Giveaway: Professional organizing from The Organizer Chicks!

Mamas, we are SO excited about this week’s giveaway because we know it’s something that almost all of us have wished for at one time or another. If you’ve ever fantasized about how great it would be to have a Professional Organizer come over and help you finally get your house in order — organized in a way that truly works for you and your family — this is the giveaway that could make it come true.organizerchicks

We’re hosting a giveaway from our friends at The Organizer Chicks that includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Four-hour work session with TWO Professional Organizers
  • (Total of EIGHT hours of professional organizing which equals a $480 value!)

For many of us, one of our goals for the New Year is to get our homes and organizing methods in better shape so we can get more done and enjoy clean spaces that don’t make us feel stressed. One of the best ways to finally make that happen is to let someone who is truly gifted in this area come over and not only come up with a plan but help you make it happen. That’s what Professional Organizers do. (And they can do a LOT in four hours. Check out this before and after photo that happened after only two hours.)

before-after-closet1As owner Amber Taggard pointed out in our recent interview, some people feel guilty for needing a Professional Organizer’s help. But the reality is that we moms hire professionals all the time. Would you feel guilty for hiring an electrician to come over and fix a broken fuse box? Nope. The electrician knows things we don’t know and has specialized training in his area of expertise. Professional Organizers are also specifically trained to put rooms and/or entire homes in order as well as develop new systems and routines that will help you KEEP that organization intact.

organizer1Electricians don’t judge you for a broken fuse, and Professional Organizers don’t judge you for a cluttered space. They are simply happy for the opportunity to transform a space and make a positive difference for their client.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win this giveaway valued at $480, click the word “comments” (located right under the headline of this post). Then scroll down to the bottom of the posted comments.

Then add your own comment telling us which space in your house you’d love to have transformed by two of the Organizer Chicks. Why did you pick that space? (Would it be your kitchen? Bedroom? Garage? Kids’ playroom? Home office, etc?)

You can also email your answer to us at

As always, the giveaway winner will be chosen AT RANDOM and notified via email. (Watch your inbox!)

Once the organization work is complete, we’ll share that person’s experience and before and after photos here on, so fellow moms can read about and see what professional organizing in action really looks like.







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  1. I would LOVE to have my closet and laundry room organized… Every time I try, I give up halfway through… It’s so discouraging.

  2. I cannot tell you how much I need this giveaway! If nothing else, thinking about it might inspire me to actually get something done! 🙂 I need to organize my entire house based on traffic flows, activities, and just so much clutter. I am not even sure where to start…

    P.S. I shared this on FB, I follow you on Twitter, and Instagram, and I am going to enter this contest as many ways as I possibly can! 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Garage for sure! We moved into our house 6 months ago and the garage is still the space that is unorganized. Was supposed to be my husband’s job, but he thinks it’s fine the way it is. We have 3 car garage and he still parks outside, so I think that shows we need help!

  4. Laundry Room and Office… I need so much help. I start out and get discouraged… Maybe if someone else does it, it will happen and stay!

  5. The garage! It’s the one place in the house with the most stuff that never gets out away. It’s easy to just close the door and orb think about the mess because it is not seen everyday

  6. My closet! I’ve gone through so many sizes in lately from being pregnant and losing the baby weight and my closet has become a catch all!

  7. The kids’ playroom! I have labeled bins in a cute shelf, but it’s not working. I would love some help!

  8. Our Garage space needs organizing desperately! It’s our “catch all place” ! Help!

  9. It is a toss up between our garage and our bedroom. Both seem to be “dumping” grounds for things we don’t have a home for. With baby #4 due this spring, we need to find solutions soon!

    I get your newsletter, follow on Instagram and Twitter, and commented on FB.

  10. I actually have two areas I would love to have organized!
    Our office closet that serves as our art/craft and homeschool supply closet along with our kitchen pantry.
    This organization session would be a blessing!

  11. Master bedroom/closet…if it were more organized our day would start out and end better!

  12. My master bedroom is always the last on the list for organizing. In 28 years of marriage, we have never been able to have that relaxing, beautiful suite to enjoy. I have tried several times to try to organize, but just get discouraged! It would be a wonderful gift!

  13. I think I would have someone help organize my bed room. It always seems to be the final frontier when cleaning and the place things that don’t have a home randomly collect.

  14. Our master bedroom. My husband fears for his life every time he has to walk through our room in the dark! (I’m already a newsletter subscriber, I commented on the FB page, and I now follow you on Instagram). 🙂

  15. Which room wouldn’t I want a professional organizer’s help!? But, the master closet probably needs it the most. It’s a great size, so I tend to throw all my “don’t know what to do with this” stuff in there.

  16. How long do you think the whole house would take?! The garage DEFINITELY needs help- so we could park both cars in there. But also the craft/guest/beading room too. So we can walk in it. (haha?) I’d love to win, imagine how freeing it would be to have everything organized and functionable!!

  17. My daughters room/play area are in need of a major overhaul! I would love the help.

  18. I’d love help with my garage! It’s be nice to be able to put a car in there.

  19. My bedroom and closets for sure! I may have a slight tendency to hang on to EVERYTHING. Would love to win this and get truly organized!

  20. I would say my daughter’s room and closet. She will be leaving for college in the fall, and we will need to figure out what goes with her, what stays in her room, and what can be given away or sold. She is a thrifter and has a big wardrobe!!

  21. So hard to choose which room I would have organized but I would go with either my closet or garage!!

  22. Oh I’d love to have my kids’ rooms organized!! I follow on IG, FB & Twitter. 🙂

  23. Oh gosh!! This would be so helpful! I am embarrassed to have people over to our house because of the mess that is our lives. I would use this for the garage or the office as those are the two worst in the house. I follow you guys on Twitter, Instagram, and have commented on your facebook!

  24. I thought I posted this, but it’s not showing up. Sorry if I posted twice. Rather be safe than sorry!! 🙂 I could definitely use this for our garage or office. We have started purging, but these two rooms have not yet been touched as they are very scary to me! 🙂 I have commented on facebook, and I follow you on twitter and instagram. Anything to increase my chances!!

  25. I desperately need help organizing my kitchen/dining room area. I’m a mom that prides herself on a clean well cleared surface and honestly it is hard to figure out where to put everything in my house that comes through the front door. So unfortunately it ends up on my counter space and dining room table. I HATE it, I clean it and 2 hours later, cluttered again. I need help reorganizing my kitchen area so I have separate spaces for all the excess things. I mean come on, what’s family without a family dinner on your own dining room table together!

  26. Anything involving the kids’ spaces. And if they could inform grandparents to stop giving gifts, that would be great too! 😉

  27. I would love to have our laundry room/pantry organized. It is a catch all for everything because we don’t have any storage closets in our house. And it’s always a gigantic mess! My new year’s resolution is to get rid of clutter in my house so this would be a perfect way to get a start on it!

  28. Garage, bedroom, office……anything would be helpful! Such a great giveaway!

  29. This would be so wonderful! My master bedroom and closet need major help!

  30. My garage! It’s the only place that needs work but every time I try I get overwhelmed thinking I need some big, expensive organization/storage system.

  31. This would be an amazing prize to win. I have been wanting to get my garage organized for so long, but it seems like an overwhelming task as a working single mother. I have also been dealing with illness (was diagnosed with cancer last year and have suffered from blood clots and other complications this year). Help would be a Godsend! Thank you for giving us this opportunity : )

  32. Our “office.” We never unpacked the boxes in it after we moved into our house four years ago, and since then we’ve just added more junk. I’d love for it to become a playroom or extra bedroom, but honestly, just being able to open the door fully would be an improvement.

  33. Our guest room. We don’t have a garage, so some garage stuff ends up in there. And anything else I need to hide/get out of the way. And now that’s spilling into the office! So one or both of those need organized before we move our daughter into her own room in June. I get your newsletter & follow on Twitter.

  34. We have a shop house with lots of space but limited storage. Getting organized would be amazing right now!

  35. First I thought it would be my laundry room but it might be my bedroom. Or bathroom! The possibilities are endless!

  36. It would be such a blessing to have help organizing my kids shared bedroom! I feel like if we had a method in place it would be easier to keep up!

  37. My utility closet because it’s the only place we have for storage and as much as I’ve tried to organize it I don’t think I’ve done it the right way. I’m sure professional could get me better use out of the space.

  38. My daughter’s room! We just had baby #3 and she will be sharing with her big sister soon and there is SO much girl stuff. Help organizing Polly pockets to princesses and American Girl dolls and all the kid clothes would be fantastic!

  39. Probably either my laundry room or garage. They’re a mess and I can’t ever seem to catch up enough to get them organized, well!

  40. Oh man! Does the whole house count?! Probably my bedroom or kitchen if I had to choose. Mostly I just need to get rid of a ton of stuff!

  41. Oh my..,if I only get to pick one room… Right now it’s a toss up between my daughters playroom and the garage! I would probably go with the playroom though just because I have no earthly idea how to coordinate everything and make it look good and still be a playroom! I pick up…she thrashes the place…repeat…it’s never in a great place!

  42. Definitely my craft area. I started my own business in August, and trying to stay organized and productive in such a small space has been a nightmare! I’d love for everything to actually have a place so that I know what I have BEFORE starting a project.

  43. I would LOVE to have my kitchen and/or laundry room organized!!! How awesome that would be!!

  44. Our closet, spare room, and garage–yes, we may have to pay them extra. I have fibromyalgia and cannot get to these things myself. So hard and frustrating. I could def use the help and want these spaces to be organized for my family. Thank you for doing this.

  45. My play area/craft room. My sewing/yarn area shares a space with my kiddos logos and media area. It needs help!!

  46. my house flooded in October and I am just now living in it. stuff is boxed up and piled up everywhere! I’d just have them help me in the most productive way!

  47. I’d love have help organizing my kitchen. There’s not a lot of stuff, but I feel like it could make so much more sense in a different order.
    But if I could transfer the prize, I’d gift it to my sister. She could really use the help! 🙂

  48. It would be a toss up between 3 spaces in my house: daughters room, kitchen or master bedroom….i don’t know which yet, but I will when I win! I feel like I could learn so much from having these ladies for a few hours!

  49. Oh how I would love my bedroom to become a relaxing place of peace – not laundry and clutter!!

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