Mamas on Magic 107.9: Taking care of “mom business”

Mamas, we know how busy you are because we’re right there with you. So we know that, generally speaking, we mamas aren’t always great at taking care of ourselves. We often push our own needs to the back burner because we’re so preoccupied with taking care of other people.

So a few weeks ago (before the holiday) during our morning radio segment called Mamas on Magic, we tackled the topic of taking care of “mom business” — essential things that help a mama stay sane, healthy, and happy. If you missed that discussion on the radio, click the play arrows on the audio bars below to hear it now.

Get a sitter. (Here’s what to pay.)

Be nicer to yourself. (Interesting research here.)

Schedule your doctor appointments.

Create your backup plan. (This will save you time and tears.)

What to do about the “I’m bored” whining this summer.

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