Pray Without Ceasing, First Thessalonians 5:17

By Dawn Stanford

At the start of every road trip our family makes, we pray together.Many times we don’t start praying until we’re already on the road.On one of the trips, my daughter Rebecca asked me why I didn’t close my eyes, and I told her that God still hears me even if I don’t close my eyes.That made me think of the verse “Pray without ceasing” in First Thessalonians 5:17.

It’s normal for most Christian families to pray before dinner, before bedtime and at church, and during those times it’s usually with heads bowed and eyes closed (as we were taught in church).So does God hear us still when our eyes are open and we are driving a car?YES, HE DOES!!!In the spirit of the title of this MotherLode website section, “Devotion in Motion,” I would like to encourage all of you to practice the art of prayer without ever stopping.One of my very favorite books is by a 17th century monk named Brother Lawrence.The title of the book is The Practice of the Presence of God.Brother Lawrence talks about turning his heart toward God throughout the day in whatever he is doing, whether it’s praying during noonday prayer OR washing dishes in the kitchen.As mothers, we are sometimes going in a hundred different directions.My prayer for you is to develop an ongoing conversation with God throughout the day and not just at those expected times or in times of crisis.Do you tell God that you love him at random moments in your day?

Do you thank Him for that uplifting phone call or e-mail from a dear friend?

Do you pray for your children as you drop them off at school and every time you drive by a school, wherever you are?

Do you first ask God for wisdom as a challenge in the day arises, instead of calling a friend?

Do you pray out loud with your eyes open and you’re all by yourself?

If you don’t, I hope you will know that God does want to hear from you.Remember it’s not about the religious ritual of praying, but about developing a relationship with God. Just like you talk to and listen to your husband, children, extended family and friends, God wants to talk to you and for you talk to Him throughout the day, every day.“…Be constant in prayer.”Romans 12:12Joyfully,

Dawn Stanford

Dawn is married to Rodney, and they have two daughters, Rebecca (8) and Rachel Joy (5).Dawn has a B.A. in Psychology from John Brown University.Since Dawn was in high school she has been actively involved in ministry/missions.For 5 ½ of those years, she was on staff at a church in Texas as the Children’s, Family & Youth Minister.Dawn is currently a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and her passion is to equip and encourage women to live their God-given dreams.


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  1. Hey, Dawn!! Great devotion. I thank God for you–how’s that?! Missing you guys tons. Smoochies from all the Stearns

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