocery Shop on a Low Budget: The Mama Master Shows You How

Hey Mamas, set your DVR or be sure to tune in Monday morning to the Sunrise morning news (from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.) on station 40/29 (Channel 7 at my house). Anchors Kelly Johnson and Derek Burleson will be featuring an amazing local mom named Tammy Koretoff who KNOWS how to shop and feed a huge family on a crazy low budget. (Imagine feeding a family of 7 on $60 a week. Seriously. She does it all the time.)

Kelly Johnson called the nwaMotherlode office last week and asked if we knew any moms who really know how to stretch a dollar at the grocery store. And that’s when we thought about Tammy. She is a domestic diva and somehow (we still can’t figure it out) manages to feed her huge family on a budget that seems nearly impossible. And they’re not eating Ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches, people. Tammy cooks gorgeous meals, complete with desserts and homemade bread. (The photo above shows one of the Koretoff’s daughters enjoying dinner and giving Mom the thumbs-up.)

Reporters followed Tammy all week this week to film her in action and learn how she does it. We’ll be giving you some behind-the-scenes info and photos on Tammy’s story. But set your DVR, too, so you can follow Tammy’s story on the news. We’re so excited that this smart, funny local mom of 7 (who is also a Motherlode reader) is getting credit for her mama skills!