New Pictures in Photo Gallery Today!

New photos have been added to our Motherlode Snapshot Photo Gallery. Click on the Polaroid above or scroll to the bottom of this page to see the new shots. One of the new ones we just love is this shot of a little girl named Lucy who went a little wild with the blue paint during arts and crafts time. So cute! Look at her amazing blue eyes!


Don’t forget that our new snapshot photo gallery is also a chance for you to win a very cool prize. We’re asking you to share your favorite snapshots of your kids with us (no professional shots). Each month, our photo gallery sponsor, Lisa Mac Photography, will choose a few semi-finalists who have sent photos with the biggest emotional impact. At the end of three months, one of those semi-finalists will be named the winner of the photo contest and will receive a portrait session with Lisa Mac and a 16×20 wall print of their child – for FREE! 

You can send us up to 5 photos each month. Just be sure not to send any swimsuit or bathtub photos unless the bubbles are covering all the right parts. Send the photos to

The photo gallery launched March 1st, and we’re already receiving some great snapshots from our fellow mamas. Keep ’em coming! And tell your friends/family that they can check out your kids’ photos here on Motherlode!