Mealtime Mama: Strawberry Tomatillo Guacamole

small category logoDoesn’t strawberry guacamole sound good? The sweet gives the kick a little competition.

This recipe is from our Mealtime Mama sponsor, My Brother’s Salsa, and it’s perfect for Cinco de Mayo next week!

And let’s not forget that My Brother’s Salsa is sponsoring our amazing food at the 2015 NWA Mom Prom! We know it’s amazing because we’ve tasted it on several occasions.  Not only are they sponsoring, but local mom (and grandmother) Helen Lampkin, who started the company from scratch, will be at the prom serving up delicious quesadillas!

How cool is that?

Speaking of delicious, here’s that recipe we promised (click here to find more of Helen’s awesome recipes on her My Brother’s Salsa website!).

If you’re a more visual person, here’s a video of Helen making the salsa. How’s that for personal tutoring? Watch the video and find the written recipe below:

Strawberry Tomatillo Guacamole

2 avocados, pitted & roughly chopped

6 fresh Strawberries, hulled, petite dice

6 tbsp My Brother’s Tomatillo Salsa

Sea Salt to taste

Fresh Cilantro (chopped)

2 oz goat cheese, crumbled

Directions: For every avocado use 2-3 tablespoons My Brother’s Tomatillo Salsa, and approximately 2-3 strawberries. Roughly chop avocado. Gently stir in My Brother’s Tomatillo Salsa and diced strawberries. Season with Sea Salt to taste. Garnish with freshly chopped cilantro & goat cheese crumbles.