How-To Video: Learn the Mom Prom Flash Mob Dance!

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As you know from status updates on our Mom Prom or Motherlode Facebook pages, a group of us got together last night to practice the NWA Mom Prom flash mob dance that we’ll be doing on Prom Night.

Kelsey Lee, a Zumba instructor at the Mercy YMCA at Village on the Creeks in Rogers, agreed to help us out and did an AWESOME job pairing  some Mom Prom Signature Moves with a mash-up of some great dance songs.

You know, all those moves you’ve perfected over the years as a mom? Yeah, Kelsey captured those in the dance 🙂 Moves like pointing your finger at each of your kids and announcing, “You and you and you are in TIME OUT!”

And who doesn’t love those classic mama moves like “Drive the Minivan”“Rock the baby” and “Push the stroller”? It’s really easy to learn and — bonus! — Kelsey will be at the prom to lead us in the dance.

We’re sorry you didn’t get to boogie with us last night, but no worries! Below is the video we shot at rehearsal last night. You still have a few weeks to learn the dance, so get together with your girlfriends and practice as a group or freak out your kids by busting a move in the living room! Family exercise time!

We would love for you to join us on the dance floor when we hear the intro to “Ice, Ice Baby”. That’s our cue!

If you missed any of  the names of the dance moves, here’s the choreography that Kelsey put together:

Ice Ice Baby

When words start…

Time Out Both Sides (two times), Drive the Minivan, Honk the Horn, when it says, “dance” throw your right arm in the air

Push It

Walk in a Circle (“you know best”), Push the Stroller (start right), Rock the Baby, Shake the Rattles

Pump Up the Jam

Shake the Rattles, Dust the furniture (start right, middle, left, middle), Shake the Rattles, circle the booty (when it says “get your booty on the floor tonight”)

PYT (Pretty Young Thing)

Get the Groceries both sides (two times: start right) , Flash the Credit Cards Both Sides (six times: start right), Drive the Minivan, Raise the Roof (two times with Drive the Car in between)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Grapevine with shoulders (six times right, left) then swim arms back, when it says, “Girls they wanna have fun, oh”…then “Surf the Web”  (Pretend you’re on a surfboard)


Sweep the Floor (forward and back twice) start right foot, right arm

Wash the Windows (right and left twice)

Get Attention (Zumba Arms)

Sweep Right Arm Right and Left (like you are holding a sparkler)

Starburst (three right, slight pause, three left)

CHORUS: Get TEENAGERS ATTENTION (hop in place with right arm pumping in the air)

Starburst (three right, slight pause, three left)

Note from the mamas: If dancing in a Flash Mob is not your thing, don’t sweat it. You can just watch the rest of us and point and laugh. We guarantee it’ll be funny. See you Prom Night! CLICK HERE to buy tickets!