Giveaway: Tickets to see Daughtry in concert!

Note from the mamas: Congratulations to April Parkhurst-Harp, winner of this giveaway!

We’ve got one word for you, mamas: DAUGHTRY.

And here are a few more words: Four free tickets to see Chris Daughtry live in concert at the Arkansas Music Pavilion on June 19, 2012 at 7:30 p.m! And we’re pairing the hottest tickets in Northwest Arkansas with one of the best meals in Northwest Arkansas — Pesto Cafe in Fayetteville. This will be the ultimate date night or girls’ night out so make sure you throw your name into the online hat asap.

ABOUT THE CONCERT: Just to be completely honest, we’ve had a bit of a celebrity crush on Chris Daughtry ever since his American Idol days in 2006. And what’s not to love? He’s got that raw, powerful rock voice. He plays guitar. He’s bald but somehow makes it look cool. And, to top it off, he’s a family man. (He has been married for 11 years and is a father of four!)

Apparently we’re not the only ones with a thing for Daughtry. He has had four No. 1 hits, four Grammy nominations, has played sold-out concerts around the world, and has sold more than seven million albums in less than four years. His self-titled debut album was the fastest-selling rock debut in Soundscan history. His second album, Leave This Town, was also a No. 1 album. And his latest album, Break The Spell, was certified gold in four weeks.

Here are a few of Daughtry’s most popular hits. Click on each title to hear the song:

Here’s a video clip of one of our favorite Daughtry hits:

ABOUT THE FOOD: Pesto Cafe has been near and dear to our hearts (and taste buds) for many years. We’re constantly looking for excuses to head to Pesto Cafe for a business lunch or dinner just so we can get our “fix” of their one-of-a-kind cuisine.

We’ve never had a bad meal at Pesto Cafe so you can pretty much order anything on the menu and rest assured you’ll love it. But here are some of our favorites: The “Pesto Pasta” is incredible because they use the best herbs and ingredients. And if you’re in a pizza mood, we love the “Mara’s Magnificent Make.” The crust is so thin and crunchy and the veggies that are piled on top are always so incredibly fresh. They sprinkle it with these pine nuts that just make the dish sing.

We also love the lasagna and the Fettucini Alfredo at Pesto Cafe, and our husbands love the “Angel by the Sea” entree, which features shrimp, scallops and salmon in a white wine-based pink sauce over angel hair pasta. So many incredible dishes — so little time. And that’s why you’ll end up going back there as often as you can, just like we do. Click HERE to see the very yummy dinner menu.

We also love how Pesto Cafe falls into that “hole in the wall” category that tells you it’s a real gem. It’s tucked away in an unlikely place (on the corner of the Chief Motel on North College Avenue). But trust us when we tell you that the ambiance and the whole vibe inside the restaurant just works. It feels authentic and cool and never, ever pretentious. We love it.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name into the online hat for the Daughtry concert tickets and gift card to Pesto Cafe, click the orange comment button below and tell us about one of your best dates and/or girls’ night out. What’s that one night out on the town that stands out in your memory?

You can also enter via email by sending your answer to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING: Okay, we know there are LOTS of mamas out there who seriously want to win these tickets. So here’s what you can do to improve your chances. (Remember that we always pick winners at random, using an online random number generator.) Send an email to your friends/family to let them know about this giveaway, and be sure to put on the CC line of your email. We will give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. It’s like putting your name in the hat a whole bunch of times!

HOW TO GUARANTEE YOUR TICKETS: If you don’t want to rely on lady luck to score tickets to this concert, call the box office and get yours asap. It’ll be a sell-out. To order tickets, call Walton Arts Center at 479-443-5600 or click HERE to order tickets online.


  1. A recent date night that my husband and I enjoyed was dinner out followed by a show at Walton Arts Center. These nights are rare, but very special.

  2. Me and my sister hanging out at Jose’s having drinks on the patio! Good times!

  3. I don’t get to go very often, so every night on the town is a great memory. Eating out, coffee, and live music makes a night great! This would be an exciting win. Love Pesto!

  4. Best date is dinner and a concert with my hubby. We both love to eat and listen to live music.

  5. Love the live music scene in Fayetteville. Daughtry would be a thrill to see live. Pesto Cafe needs no accolades It’s food stands alone! Working hard to get a business started here in Fayetteville; moved back to my home state summer of 2011. I’ve been away since 1984 and I love the changes that have occurred.

  6. Surprise dates that I don’t have to plan! =) This past weekend we went to dinner and then saw one of the TheaterSquared NEW plays. Very unique and a great night with Rodney! We like to do this for each other from time to time!

  7. I love to have either girls’ night or date night with my hubby on a patio listening to music. Preferably live music, but these days we sit out on our own patio a lot too!

  8. I haven’t been out in so long I can’t remember! Fun girls night is always a movie and dinner. Once went to beading place with the girls and made
    jewelery–that was fun!

  9. my favorite girls nights out are where we have a perfect meal and we can’t seem to find a stopping point to quit talking and end up in the parking lot talking until after the restaurant closes.

  10. I agree that the best dates are the ones that I don’t have to plan! 🙂 Just being kid-free is super since we don’t get much time alone!

  11. Anytime I get to have girls time out is memorable, don’t get to do it often but always have a great time when we do!!!

  12. One of my favorite nights out was my husband taking me on our first date to dinner and movie!

  13. GNO with my sister/best friend at the kite house B&B in Branson. Shopping, Grand Jubilee, just a great and relaxing time!!

  14. A great night out is this:
    dinner at a locally owned restaurant + live music + running into friends + dessert and coffee at the end of the night.

  15. One of my best girl’s nights was my Bachelorette Party. My VERY best friend in the whole world, 2 other good friends and my 2 sisters went to Springfield. We shopped and then got freshened up for a night out. We went to a FABULOUS upscale restaurant w/great service, amazing food and girly drinks. Then we went to a dance club and danced our food/drinks off. We stayed at a hotel and had a FUN slumber party!

  16. A great night would be Daughtry!! The one I have already had was not planned but ended being the best nigh tout in along time with friends and family celebrating life no reason just being alive and loving those around you.

  17. My favorite girls night are those with my granddaughter. We have been having those times out for just the two of us since she was two

  18. My best date with the hubby was when we took a day off and he took me shopping and lunch. He had been saving some money for a camera and decided that new clothes for me was a better purchase. What a great guy!

  19. Perfect date was movies then dinner at Ruth Chris. He planned it all! Babysitter and all!! But maybe I could top it with Daughtry and Pesto!!! 🙂

  20. I have had a lot of great dates with my hubby over the last 15 years! Best ones were the simplest…dinner and then holding hands on a walk, or coffee in a cozy spot.
    I also have some great girls nights with my daughters…..we always laugh so hard it hurts!

  21. My most memorable date was my when my husband took me to the park and forgot the corkscrew to open the wine. He made a cheeseball from scratch and other finger foods. He was such a romantic 🙂

  22. A great night out depends on the situation…sometimes we just need to be alone having dinner and a movie. Sometimes we need friends, good music and dancing!

  23. For Mothers Day I got to get out and have dinner with the hubby at Grubs, buy a camera at walmart, and we went and played some mini golf. It was the best time we have had together in years no kids and we just laughed and enjoyed being the two of us. Hope to get these tickets so we can go out and do it again.

  24. I went wine tasting with some of my girlfriends a few weeks ago! Loads of fun.

    Dinner and a show with my guy is always fun… so this sounds perfect!

  25. The email said the tickets were for June 17 – the webpage says June 19???????

  26. I think one of the best dates I have had with my husband was when he took me to James at the Mill for dinner for our anniversary one year. He ordered a special bottle of wine and the food was great. After dinner, we went to a late movie and made out like teenagers in the dark!!

  27. My most memorable girl time is when I met two girlfriends at a condo in Panora, Iowa. We went to each of the covered bridges and went flea marketing. A fun few days!

  28. I as a momma of 6 children have had a few memorable girls night outs. The recent one was at Flying Fish in Bentonville. Us woman really enjoyed it. Afterwards we walked around the square. Fun times. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and would LOVE to win these tickets. We are huge Daughtry fans. Also we have never been to the Pesto Cafe. Looks delicious. Definitely would be amemorable date !!!!!!

  29. One of the most romantic dates was with my ex-boyfriend. For Valentines Day he cooked lobster, steak & sides, had flowers on the table & wine. Lights dimmed with candles and a present for me to open after dinner. I’ll never forget it, even though we’re not together anymore.

  30. Loving the look on my daughters face when I had her the tickets! She would have a blast!

  31. best girls night out, scrapbooking at my friends house, staying up all night, eating lots!

  32. I don’t get date nights or GNOs very often, but dinner and music always make for a great night. I would love to win this give away!

  33. One of my favorite girls’ night was when my best friend took me to Painting With a Twist in Fayetteville. We pretended to be artists, laughed a lot, and ended up with some neat pieces of art!

  34. This would be an awesome and much needed date night! I love to hang out at the Bentonville Square on First Friday. Fun with girl friends, family or husband.

  35. Favorite date- went to springfield, bought all new outfits (even new shoes/jewelry) and went out for a great dinner. Of course this was before kids! 😉

  36. Went to St. Louis for our 1st Anniversary and went to a Cardinals game then got all dolled up and headed to downtown St. Louis to walk around and see different areas. The next day we went to the Zoo. Such a fun date with nothing out of the ordinary. I like simple 🙂

  37. Best date night, was actually during my honeymoon 🙂 my husband and I had a dinner on the beach it was so romantic!

  38. Nancy,

    You’re right, the show is on Tuesday, June 19th! The post on Motherlode is correct! Sorry ’bout that, all!!

  39. Favorite date night was when he popped the question!
    Almost 14 years ago! Couldn’t have been more magical:-)
    Would love to have a birthday gift of Daughtry tickets and Pesto!

  40. My favorite date night was my 20th anniversary. Raising 4 kids, we were always busy, always broke as there was always something one of our active kids needed. Not much time or money left over for ourselves, but somehow my husband saved money and bought me a diamond anniversary ring. He took me to a wonderfully romantic restaurant and at the end of our meal, he pulled the ring out and proposed. We were high school sweethearts and he had never proposed, we both just knew we would marry. Now, we’ve been married 47 years and he’s as sweet as he was back then.

  41. It’s always a great night when I get the opportunity to go out with my hubby! With 3 kids, those dates are few and far between 🙂 And girls nights with my girls are ALWAYS a blast! We do all kinds of crazy things, scavenger hunts, Christmas lights, etc.

  42. I met my husband back in college, and our date nights then (our favorite restaurants, scenery, and ability to get away from college craziness) will always be the best I can remember!

  43. My hubby took me out for Christmas to see the nutcracker. It was a great time!

  44. We ate an amazing meal at Ermilio’s in Eureka then visited a cool art store with frog art! The best part is just talking to my husband and bff!

  45. WOO HOO!!! What an awesome opportunity! And I totally love that someone local gets to win…(Got my fingers crossed!)

  46. My best “girls night” was the first night my mother was able to go out anywhere after her breast cancer surgery. It was the best night of my life. I never knew how much it meant to have my mom in my life until we found out that she had breast cancer. All my life she has been my rock and for once in our lives I was able to be hers. My mom’s fight with breast cancer made me realize how precious our moments together are. And now I truly cherish them all.

  47. One of my favorite recent girl’s nights was with my 5 year old daughter. I took her to a special dinner and to pick out an outfit afterwards. It was super special!

  48. One of my best girls night out we saw Rock of Ages… We took a stroll down memory lane though it was last minute we had a ball.

  49. the last girls night out to the AMP i took my sister to see Leann Womack and we went to steak and shake afterwards and while we were sitting there Leann Womack walked in and ordered dinner to go. I was so excited I think I scared her off because she went back to her bus and her manager got her food for her. it was a fun time out though.

  50. Recently had a GNO with some old high school friends that I had not seen in over 20 years, we had a great time laughing about past stuff

  51. Greenhouse grill with my best friends that I rarely get to see followed by cocktails and dancing.

  52. I am hence gratified by myself learned it website. You actually just about said others really whatever I actually elected so that you can listen so that you can plus next various. Attractive writing plus cheers ever again to get engaging in this virtually no tarif!

  53. I am a new mom and need a night out with my best friend. Money is tight so this would be the best of the best for us.

    Call me!!!!

  54. Kids are out of school and home ALL day a night out would be great and fun. We do all we can for our kids but sometimes we need to take care of ourselfs.

  55. I had reconstructive wrist surgery and have been home healing for the past 3 months. Now I’m back to work and do therapy with no time for myself. I don’t get out much, but the best night out was with a group of girls from work. We went out to eat and dancing in KC. I have to say that was over 20 years ago, way to long.

  56. Last time I had just a fun GNO was so long ago I don’t even remember… that is horrible I know… Maybe I can make some fun memories with this one!

  57. It was the second date that me and my husband went on the first was a dinner and a movie the the second one was a boat ride with a moon lit night on the lake it was so romantic.

  58. One of my all time favorite girls night or actually weekend was when me and some of my BFF’s went to Branson around the Christmas season. Let’s just say you can’t look at the Christmas lights with these crazy girls and HAVE to go to the bathroom!!

  59. My bestie and I just recently got a room at a hotel and stayed up all night scrapping. We had so much fun just talking and laughing about things. She is about to move to Hot Springs so this was a great time for us to bond and get some stuff done.

  60. It was my birthday date. My husband took me to Savor,and had flowers delivered there to our table. We took pics with a new camera he gave me. Then, we went to play pool where he surprised me with all of our friends coming to hang with us. My favorite date ever!!!!!

  61. Lots of great memories with friends over the years! One of my most recent great night outs in the last year was seeing Rick Springfriend in concert with my friend Tina. It was so much fun…we squealed like teenagers and never sat down once the music started! We felt like young girls again that thought they were going to marry Rick! It was a fun girls night and one that I will never forget!

  62. One girls night that sticks out in my mind was one of the first times being out since my 3rd child was born. My mom and I took her out with us and met up with a bunch of my girlfriends. I had nursed her right before we went to dinner. In the middle of dinner my mom says, “I feel something wet.” It was wet and poopy. HA. All up my daughters back in the middle of the restaurant. It was such a great laugh… girls nights are always interesting and much needed!!

  63. My favorite girls “night” is actually a girls weekend. My closest girl friends and I go to Branson every christmas (the past 2 years) and stay the night to go shopping and to get away from our husbands/children. It is so much fun. We laugh and shop our heads off. I can’t wait to go again!

  64. Went to Hot Springs with a group of girlfriends. We went to the bath house and had manis and pedis! What made the weekend great was the fact that we grew so close! Some of us went as acquaintances and left as sisters! Will always remember the trip and still keep in touch with all of my new sisters!!!!!
    I would love to be able to reconnect with some of those ladies! . . . . . . and we absolutely love Chris! 🙂

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