Flash Mob Dance for 2015 Mom Prom!

Let’s dance!!! Click on the video above to see the 2015 NWA Mom Prom Flash Mob Dance!

This has become a Mom Prom tradition. Just learn the moves above and then join a few hundred women on the dance floor so we can flash mob together Mom Prom 2015 Are You Induring Mom Prom on May 30th. (The flash mob is not mandatory. It’s just for fun and you certainly don’t have to do it perfectly to join in and enjoy it. Or… sit back and enjoy the people-watching. Either way, it’s fun!)

Back by popular demand for the third year running, our fearless choreographer is the beautiful Kelsey Lee, who is a fellow mom, teacher and Zumba instructor here in Northwest Arkansas. (Thanks, Kelsey, for putting together another fun dance for this year’s Prom night! You rock!) Kelsey will be on stage during the Flash Mob dance, leading us through the moves just in case we forget a few.

Every year we love hearing stories about moms getting together to practice the Flash Mob dance in the living room while their kids play. Have fun with it! (We’d love to see photos or videos of your practice sessions!)

The only thing you MUST have in order to do this Flash Mob dance is a ticket to the Prom! If you don’t have a ticket yet, click HERE to get it.

Below are a couple of photos of previous Flash Mob dances taken during Mom Prom 2013 and 2014. It really is as fun as it looks. We’ll let you know on Prom night when the Flash Mob dance is about to happen so you can be sure to grab a spot on the dance floor. See you then!

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