Great Date Night Giveaway: Outdoor dining and fun masks!

Happy Monday, Northwest Arkansas mamas! We know date nights (or girls’ night out dinners) are hard to come by these days. But I think we can all agree that, particularly during a pandemic, Mom and Dad need a chance to get away now and then.

So this week we’re hosting a Great Date Giveaway that will send one of our readers to Bordinos (on Dickson Street in Fayetteville) with a dinner gift card plus a package of FOUR masks from Rock City Outfitters to help keep you safe during your outing.


We chose Bordinos not only because the food is amazing but also because they’re offering an outdoor dining option, which the CDC is a safer way to enjoy a restaurant during the pandemic. (Click here for a list of more Northwest Arkansas restaurants with outdoor dining options.)

Here’s a pretty picture of the Bordinos patio balcony overlooking Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

Here’s a glamour shot of some of Bordinos famous appetizers.


Another perk of dining at Bordinos is that you can take your cocktail with you in a designated cup and walk around Fayetteville’s Outdoor Refreshment Area. (See more details by clicking here.)


We don’t know about you but we’ve begun quite a collection of masks during these past few months. Especially with kids in the house, the masks seem to always go missing so it’s great to have a few extras in the car, purse, diaper bag, etc.

We chose Rock City Outfitters for the mask giveaway because, not only are they one of our favorite Arkansas-based businesses, they’ve also made some hilarious mask designs. The blue one shown below (appropriately named “Dumpster Fire”) is our favorite, but all the designs are perfect for this very strange year. Each design is available in different colors. The winner can choose whichever mask designs she prefers.

To see more of Rock City Outfitters designs on t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts, hats, tanks and cute shirts for kids, click HERE to check out the Rock City website. Or you can check them out on Facebook.

Since we’re both Arkansas girls, born and raised, and particularly proud of our little corner here in Northwest Arkansas, we’re loving these new hometown collection sweatshirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, and tees featuring the state name or a city name. They’re SO soft and cozy. Take a look:

Click here to see the other styles and city names available in this new collection from Rock City Outfitters.


If you’d love to win this Great Date Night Giveaway package from Bordinos and Rock City Outfitters,  scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other local moms until you see the words “Leave a Reply.” Then write a quick comment telling us about one of your pandemic guilty pleasures and/or a new hobby? (Did you discover a new favorite show on Netflix to binge? Do you have a new go-to snack that makes all this chaos easier to swallow? Have you taken up baking or biking or both?)

You can also email your answer to us at


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  1. I have been more active than ever! Enjoying the beautiful NWA walking around.

  2. My new guilty pleasure is learning to embrace the still! I LOVE to be on the go, go, go and my boys definitely keep me busy (it’s picking up again). I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, in the early parts of the pandemic we were all forced to be still and stay home more than we ever had. I have to tell you that I didn’t hate it. We talked more, we listened more, we played games, we built forts and we prayed a lot. So many of these little things get lost in the shuffle sometimes, so I have enjoyed my chance to accept and like the still from time to time!

  3. I’ve started baking sourdough bread! We also started two large vegetable gardens.

  4. I’ve really enjoyed running outside. It is the only break I get away from my children, LOL! Working from home, and virtual school means we spend all the time together right now (which is not all bad, I feel like I really know my kids right now).

  5. We have spent most of our time outdoors, especially on the golf course. Have seen a lot of beauty outdoors.

  6. I have started trying a different, new cocktail every week. The best has been the Pink Bikini.

  7. It started out with baking & cooking. We made a lot of great food! Now it’s running & walking the trails more than ever!

  8. I have learned to enjoy more time with my puppy since I’m working from home and she loves it because she doesn’t have to be kenneled

  9. Spending as much time outdoors and with family as possible has been perfect for us and brought us closer as a family.

  10. Used this time to train our cat to stay in our yard. He has become the neighborhood mascot.

  11. We’re becoming full on bike people! We just bought a burley minnow for the toddler and we’ve been enjoying all the beautiful trails nwa has to offer!

  12. More time being outside and Netflix shows after the kids go to bed.

  13. I discovered how to use TikTok! I love to go on there and look at DIY projects to see if I can manage to make one!😬

  14. Now that it’s fall my guilty pleasure is soup and grilled cheese. I could eat it for lunch and dinner everyday!

  15. I love the doctors doing telemedicine and I don’t have to leave my house for appointments!

  16. New hobby= transitioning to a minimalist life to try to decrease the load and stress of increased work AND increase in time the kids spend at home.

  17. I am helping my 2nd grader with virtual and going work 4-10 every evening. The only thing getting me through is my daily stop at Boulder coffee, to get an Americano. It is the only thing that feels close to normal on these crazy days.

  18. My daughter and I have discovered Once Upon a Time tv series on Disney+ (which we got during pandemic) and have been watching at least 1 episode a day! I am enjoying the quality time with my daughter as she likes to have lots of discussion around what is going to happen next!

  19. Loving the time we’ve been able to spend outdoors. Summer included camping, hiking, and anything you can imagine doing outdoors. Not looking forward to being stuck indoors and the cold weather.

  20. My new guilty pleasure was enjoying the down time and not having somewhere to run around to every evening!!

  21. We got a pandemic puppy 😬 So that’s become my new hobby! I also rediscovered Top Chef and now I’m attempting new recipes I see there, like risotto!

  22. I now have time to read—8 books so far, I’m on my 9th. I also started making homemade granola!

  23. I’ve been crafting and organizing sooo much. Oh and eating sooooo much. L

  24. My guilty pleasure is buying a delicious steak every now and then to cook and eat (just for me!) and my new hobby is cycling. I love how relaxed I am after a long ride! The feel of the air rushing all around you while going downhill is intoxicating and produces pure joy in me.

  25. My quarantine guilty pleasure has been bleaching my grout in my tile floors!!!!! I know, it’s super lame. But I feel like I’ve got a brand new floor! Judge away! I know it’s crazy! Haha

    We signed papers to build our new home on Feb 26 the two weeks later the pandemic happened!! I bout 26, yes you read that right! 26 chairs for my new house. FB Marketplace got me through the pandemic 😂

  27. Camping has been our new go to! We love being outdoors and what better way to keep our distance and yet still get out then with camping!

  28. We have delved into camping and family “walks,” where my husband runs, I rollerblade, and our girls bike ride… we make quite the procession 🙂

  29. I’ve been connecting more with family and friends through FaceTime and WhatsApp and making more home cooked meals.

  30. I’m making my way through The Office and Schitt’s Creek – great shows! Thank you Covid! haha

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