Giveaway: Free Massages and Lunch, too!


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When Shannon and I heard about this next giveaway, our jaws dropped. We made the suggestion to one of our new sponsors, Pinnacle Chiropractic & Family Wellness in Rogers, that it might be fun to do a giveaway of one of their massage sessions. (They have massage therapy as well as chiropractic care.) But then Dr. Kelley Hensley, who owns the practice, went a little further — about six months further. TODAY WE’RE GIVING AWAY A MASSAGE EVERY MONTH FOR… (wait for it)… SIX MONTHS!

Dr. Hensley is a fellow mama of two small kids, so we know she understands how tired and sore a pinnacle.jpgmother’s muscles can get over the course of time. She also understands that moms need to take care of themselves and take time to recharge in order to keep up with such a demanding job. We really appreciate her generous giveaway, and we know one of you is REALLY going to appreciate it. You’ll be bragging for six whole months!

Imagine how nice it would be to look forward to a relaxing massage from a trained professional every single month. We’re not talking about the lame, one-handed massage your husband sometimes gives you while he’s using the other hand to change channels on the TV. We’re talking about the real deal — you and a massage therapist in a quiet, peaceful kid-free room. (The winner can book appointments that work with her schedule!)

eddie-haskell.jpgOf course, we want your first visit to the massage therapist to be complete with a good meal before or afterward, so we’re sending the winner to lunch at Eddie Haskell’s restaurant, compliments of our friends at Eddie Haskell’s is located just steps away from Pinnacle Chiropractic & Family Wellness in the Shoppes at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the hat for the drawing, click on the word “comment” below and tell us what part of your body most needs a great massage. Lower back? Tense shoulders? Sore hip from carrying the baby/toddler around all day? Remember that the drawing is random, so anybody can win. You can also e-mail your aches and pains to us at

A SPECIAL DEAL FOR MOTHERLODE READERS: Note that you can get a special price on a chiropractic adjustment (complete with x-rays of your spine) just by being a Motherlode reader. The cost is only $60 for the exam, x-rays and chiropractic adjustment when you mention that you read about it here on nwaMotherlode. I just took advantage of the $60 price myself last week, and my back is feeling WAY better than it did when I walked in there. It was my first time to ever visit a chiropractor so I was nervous (because I’m a total weenie), but, trust me, it didn’t hurt at all.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS IN THE GIVEAWAY: As always, you can increase your odds of winning the massage package by telling your friends about the giveaway. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit. You’ll get an extra chance to win for every friend you tell.

Good luck! Watch your inbox over the next few days because we’ll notify the lucky girl via e-mail.


  1. My friend just told me about this site since I found out recently that I was pregnant. She told me that it had a bunch of cool stuff given away and a lot of good information. Thought I would come check it out and see if I was lucky enough to win something!

  2. Can i get a shout out for my FEET! All day in work heels…. pick up kids… running around grocery store…. to the gym for basketball…. making dinner…. and the heels finnaly come off around 8:00…. aahhhhhhhh.

  3. My shoulders. I carry all my stress in my shoulders. I’m usually hunched over by the end of the day. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Back and shoulders! Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, (my posture is horrible) really takes a toll on my upper back.

  5. Hips and back. Three pregnancies in four years has wreaked havoc on my sciatic nerve!

  6. I sit at a computer everyday and help fellow employees with computer problems. Needless to say, my back could sure use some special attention! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. OH this would be so wonderful for me. My hips according to my old Chiro are out of place. Meaning on side sits higher, so I have very bad lower back pain ALL the time. I have been meaning to see a Chiro again, but the cost if too much for us right now, so I have been putting it off. This would be wondrful. I sure hope I win!!!!!
    Thank you Dr. Kelley Hensley & NWA Motherlode for such a great giveaway opportunity.

  8. I am a recently single mother of 2 and I teach full time Kindergarten. So after a full day with my school kiddos and an evening of my own two I am worn out! 🙂
    This would be the perfect thing to get me re-energized and feeling good!
    Thanks motherlode for all you do!

  9. Cool! I need a really good leg rub right now. I’m 16 weeks pregnant, so this is a gift I would totally treasure for the rest of this year! Thanks Mamas!

  10. Definitely my shoulders! Carrying around a big 8 month old in my baby bjorn is taking its toll!

  11. Holy cow what a giveaway! You guys are awesome. My neck and right shoulder, for some reason. Started circuit training now that mine are pretty much beyond the carrying stage–although I miss it, really.

  12. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! My whole body is a hot mess at the end of the day, but I think a little work on the lower back would be a cure-all! Thanks so much for such a fab prize!!!

  13. What doesn’t hurt?? my back aches my bras to tight my hips shake from the left to the right…to the left to the right, left, right, left, right.
    I am deliriously in pain. 🙂

  14. I think my lower back is screaming for some loosening up! Between carrying a 23 month old around constantly and being a house mom, I would love this!!

  15. Back and shoulders are always the losers in the daily grind. This giveaway would be an awesome treat for any mom! Thanks for the chance.

  16. I have two fulltime jobs and 2 children 11 months apart. I am not sure I can narrow down what hurts the most, but I do know the weight of the world typically falls on my shoulders first 🙂

  17. As as mailcarrier, I sort and deliver thousands of letters and packages everyday. Not a day goes by when my neck and shoulders aren’t tense. This would be the best gift ever!

  18. I have an 8 month old that is attached to Mama’s hip at all times. This would be the ultimate relaxation!

  19. Oh my aching shoulders need some help ! That’s where all the stress goes. What a wonderful prize for someone to win.

  20. As I get older my posture seems to get worse. My neck and shoulders could use some help!

  21. My back and shoulders. Teaching 1st graders all day and bending over back and forth can take its toll. Then I go home and carry the toddler around!!!

  22. What an awesome prize! I’m glued to my computer every day, so I could totally use some TLC on the neck and shoulders. And an Eddie Haskell burger would do wonders for a girl as well!

  23. I had a bad fall about 8 months ago. My body literally slammed down on the concrete. My neck shoulders and back have been a mess since then. I am in constant pain. I would MORE than love this and consider it an answer to prayer!!

  24. I’m at the end of my second pregnancy and could definitely use the work on my back. And I know I’ll need the stress relief once new baby’s here!

  25. My neck has been bothering me for quite some time now, so this would be lovely! Sounds like a wonderful prize, very generous!

  26. Low back for sure! 35 days until baby #3 arrives, plus taking care of my sweet 2-year-old and 1-year-old! The aches are here and deep! Please, oh please be ME! 🙂

  27. I work in an office in a very stressful job and have 2 young boys at home that require a lot of attention. This would be awesome for me!!

  28. My back and legs please. I’ve been busy working on getting my business started, and I could use a day of pampering once a month for the next 6 months!

  29. I’m honestly sore all over w/ an infant boy and toddler girl @ home, but more specifically having repeated problems in my neck/upper back with what my Dr. thinks is probably a pinched nerve. I would LOVE this and use it!

  30. As silly as it sounds, my hips have been giving me trouble! Hauling around a toddler through Christmas break has taken its toll on them, for sure!!

  31. I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I have uneven hips which recently has been causing lower back pain and bursitis in both hips.

  32. I have to carry around a 26 pound 10 month old. My back is definately feeling the strain.

  33. My neck and back are sore right now. I am the lucky mother of a 7 year old and 3 year old. I would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. Hmmm…arms, back, legs, shoulders. I could go on and on. It would be a nice break from the little ones too.

  35. Hips, arms, shoulders from carrying kids all the time! Also I sit a lot at the piano for church and teaching, so it would help for that too!!!

  36. 10 grandkids and a fulltime job keeps busy and stressed at the same time. I need destressing.

  37. My neck, shoulders, back, feet, oh the list goes on and on! Awesome giveaway!

  38. My back & shoulders…carrying around & picking up little ones all the time!!!
    I’m not getting any younger so this would be awesome!!

  39. Oh my! My arms, shoulders and back! I am always carrying my child around and man is he heavy. 🙂 This would be so wonderful!!!

  40. Need this so bad. I have a 6 year old grandson that has ceberal palsy and I have to help him alot and my back and hips hurt so bad from this…

  41. As a teacher of 20 5 year olds, I could definitely use this at the end of the day! Wow!

  42. My whole body! I’m training for a half marathon. Legs & back need major TLC!! Not to mention, I have a 10-month old baby at home, too!

  43. My whole body-different parts at different time BUT I would say lower back. I am 40 with a 5 year and still want to pick her up-probably until she is at least 18 yrs old-mothers can do that-right-ha!
    I would appreciate this!!!

  44. Fulltime job & 2 part time jobs keeps busy and stressed at the same time. I need destressing.

  45. My back and neck, of course! Just had my 5th baby and holding him while nursing puts such a strain… well worth it though!! :o)

  46. My lower back always seems to hurt. It may have something to do with the fact that I am always wrangling a 32 lb boy! 🙂

  47. Right now, my shoulders and neck!! 🙂 I would love to win this. Thank you for such amazing giveaways!

  48. All of it? I’ve been trying to get back to exercising after 2 pregnancies in the last 3 years, & it seems I’m even more sore then before. Thanks for all the awesome giveaways & fun articles for us mommas!

  49. My entire back, I am a working mom of two boys 4 years old and 17 months and I am due with our daughter in May so my back is constantly aching over carrying 2 at all times!

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