Giveaway: Tickets to see “Love That Dog” at Walton Arts Center

LoveThatDog_266x375Happy Monday, mamas!

We’ve got something fun to give away today: Tickets to see Love That Dog at Walton Arts Center! Two mamas will each win 4 tickets to the show on Sunday, April 3rd.

Speaking of dogs, did you know that Hammontree’s (home of the most delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches in Northwest Arkansas) also serves gourmet hot dogs? Since the theater show is all about dogs, we’re also hooking up the winner of the show tickets to Hammontree’s with a $15 gift card.

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ABOUT THE SHOW: Jack hates poetry. Only girls write it and every time he tries to, his brain feels empty. But his teacher Ms. Stretchberry won’t stop giving her class poetry assignments – and Jack can’t avoid them. But then something amazing happens. The more he writes, the more he learns he does have something to say.

Adapted from acclaimed author Sharon Creech’s book of free-verse poems, Love That Dog tells the story of how Jack finds his own voice with the help of a teacher, a writer, a pencil, some yellow paper and of course, a dog.

Best for ages 8+ and tickets are just $8!

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat to win tickets to see this show, click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us about a cool piece of art work your kids created — or an awesome school assignment — that you just can’t throw away.

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CLICK HERE if you want to buy Love That Dog tickets now. We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday this time since the show is on Sunday. Good luck!


  1. My daughter is 6 and comes home with artwork all of the time. By far my favorite pieces are notes and not necessarily artwork!

  2. I love the special assignments where my children have written about their dreams and future plans also those sharing special memories with family and friends. They become more meaningful as they grow up!

  3. My favorites are when my middle son went through his “cow” period a year or so ago. I have so many drawings of cows, and can’t bring myself to throw them away.

  4. I am really bad to keep EVERYthing..My husband jokes that I need a separate house to store everything I want to keep of our kids. 🙂 It’s all great and special to me!

  5. I agree with Robin….too many! lol from photo collages, to her “war room” ensemble. To clay rocks, to making sand (with my good expensive healthy flour) for a school project- I could go on and on…. but by far I think the artwork I keep on the frig (what mom doesn’t??) are the ones that stick out the most. #priceless 🙂

  6. I always love getting his art work. The one I really liked was sent home to me as a selling project. I got to order a cup of the art project his teacher chose as his best…

  7. My nine year old daughter just brought home a robot made out of recycled materials. It was pretty creative!

  8. My favorite pieces that my son brings home are the ones that are so off the wall that I know he has let his imagination fly high! Ha!

  9. My five year old works on “pin punching”at school (rather than using scissors, he uses a stick pin to outline/cut out pictures). He recently brought home a map of all the continents! It’s SO COOL!

  10. I have SO MUCH artwork my daughter has done. She’s 5 and I can hardly throw any of it away. There is one in particular that she made a few weeks ago that I framed and hung on the wall. She painted a rainbow and flowers…she took so much time and care to make it perfect, and it was perfect b/c it was hers. I love that she loves to learn and loves to create art.

  11. Love when my 7yo brings home her writing assignments…she always includes her two dogs in them somehow. Makes me smile.

  12. My favorite artwork was a picture my daughter drew of herself golfing with her grandpa.

  13. I love anything where my kids write their own stories or their thoughts and ideas. Reading them over again always takes me back to that time in their lives.

  14. I was really taken back by the coloring piece my 5 year old did at church yesterday of Jesus and the tomb he was buried in. It is beautifully colored and the message and story he shared was just as GREAT!

  15. The best is artwork or papers that the kids can’t wait to share. Beyond the page their exuberance makes it most valuable.

  16. Oh my tons of art work! We display it on our dining room door, the frig and the kids bedroom doors. My favorite peices include drawings of our family and love notes written to mom and dad.

  17. There’s too many to name because my kids have an awesome art teacher. If I had to pick it would be these Christmas trees they painted and used tissue paper to create. They are so pretty!

  18. My 7 year old loves creating art work he is very into rainbows right now. It is so hard to pick between them but my favorite artwork recently is a portrait he created of a lady. There is just so much detail.

    My daughter is 3, and loves to paint her hands and feet then put them on paper. She gets a kick out of it!

    My kids would love to win this, thank you!!

  19. All of my kids have special canvass they painted when they were 3. Hanging in the hallway

  20. My favorite recently was the letter J that the kids had to make as many creative things out of the letter J as possible! Was amazed at my 7 yr little girls creativity! 🙂

  21. Some of the most special pieces end up being where they write out their feelings on a Mother Day or Valentine Day assignment. I also enjoy seeing the art work that is abstract and makes me use my imagination to desern what they were creating or come up with my own explanation . I love painting type work like watercolors.

  22. I am sending this in because of my grandson Jackson “Jack”. He is a sweetheart and is always keeping us going. He has a genetic disorder that we have to watch closely. He is funny and very smart. His last picture he colored for me a parrot that has many colors on it, almost a rainbow parrot. He has a very soft spot for all animals, so would really get into the play with the dog. I know he would love this play.

  23. My favorite recent piece is one my 7 year old did about what she would be like when she is 100. She wrote that she would probably not babysit her grandchildren because they would be to wild! Lol.

  24. I just received a beautiful oil pastel mixed media self portrait from my son- it’s on black paper and it’s genuinely a piece of surreal, modern art. I’m so enamored of it!

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