Mama Review: BooginHead Squeez’Ems, PaciGrip and PaciPouch


We were recently approached by the company BooginHead about reviewing some of their fun products, the Squeez’Ems pouches, PaciGrip and PaciPouch. The customizable pacis and PaciGrips are apparently all the rage, even among royalty. People Magazine recently featured the customizable paci in its Royal Baby Souvenir section and the BooginHead site calls out lots of “sightings” of celebrity babies using the PaciGrip.

Northwest Arkansas mama Amber Hutson said she’d love to let her little boy try them out and share her thoughts about the products with fellow mamas.

Here’s her review:

BooginHead1, resizedI was given 3 items to use and review for  I was given the Squeez’Ems pouches, PaciGrip, and PaciPouch. 

The Squeez’Ems pouches make to-go eating a breeze.I chose to try it for the first time while we were at home because I thought my messy mini would squeeze it everywhere.  I put a fruit smoothie inside and he loved it.

When we went out to eat a few days later I popped in some strawberry applesauce and threw it in his backpack. When we got to the restaurant I quickly realized the top popped open and half of the yummy treat was spilled into the bottom of the backpack.  The pouches cleaned up easily.

I chose just to wash them out by hand but they are dishwasher safe for easily clean up.The plastic material made it really easy to rinse off.  My only critique would be to make a better top that wouldn’t pop open as easy.Otherwise, this is the perfect product for on the go for kids and adults. 

The PaciGrip was put to the test by my little paci lover. We were given a girl pattern (Black Flourish) to try but this boy isn’t afraid of a little pink.He loves knowing his paci is close by so it helps to strap it to him.

The PaciGrip has a clasp that little fingers cannot get open which is helpful since our new thing is throwing the paci out of the crib to get Mommy to come back in.I love the different cute patterns available in the PaciGrips and they are so affordable (just $5 on the booginhead website).

I washed the PaciGrip in the dishwasher as well as the washing machine just to put it to the test.Both times the PaciGrip came out smelling clean and didn’t ruin any parts of the products.Make sure you dry the metal clasp after washing so that it doesn’t start to rust.The PaciGrip is helpful for babies of all ages because you don’t have to worry about the pacifier falling on the ground or getting lost.If you have a paci lover like my little man then you will love the PaciGrip.

booginhead2, resized

The final product I tested is called the PaciPouch.  It is a little fabric pouch that hooks onto your diaper bag to store your pacifiers when they are not in use. We are done using a diaper bag but I found this nice to hook onto my purse and little man’s backpack in order to always have an extra on hand.The bag holds 2 pacifiers with PaciGrips.The PaciPouch has a nice inside that is easy to wipe.The inside is the same material as lunch boxes.After you are done with the PaciPouch you could use it as a little snack pouch.

Booginhead3, resized

I would recommend the PaciGrip to other mommies because it is so easy to lose those little pacifiers. With the PaciGrip you always have it attached to them so no need to worry about them falling on the floor. The PaciPouch is a nice product but I don’t know if it’s a necessary product. I do like having a clean backup though. The Squeezem pouches leaked in his backpack so I don’t know if I am 100% sold on them or would recommend them.  I think the pouches are a great idea is the top can be made more secure. (Note from the mamas: The BooginHead folks are listening to their customers, apparently. A new screw top on the Squeez’Ems is becoming available on Sept. 1.)

One of the BooginHead products I’d love to try is the SippiGrip. That’s needed in my household right now as Carter likes to fling his cup to the floor!

About Amber: Amber Hutson grew up in Fayetteville where she met and married her high school sweetheart.  Together they have two dogs and a 13-month-old son who is a ball of energy.  Amber works as a church Nursery and Childcare Coordinator and as a family photographer on the side.  She enjoys spending time with her family and playing at the neighborhood park.

Note from the mamas: We were not compensated for posting this BooginHead product review. nwaMotherlode reader Amber Hutson received the products in exchange for her her honest feedback.