Giveaway: Tickets to see The Nutcracker at Walton Arts Center


Note from the mamas: Congrats to Crystal, winner of the four tickets! Crystal, check your inbox 🙂

When The Nutcracker comes to town, that’s a sure sign Christmas is right around the corner!

And we’ve got FOUR tickets to give away for the opening night show on Dec. 20 at Walton Arts Center! So many families have made this show a holiday tradition and we’re so lucky to have Walton Arts Center bring in this great production for a third year in a row.

ABOUT THE SHOW: Back by popular demand, the Moscow Classical Ballet returns for the third year with an invitation to experience the sweetest of holiday traditions, The Nutcracker. The esteemed Moscow Classical Ballet is one of the few remaining ballet companies supported by the Russian Government.

According to The New York Times, “The troupe boasts a cluster of phenomenal young dancers… and its corps performs in an uncluttered, streamlined style.” Regularly performing at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in Moscow, they have also performed in more than 30 countries around the world! Get your family into the holiday spirit with The Nutcracker.

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win four tickets to see this beautiful performance, just click on the comment button below and tell us about one of your favorite holiday traditions with your children — or about something your family always did together over the holidays when you were a kid. Do you always go see the lights on the Square? Read a certain story before bedtime on Christmas Eve? We can’t wait to read about your special traditions.

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As you know, this show is extremely popular and tickets will go fast. So if you’d like to guarantee your seats, click HERE for ticket info or call the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 to purchase tickets.

Good luck in the giveaway drawing. As always, winners are chosen at RANDOM.


  1. I love decorating the Christmas tree with my kids and baking cookies to take to our neighbors.

  2. Mamas, THIS is the one I’ve been waiting for!! I LOVE the Nutcracker- when we lived in Little Rock Nannie 9my grandmother) and I would dress up and go see it most year- LOVE iT! Nannie’s gone now, and I have an almost 3 y/o daughter who believes she is a ballerina and twirls around the house (and the store and everywhere else!) I think she’d LOVE it!! If I won, I bet I could take a girlfriend and her ballerina too!! It’s a tradition I wish we had been able to keep up here- seeing the Nutcracker every year!


  3. My favorite tradition was leaving cookies and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolph! They were always eaten in the morning;)

  4. All of my family gathered at my Grandparents on Christmas Eve for a day full of eating, opening presents, and just celebrating Christ’s Birth. We would stay all day playing with the presents and enjoying one another. Then we would make are trips home that evening wore out and ready for Santa the next morning!

  5. Midnight Mass was always my favorite family tradition.
    This year my son did what he hopes will be a new tradition – ice skating at Rockefeller Center!

  6. We all sit down on Christmas Eve and the kids color/draw/write something to Santa to leave with the milk and cookies.

  7. I love having the same breakfast casserole every single Christmas morning… And only on Christmas!

  8. My family always saw the Nutcracker in growing up and I still remember those special nights. Would love to continue the tradition with my kids here!

  9. I love decorating the tree with my family. Our ornaments aren’t the fanciest, but they all have a special meaning and make me very nostalgic. 🙂 I’d love to take my little one to the Nutcracker; I think he’d LOVE It.

  10. My favorite holiday tradition is watching classic holiday movies with my family, such as “A Christmas Story” and “The Muppets Christmas Carol.”

  11. My daughter was born 7.7lbs at 7pm on Christmas. This year I would lave to take her to to see the show and the a carriage ride and cocoa around the square. I’m a Fayetteville local and I go to the square every year and my Sophia loves it!

  12. I make a Christmas Eve box with new pajamas, a Christmas book, a Christmas movie, popcorn, and hot chocolate.

  13. I love decorating the tree with my daughter and drinking hot chocolate , we enjoy the tree with the lights nightly!

  14. LOVE singing Christmas caroles (even though none of us are really good singers). Also, always looked forward to my annual stocking stuffer (new toothbrush and toothpaste). Now I do that for my son!

  15. We decorate the tree on Christmas Eve then go out for supper and to church.
    When we get home we put our daughter to bed then decorate the house with lights strung all over the living room ceiling and my husband dresses up as Santa and wakes our daughter up and gives her a small toy. Priceless!

  16. Decorating the house and tree are my favorite holiday activities.
    My daughter’s favorite would be going to see The Nutcracker:)

  17. Every year, my family would pile into the car and we would drive all over the city looking at the lights on people’s houses. We would play games like who could count the most snowmen, or how many Santa’s did we see in the roof’s in his sleigh. My Mom would write down the Address of the best house and later send then a Christmas card thanking them for the enjoyment of their decorations. Then we would go eat out which was a rare occasion as we lived on a farm and almost never ate at resertaunt ‘s !

    We continued you this even after we were grown . My sister and I would take my mom around to look at the lights on the houses and the square.

  18. Our favorite new tradition with the kids is to drive by the house in Bentonville that has the Leg Lamp from “A Christmas Story”. They start looking for it around Thanksgiving and as me to drive by it all the time. They love it!

  19. Every year, ever since I can remember, I have gone to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve. When I grew up and had children of my own, we would go to the service and one year, we came out and it had started snowing. We made our way home with the light flakes coming down. We always put out our Christmas cookies– my grandmother’s recipe– with a glass of milk for Santa and read the story about the shepherds in the field. It really feels like a magical night.

  20. My girls always get new Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve . They are 26 and 27 now, and will still get them this year!

  21. We have several traditions. The nutcracker is one of them and is, sadly, one we cannot afford this year. My teen daughter is artistic and loves to dance and sing, so she and I really love it. The boys tolerate it because mom says so. Also, we open Christmas jammies on Christmas eve. Thanks for doing this. Here’s hoping we win!

  22. My favorite family tradition is baking and decorating homemade sugar cookies. It is a whole family activity.

  23. The day after Thanksgiving we put on Christmas music and put up the Christmas decorations. The kids love dancing around to the music and hanging their favorite ornaments and I love watching them get so excited!

  24. My favorite childhood and current traditions are watching the old claymation movies—the misfit elf that wants to be a dentist :). I love going to tree farms and decorating with the family. Being back in NWA has sparked new traditions like pony rides and looking at lights on the square!!

    I’m sharing and tweeting !

  25. We go to Big Cedar as a family for a few days before Christmas to relax before the craziness of the Holidays.

  26. Putting up the tree is a big family event. Kids love the family tree and the special one on their room.

  27. The weekend after Thanksgiving we put up the tree. Them watch the Grinch and drink hot chocolate. I would love to take my daughter to see the Nutcracker, for a date night before our twin girls are born.

  28. my mom always filled our stocking on Dec 1 and 24 ribbons with numbers were connected to 24 little treats inside…every day I pulled one ribbon out to see what was attached — sometime the whole stocking was one item in 24 parts and it all came together at the end…like a nativity scene…or parts to my dollhouse…etc…fun way to count down to Christmas and I looked forward to it every day!

  29. Every year each member of my family buys a new ornament for the tree. We then put our name and date on it so we can look back at all the past ornaments when putting up the tree.

  30. We always had the best fun decorating the tree. Then when we got older my sister and I always helped with the cooking which included a fresh coconut cake which involved draining the coconut, peeling the coconut and grating the coconut before even making the cake! It was so worth all the trouble in the end! Best cake ever!

  31. The ladies in the family always take the kids to Sliver Dollar City the first weekend in November to see the Christmas lights/parade to kick off the holiday season which the guys are at deer camp. Usually have a large group of extended family (all girls except little kids -grandparents, cousins, aunts to share the excitment with. Lots of hot chocolate, warm breadsticks, sparkling eyes, smiles and lights at Silver Dollar City.

    Love Love Love!!

  32. I love taking my kids to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Then we go home and have hot cocoa, bake cookies and read about the birth of baby Jesus.

  33. Our family tradition is spending time watching Christmas movies, eating popcorn and spending time together. Its hard during the holidays to make sure you don’t get too busy and miss spending time together.

  34. we would purchase our Christmas tree on Christmas eve and me and my 3 sisters and my mom and dad would all decorate it till I got tired and fall asleep. I would dream of Santa coming with all the Christmas presents and wonder what I would be getting from him.

  35. Putting on some Christmas music and decorating the tree while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies!

  36. My family has 2 great traditions. First we go to a christmas eve service together, usually at my mom and dad’s church then we come home and open our christmas eve presents (usually pajamas 😀 ) then we write our Santa letters and set out the snacks for Santa and Rudolf. Then on Christmas Day before we open any presents we read the true Christmas Story from Luke 2, go around the room saying what we are grateful for, then say a prayer as a family. After that we begin to open presents. It is awesome to see this when I was a child and now to be passed on to my own children.

  37. We love making reindeer food and putting it in the yard so the reindeer don’t miss our house!

  38. I love making cookies with the kids. We get in our Christmas pj’s, pack up the cookies and some chocolate milk, then we all load into our van and drive around looking at all the Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.

  39. We get to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was always my favorite thing growing up.

  40. I would love these tickets:) When I was younger my family would go to the movies every Christmas night. We would pile into the car and listen to Alabama Christmas during the car ride. I still listen the Alabama Christmas every year. Now that my kids aren’t toddlers I am working on starting our own tradition.

  41. On Christmas Eve, the whole family wears themed PJ’s and spends the whole day together watching movies and eating goodies. My favorite time of the year!!

  42. My dad reads “The Night Before Christmas” to us every night…even now that we all have our own kids…we just pajama them up and take them over with hot chocolate and make sure to drive by lights on the way to and from the story. 🙂

    I followed you on twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. 🙂

  43. A Christmas tradition I do with my children and grandchildren is going to Branson for a weekend to see the lights at Silver Dollar City. But a favorite when my children were growing up was decorating Christmas cookies each year.

  44. On Christmas eve my family would attend church service and then go to my grandmother’s for a big turkey dinner. All the kids were allowed to choose 1 gift to open.

  45. If we were home for Christmas and away from family, we would go to the movie theatre on Christmas Day!

  46. As a kid, we always opened gifts on Christmas morning and then headed to my Papa’s to eat lunch and open gifts there. Loved doing that! Thankfully, my Papa is still alive and my kids get to enjoy going to Papa’s house on Christmas morning, too!

  47. We have always read “The Night Before Christmas” with our kids on Christmas Eve. Our oldest kids are 17 years and 11 years and now enjoying reading it to their 19 month old sister. The book was given to my husband by his grandparents in 1967!

  48. Reading Cranberry Christmas to my kids and then baking cranberry cookies together.

  49. As a child, our family tradition was making snow ice cream. So yummy, just avoid using yellow snow….:)

  50. We love gathering around the advent wreath each Sunday to pray and talk about the nativity story & also decorating the tree with Christmas music playing & drinking hot cocoa!

  51. We always read Twas the Night Before Christmas, and now with my kids my mom continues that same tradition.

  52. we always watch the polar express and the night before Christmas we read the Christmas story.

  53. Our family tradition is to always give back at this time of the year.
    We save a can good, non-parish able item each week & fill a sack for our neighbors in need. Along with the sack is a blessing. Thanking God for life, & the birth of Christ.

  54. I used to go see the Nutcracker at Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock with my grandmother. Such a fun tradition that I’d love to continue with my own children! Thanks!

  55. We make a latter to Santa on Thanksgiving and the day after we put christmas tree up, at night we put the latters on the tree so the elfs come pick them up.
    It’s so fun my kids love it.

  56. I would love to go see the Nutcracker. One of our traditions is to spend a whole day making candies for our friends and family while listening to Christmas music.

  57. We live the fellowship bible church Christmas Eve service ! Following on twitter!

  58. I grew up in South Louisiana and I love seafood! Every Christmas myDad has raw oysters delivered to Arkansas. We shuck ’em and enjoy!

    I shared on Facebook, followed and shared on twitter, and followed on Pinterest.

  59. I remember making Christmas sugar cookies with my grandma and cousins. My grandma would always let us decorate the cookies however we wanted- no matter how many red hots we would stick on them :o) Then it was a competition who could eat the red hot loaded cookies on Christmas!

  60. We usually try and put up the tree together as a family and make sure and watch A Christmas carol together as well.

  61. My favorite Christmas tradition with my family is seeing the lights on the square in Fayetteville and watching Christmas movies (especially Elf).

  62. My mom used to take me to Marshall Fields and Carsons department stores in downtown Chicago to see the fabulous windows that were always decorated with moving holiday displays. We would just walk down State Street and look in all the windows, not even go in to the stores! I miss the old days!

  63. there are sooooo many to choose from!! We always bake on Christmas Eve, while watching “White Christmas”. We attend our churches family communion that evening, come home and watch “Polar Express” before bed. Every year we put our children’s handprints on our christmas tree skirt by painting their palms either red or green. It’s so fun to see how much they’ve grown thru the years.

  64. We would always decorate the tree together to start the holiday off. Then on Christmas morning we would start with the story of Jesus, then open gifts and drink homemade egg nog by my mom and then after presents we would eat my mom’s breakfast casserole. We still do this tradition when we can all make it back home for Christmas day! I love it

  65. We would always start the season off by decorating the Christmas tree together. Then on Christmas morning, we would read the story fo Jesus. After we would drink my mom’s homemade egg nog (the only kind I will ever drink) and open gifts followed by her wonderful Breakfast Casserole. We still do this when we can all make it home for Christmas day.

  66. As our kid, our dance company would visit nursing homes and performance Christmas routines and pass out candy canes to residents. Always fun to bring smiles to peoples faces at the holidays!

  67. I live making cookies with my kids to pass out to all out friend and family. As a kid we always did cheese, meat and crackers on Christmas Eve with hot cocoa or egg nog and sitting around the fireplace talking. Glad to share that tradition with my kids now!

  68. When my two daughters were younger, they were in the Nutcracker most years. I would love to remember those times by taking them to the Moscow Nutcracker this year.

  69. We have a new tradition beginning this year! Some girlfriends got together and made Jesse Advent Tree ornaments to exchange, so I have 25 beautiful handmade ornaments with a devotion leading up to the birth of Christ!!

  70. We always go see the lights at the square and we always bake and decorate cookies on Christmas Eve.

  71. Our family loves to decorate our home for the holidays while watching a Christmas movie and eating homemade Chex mix!

  72. We always decorate our tree and house the weekend after Thanksgiving and then watch our favorite Christmas shows.

  73. My family and I have several Holiday traditions that we look forward to all year! One of my favorites is our cookie exchange, where we all bake goodies and exchange them with each other! Happy Holidays!

  74. We always have our Christmas movies to watch and love going to see the lights on the square and our church Christmas program.

  75. Giving gifts to those who would not otherwise receive gifts. How much fun it would be to take my 3 granddaughters to see the Nutcracker together ‘

  76. Every year my three children and I decorate the family tree. Our tree has many ornaments, some store bought, some handmade, some old, and some made of candy. Yet every year the look of joy and wonder on my kids’ faces at all the ornaments and the tree is priceless.

  77. Church, buffet and xmas movie xmas eve!! Wake up super eatly for santa xmas day! Open gufts tgen lounge all day in pajamas!

  78. We get our stockings hung by December 1st and spend the whole month playing little elves to each other and sneaking special notes and goodies into each other’s stockings! The kids get so excited about surprising each other which is such a nice reprieve from the normal sibling rivalry!

  79. Our favorite tradition is getting my siblings together along with all of our children and heading to my mom’s house to make our special Christmas cookies – a recipe handed down from my paternal grandmother. We’ve been doing this every year since I was a little girl and continue to this day!

  80. I love taking the kids to the Fayetteville square to see Santa and ride the carriage. We also enjoy the Christmas parades!

  81. We light a candle in our advent wreath and share reading the verse for the day. It’s a great way to keep our hearts focused on why we are celebrating Christmas.

  82. Some of our favorite traditions are decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and baking cookies.

  83. Watching Polar Express Christmas night and even getting to stay up late to finish it!

  84. Commented and shared on Facebook! My 3 little ballerinas would love to go see this!

  85. It’s really the first year my son has been able to help decorate anything. So this year we are starting traditions. So far my son has helped decorate the tree and watched daddy put up Christmas lights. And we plan to keep that going through the years. 🙂

  86. When I was a child, my favorite tradition was waking up before the sun to open our Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Now, I love decorating the tree with my daughter and watching her open her gifts on Christmas morning.

  87. Christmas Eve we make a special meal of our favorite treats and watch the Polar Express

  88. We love decorating our christmas tree on thanksgiving weekend, going as a family to see the lights on the square, baking goodies for our neighbors and listening to lots of christmas music! Taking cards to the nursing home and caroling with Frontier Girls and our church family. Shared your great give-away on facebook, followed on Twitter and Pinterest.

  89. Our tradition with the kids is for everyone to get new pajamas and wear them Christmas Eve. Then, we watch Christmas movies, drink hot chocolate, and have popcorn! Also, when we put up the Christmas tree, we now let thdecorate it any way they like. They love to decorate “their” tree!

  90. Our favorite family tradition is baking Christmas cookies and driving around looking at Christmas lights.

  91. I remember my mother taking my sister and I to the Nutcracker at the Walton Arts center when I was a girl. It was amazing! A tradition that my husband and I do with our 2 children is that we make home make homemade surgar cookies and package them up as gifts. The kids get to roll out dough and use cookie cutters to make what ever shape they want. We make homemade frosting to frost and the kids add the sprinkles. This will be our 8th year making cookies.

  92. Love attending the candlelight service @ our church each year on Christmas Eve, then we go home and spend some lovely time with just the four of us, usually eating a late supper and opening 1 gift each

  93. We always went to the woods and picked out and cut down a Christmas tree as a family! Then home for hot chocolate and decorating the tree!

  94. My son & I always make sugar cookies & decorate them. We send them to my husband’s work, friends & take to the family get-togethers. Now I can’t wait for my daughter to join in. 🙂

  95. I love decorating a live tree. My family has never had an artificial tree and I don’t plan on getting one.

  96. When my daughter was little we had a girls night every year and would dress up, go to dinner then go see the Nutcracker. It was a fun tradition that we started when we lived in California and would love to carry on the tradition now that she is an adult and now that we live in Arkansas!

  97. Every year my family makes the most amazing homemade iced sugar cookies. We also read Carl’s Christmas, The Velveteen Rabbit, and The Night Before Christmas. These traditions were began when I was a child and have carried forward!! We love the holidays!

  98. We love the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Central in Fayetteville and sprinkling “reindeer food” for Santa’s reindeer!

  99. We get sent to our room and told not to look, we would put our ears up to our bedroom door and listen as our parents would shuffle presents from their room, where they were hidden in their closet. Once under the Christmas Tree, they would holler “Come On” and we would run into the living room, sit in front of the tree and wait for our name to be called. After opening the gifts, we would all stay up all night long, playing with our treasures, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying each other as we played with our toys and our dad played the piano and our mom would stand next to him and sing…..

  100. When we were kids, my parents put us in the car in our Christmas pjs and we drove around looking at lights while drinking cocoa and eating cookies! My son is 5 and my daughter is 2 and we’ve done this ever since my little man was born ❤️

  101. We make an ornament every year. It’s wonderful to see them taken out of the box and hung on the tree and remembering all the years before.

  102. Until age 13, my sis and I spent all of December prepping and practicing to perform in our local nutcracker with our Ballet school. From party girl, Chinese, Russian, to the little cherub angel that sat on Clara’s sleigh..I played so many fun roles. Seeing the Nutcracker would bring back so many fond memories. It makes Christmas “official” when you hear the opening song….

  103. My kids and I bake like crazy, then bring cookies and other Christmas goodies to the police station, ER at Mercy, and the fire stations near our home. We’ve been doing this for 12 years!

  104. I love looking at Christmas lights when I was a kid and we do the same thing with my own kids. I’d love to take my daughters to The Nutcracker!

  105. Oh what a wonderful time of year…Every since my kids were little (son is 9 and daughter is 7) we have a tradition that they still believe to this day is so REAL!! On Christmas Eve night, around 9:00 pm my kids crawl in moms bed and listen for Santa’s sleigh bells and for the landing of the Sleight on the roof. Our little dog starts barking, which they think she sees Santa. Little do they know the bells and landing of the sleigh is their Papa/Nana outside the bedroom window. Papa throws a soccer ball on the roof which rolls down like Santa Sleigh landing and Nana rings the sleigh bells. It is such a joy to see the magic of Christmas through their eyes with such excitement. Also, my children have never been to see the Nutcracker and this would be a wonderful new memory of a Christmas 2013. Merry Christmas!

  106. A few of our family’s favorite traditions are the Christmas parade, a baking day together; the reading of The Legend of the Three Trees, and about the birth of Jesus in the Bible on Christmas eve, and the baking of a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas morning BEFORE we open presents!!! Love this time of year and all that it reminds us of!

  107. My favorite christmas tradition is watching Elf while decorating the tree! #BuddyTheElf 🙂

  108. I grew up in Little Rock and my sister and I were lucky enough to have parts as children in the Nutcracker. This became a part of our family holiday tradition to attend. I would love to win tickets to take my 3 year old to her first Nutcracker experience!

  109. My kids and I decorate the tree together and make goodies for their teachers. We would love to see The Nutcracker!

  110. Just making cookies with the kids! I would love to take the kids to the nutcracker- we haven’t made it is several years!

  111. One of my favorite traditions was making decorated sugar cookies, and I now get to enjoy passing the tradition on to my kids.

  112. my lo is 2 and this year(all year) she has seen every version of the nutcracker we can find, its ridiculous really. so it looks like our tradition may be nutcracker mania!!!!!

  113. As a child I always loved going to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Walton Arts Center and baking/decorations Christmas cookies. As an adult with my own little girl we enjoy decorating the entire house and baking/decorating cookies together. I hope to start taking her to see The Nutcracker ballet since she’s a little ballerina herself, I know she would be in awe.

  114. Pajama family pictures by the tree including pets on Christmas morning.

  115. Christmas is all about traditions for us and I love and cherish this! From decorating the trees while sipping egg nog, traveling to hot springs to see the lights at the gardens, to attending candlelight service midnight mass and eating breakfast casseroles, orange rolls, and oranges and apples that were left in our stockings on Christmas morning, it just doesn’t seem like it would be Christmas without any of them.

  116. We love decorating the tree and setting out the Nutcrackers!
    We get a new nutcracker almost every year!

  117. We would always stay up late to hear Santa’s sleigh bells (my father -who we believed was Santa when we were young – would ring jingle bells outside our window to force us kids to fall asleep since Santa wouldn’t stop if we were awake) Memories I will cherish forever 🙂

  118. My children always take turns putting the Christmas Spider on the tree. We hide a Christmas Pickle on the tree Christmas Eve for the children to find. We drive around and look at Christmas lights and go to the square and see the lights there. We also take a family picture for the cards we send out. The children open a gift on Christmas Eve of PJ’s. As a child one of my favorite traditions was going with my mom to see The Nutcracker. I would love to share this with my ballerina. She has never been to the Nutcracker.

  119. When I was littlemy dad would take me 3hrs away just to see the nutcracker every Christmas. It means so much to me now and I would love to share it with my 3 daughters!

  120. Holiday music and movies have always been an important part of my family’s traditions. When we weren’t watching or at least listening to movies we were listening and singing with music on the radio, cd’s, etc. Nothing ever will sound as sweet to me as the voices of my four children singing carols at home, in the car, and at church.

  121. We love to decorate the tree and I hide our pickle ornament. Doesn’t everybody have a pickle they hide in their tree? Most don’t know about it, I think it is an old German tradition. My kids love it and whoever finds it opens their gifts first.

  122. Every year we do Christmas around the world. We have an advent calendar that is on our fridge and everyday we learn or do something that other children in other countries do to express themselves.

  123. We decorate gingerbread houses and make cookies. We also celebrate our Elf on the Shelf every year. I love Christmas time.


  125. We (I) watch the “A Christmas Story” marathon on TV every Christmas. All day. 🙂 I’m addicted!

  126. We always go out every Sunday night in search of the best Christmas lights. We also attend Breakfast with Santa at the ACO each year. Following on pinterest, commented on facebook, emailed a friend.

  127. My husband and I have a blended family. Starting new traditions can be difficult, but we have started one as a new family that our kiddos love and look forward to! We have 3 girls and a boy. We only do a few presents each, but our kiddos favorite part now is the Scavenger Hunt for the presents! We leave clues/riddles for each of them on the presents that they have to solve to find their next one. They have been talking about how they are so excited for it for weeks now! 🙂

  128. We let our girls pick out a special ornament each year. When they grow up and have their own trees we will send the ornaments with them.

  129. Decorating the house & tree listening to Christmas music on Thanksgiving weekend!

  130. This is the first year my only son won’t be waking up on Christmas morning at home. I think we need to start some new traditions to accommodate his new life. Going to see the Nutcracker would be a lovely way to start.

  131. We set up our tree and the tree at my mom’s house. We also have a collection of Christmas movies that we watch every Christmas Eve.

    Also a Facebook follower.

  132. Our favorite thing is spending Christmas Eve at my grandparents farm with all of our family .. Cousins all have so much fun!

  133. Every Christmas Eve we attend the candlelight service at our church. We go out to eat as a family and when we return home, I read “The Night Before christmas” to my son and then he is allowed to choose one small present to open before he goes to bed! This is the same tradition that we had in my house growing up! I look forward to this night every year!

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