Mealtime Mama: Back Pocket Recipe – That’s a wrap!


By Rhonda Franz, contributor

A handy gem often made from memory, most moms have at least one tried and true recipe that is loved by family, enjoyed by friends, and is always a hit at the potluck dinner.

christy_schmid.jpgChristy Schmid lives in Rogers with her husband and three daughters. She has one such recipe she uses for her family on a regular basis. A Georgia Bulldog fan with a passion for photography, she loves her friends and always enjoys meeting new people. You may spot her occasionally working at Pottery Barn at the Pinnacle Promenade.

One of the most common things Christy uses for recipes in her home is crock pot-cooked chicken.

“I use the chicken in a variety of ways during the week: quesadillas, pasta with chicken, and in soups. It is also good straight out of the pot… but my kids’ favorite is the wrap – similar to the ones you get at restaurants like Moe’s!”

Chicken Wraps


* one pound chicken (thawed or frozen)

* one can petite diced tomatoes

* seasoning packet (Christy uses McCormick’s or Homemade Gourmet flavors such as southwestern or basil garlic)

* large flavored tortillas

* cooked Mexican rice

* sour cream

* black beans

* shredded cheese


Place thawed or frozen chicken in crock pot along with the seasoning packet and tomatoes. Cook on high 4-6 hours or low 8-10 hours. Christy likes to “set it and forget it” since the chicken soaks in its own liquid, keeping it moist.

When the chicken is cooked thoroughly and falling apart easily, shred it and set aside.

* Spread sour cream on large tortillas and add a scoop of chicken

* Layer with beans, rice, cheese, and the tomatoes from the crock pot.

* Wrap it up!

Rhonda Franz writes, cooks, and eats at her Northwest Arkansas home. Having tasted Christy’s cooking, she can vouch for its goodness. She expects to be invited over soon for a chicken wrap dinner. Click here to visit her blog!

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