Giveaway: Win tickets to see The Nutcracker at Walton Arts Center!

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without The Nutcracker at Walton Arts Center!

We’ve got 8 FREE tickets for the show on  opening night, Nov. 23rd. Two mamas will each win 4 tickets for their family to enjoy one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time.

As the clock strikes midnight, the adventure of a lifetime begins. Watch Clara battle the evil Mouse King, fall in love with the dashing Nutcracker prince and find herself on a storybook journey that will take her into the heart of a timeless fairytale. This breathtaking production features Canada’s premiere ballet company, local children and a magical Tchaikovsky score.

Congratulations to the 50 local children who were chosen to chosen for various roles in this holiday classic! Click here to see a list of the children and their roles.


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Tickets start at $19-52 plus applicable fees for The Nutcracker. Patrons can also purchase reserved parking in the Spring Street parking deck for $7.

Tickets and parking can be purchased in-person at the Walton Arts Center Box Office, by calling 479.443.5600 or by visiting


  1. Just discovered an advent coloring book we are going to use with our kids this year. 25 days of coloring with every page focusing on the true meaning of Christmas!

    • After divorce it was hard but dose of gratitude changes your heart. So my daughter and I like to help the less fortunate by visiting nursing homes or helping at a soup kitchen.

  2. My newest tradition is bringing over all my grandchildren to celebrate!

  3. Every year I say I will start a tradition and then I never do. I think this about every holiday, but time gets away from me. I look forward to seeing others comments because I do want to start something to carry throughout the years!

  4. Actually, taking my daughter to the Nutcracker is my newest tradition, so these tickets would be fantastic!

  5. Hey y’all!!! Our newest tradition is my mom, daughter, and I go to Branson, shop at the Tanger Outlet, see lights and Christmas shows at Silver Dollar City, enjoy a hotel stay, and have brunch at the Osage Top of Rock restaurant at Big Cedar! My daughter and I have done it several times, but last year was the first with my mom. She loved it and can’t wait to go back!

  6. Our newest tradition is opening a box on Christmas eve that has new PJs for the kids and a movie for us to watch together. It is a tradition that can happen anywhere we might find ourselves on Christmas eve.

  7. Our tradition is every Christmas day, we stay at our own home. We started doing this when our girls were little (they are 12 and 8 now) and have never regretted it! We don’t travel ANYWHERE and it’s wonderful! We have a big breakfast, open our gifts and stay in our pajamas all day. We watch the Christmas story marathon on TV and play games and do crafts.

  8. We’ve begun doing trips in lieu of so many gifts! I love to make family memories that will last, especially versus a bunch of toys that will be thrown wayside soon.

  9. Our favorite tradition is making Christmas cookies together. This year, maybe we will bring them to the Ronald McDonald House.

  10. our Tradition is to make homemade pizza with red and green toppings for Christmas Eve dinner!

  11. Our newest tradition is buying a real Christmas tree just right before Christmas and decorating it as a Christmas break activity!

  12. Our newest tradition is making Christmas cookies for all of our neighbors. My kids love getting to help bake and decorate them. We ring the doorbell and take off. It is so exciting to see how much they love it.

  13. My grandma took me to see The Nutcracker when I was young.we dresses up, ate a nice dinner, and saw the ballet. Now I plan on taking my daughter along with my mom and grandma. I also let the kids each pick out an ornament every year.

  14. Our families newest Christmas tradition will be 3 this year. It’s called The Shepherd’s Treasure. It’s similar to elf on a shelf, except each night your shepherd moves around your house, leaving your kiddos clues to help them find baby Jesus, who they find Christmas morning. Since we’ve started doing this, my kids have been more excited about finding baby Jesus on Christmas morning than their presents (don’t get my wrong, they still love the presents too). But it’s been so fun learning more of the Bible together with them.

  15. Our family tradition is baking Christmas cookies from scratch and setting them out for Santa. We also put out carrots for the reindeer and magical reindeer food (glitter and oats) outside to guide them to our house. We also try each year to see the Nutcracker to start our holiday season!

  16. Our newest tradition is to open a new family board game on Christmas Eve and play it together.

  17. We have fallen in LOVE with Usborne Books, so we are going to do a 12 days of Christmas book gifting for our four year old. We also have a really cool pop up advent devotional we look forward to using in December. And of course, the Nitcracker! We hope to add this for the first time this year!

  18. December 23 has become one of my favorite days. The anticipation of the next two days is at its highest! We love to bring the kids to do fun things, like shows at the Walton Arts Center or the Santa train ride.

  19. Our newest tradition is the kids are going to pick one dish to cook entirely by themselves. Can’t wait to see what they pick and how it tastes!

  20. My kids are old enough now to understand, we have started to go to the store to use a pre designated portions of their allowances to buy Toys For Tots. It makes me happy to see them enjoying the thought of sharing their joy with this or that toy with someone they dont know.

  21. Something that has REALLY become a tradition in our house is the elf on the shelf! That is such an awesome tradition, and we are really embracing it with the kids!

  22. My newest tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at my house and Christmas day breakfast at my daughter’s with the grands. Skip the big dinner on Christmas Day and just relax and enjoy!

  23. We play Christmas music and cook chili while we put up our Christmas decorations!

  24. Our tradition is opening a game the night before and playing it while Elf is on TV.

  25. Every year we go to dinner then look at Christmas lights with extended family. Can’t forget the yummy hot chocolate on the Fayetteville square at Jammin Java coffee shop!!

  26. Our traditions change and grow as our children grow but finding ways to make the season special and meaningful are what we strive for. Decorating the tree, the house, making ornaments, making goodies, Breakfast with Santa, the Christmas parade – such a magical time.

  27. The newest Christmas tradition has to be baking a birthday cake for the birth of Jesus, December 25th. The kids love to get involved and we decorate it as a family!

  28. Our newest Christmas tradition is going to see the Stewart Family Christmas Lights! We all love it!

  29. Our family loves to select a girl and a boy Angel child and then go purchase the gift for that child.

  30. Does watching Christmas movies since before Halloween, this year, count as starting a new tradition? Lol.

  31. A new tradition for us is decorating the Christmas tree before my out-of-state college daughter heads back to school after Thanksgiving. This year, I think we may get a real tree and string popcorn!

  32. Our little one loves trains so we are starting a tradition of taking a holiday train ride with him each year. I can’t wait to see his face when he gets to ride on a real train.

  33. We have been doing a Jesse tree for the last few years, but this year I actually bought a cute wooden shelf thing with doors on it. It is big enough to hide a treat, a scroll for our daily activity, verse, and so much more. I’m super excited to present it at the start of December.

  34. My daughter started dance when we moved to NWA. When I was growing up I went and saw the Nutcracker as often as I could. We have a tradition of reading the book every year and last year she was old enough to sit through her first performance. I would love to continue the tradition and take her every year.

  35. My daughter would love this! 💕 I love our Christmas tradition of driving around to see Christmas lights with hot chocolate and Christmas music playing….in our jammies!

  36. My girls and I would love to see this! Our newest tradition is that we drive around the square for a loop (or square!) while listening to Christmas music on the way to school to watch the city put up the lights….. a few times a week to see the progress leading up to the official lighting!

  37. We have started going to Wonderland tree farm to cut down our own tree.

  38. We read a book of Jesus and how he was born each night and then the kiddos get the candy out of that pocket..

  39. My daughter loves to read the Christmas story from the bible. We love playing the elf of the shelf, baking cookies together and making ornaments. Love this time of year.

  40. We started a 12 days of Christmas tradition last year. My kids get their gifts over 12 days. Some days the gifts are small trinkets, some are group gifts so it doesn’t get too expensive.

  41. We love starting the season off by going to the Lights of the Ozarks lighting ceremony on the square as a family. We started doing it a couple years ago and we all look forward to it.

  42. Our newest tradition is making up Christmas tins filled with cookies we’ve baked and delivering them to friends, neighbors and family.

  43. Wrapping presents and stacking them by size like a snowman. The large box on the bottom is a toy or toys, medium box is clothes and or pajamas and the small box is treats. It’s a square snowman but still so cute ⛄️ ♥️

  44. We have started a serving others tradition by adding a peace of straw for each act of service our children have done for others into Jesus’s cradle. On Christmas Day we will put a baby Jesus on top of the straw <3

  45. Our newest tradition is Elf on the Shelf and seeing what shenanigans he’s up to.

  46. We do an advent calendar along with a giving back calendar. The elf on the shelf encourages my son to think of others and gives ideas. Some are as small as smiling at someone or a kind word others are bigger.

  47. Our newest traditions are doing an advent calendar and elf on the shelf! Would love to go see the Nutcracker!! I follow you guys on all social media, and commented on FB! 🙂

  48. We always decorate the tree together with Christmas music, complete with wine & hot cocoa. Then usually watch The Grinch or Elf when we finish.

  49. I guess we don’t really have a new tradition … One of their favorites is opening a gift from each other on Christmas Eve.

  50. My babies are 2 years old and 9 months old. This year is an exciting year for us with gifts. I would like to start a new tradition of Santa’s milk and cookies with carrots for his reindeer. I am also starting the tradition of leaving the presents from Santa unwrapped for the babies to wake up to.

    • My birthday is also Novmeber 25th, getting to see the Nutcracker would be the icing on top of my birthday cake!

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