Mom/fitness expert shares ideas for working out with the kids

Courtney Arrant is a fitness trainer who decided to incorporate her kids into videos just for moms.

She said the ideas in her videos were born out of necessity. She said, “How many of us mommies constantly ask ourselves “How are we supposed to fit it all in?  How do we work, take care of the house, be a great wife, friend, daughter, sister etc., take care of ourselves and spend time with our children?” I would say to my children, “go in the play room, mommy has to work out now” and then I would feel ridiculously guilty. My kids would constantly say to me “will you play with me?” begging me to get in the floor and wrestle or run around.

I determined that I could, again, kill two birds with one stone by playing with my kids and burning some serious calories. I didn’t really think about other mommies needing this idea in their life until we made the youtube video with Harper and people loved it. Then I decided to do one with each of my children so that there is a workout for wherever you are in your life with your children.”

Click here to read more of that interview with Courtney — and to see the video where she uses her 3-year-old, 30-pound daughter as her “weight”. Below is the video she shot using her 7-year-old daughter as her workout partner.