Mealtime Mama: Who’s up for some French Cake Bon Bons?


You know how we moms love to put our feet up and eat bon bons? No? Well, we think it would be nice every now and then!

Below is a Bon Bon recipe from a friend’s awesome mother, Carrie Chastain, who also happens to be a great cook. This is an easy recipe, which makes it even better.

French Cake Bon Bons

  • choc cake mixOne cake mix (any flavor)*
  • One container of frosting (compatible to the cake mix chosen)
  • Almond bark (white, chocolate or butterscotch)


Bake cake in a 9 X 13 pan, according to box instructions. When the cake is cool, place it in a large bowl and crumble.

Work the frosting mix into the crumbled cake until you have the mix completely worked together.

Make small balls about the size of a meatball, spray cookie sheets with Pam or similar product and place the small balls on the sheet and freeze.

After frozen, dip in the almond bark and enjoy! (You may put these in a container and freeze indefinitely; it only takes a few minutes to thaw them.)

*Some options for cakes and frosting: German Chocolate and coconut pecan frosting; strawberry cake and frosting; or spice cake and cream cheese frosting, dipped in butterscotch bark.