Giveaway: Tickets to Mean Girls at Walton Arts Center

Mean Girls live on stage from December 14-19, 2021 at Walton Arts Center

One of our favorite laugh-out-loud movies — Mean Girls — will come to life on stage at the Walton Arts Center in December. This show will make you cringe over your own high school years but also laugh (so much) and then definitely cheer at the end. This week we’re giving away TWO tickets to the opening night performance on December 14, 2021.

Here’s a video sneak peek that will give you a glimpse of this hilarious show with amazing music you’ll definitely want to add to your Spotify playlist after you see it.


Direct from Broadway, MEAN GIRLS is the hilarious hit musical from an award-winning creative team, including book writer Tina Fey (“30 Rock), composer Jeff Richmond (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), lyricist Nell Benjamin (Legally Blonde) and director Casey Nicholaw (The Book of Mormon).

Cady Heron may have grown up on an African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois. Soon, this naïve newbie falls prey to a trio of lionized frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George.

But when Cady devises a plan to end Regina’s reign, she learns the hard way that you can’t cross a Queen Bee without getting stung. New York Magazine cheers, “MEAN GIRLS delivers with immense energy, a wicked sense of humor and joyful inside-jokery.” USA Today says, “We’ll let you in on a little secret because we’re such good friends: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!”

“★★★★ MEAN GIRLS OVERFLOWS WITH DELICIOUSLY DARK HUMOR – and it’s even funnier than the original!”  – The Telegraph

Note: Mamas, be aware that this show is recommended for ages 13 and up. There are some instances of adult language.


If you’d love to win these 2 tickets to see Mean Girls, scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other local moms. Then write a quick comment telling us what kind of mean girl experience you’ve witnessed (or just tell us your favorite part of the movie version of the show).

You can also email your answer to us at


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We’ll draw the winner at random at the end of the week. If you don’t want to miss out on seeing this show, you can buy tickets by clicking here to visit the Walton Arts Center ticketing page before it sells out.

You can also call 479-443-5600 to purchase tickets now. 


  1. Mean girl experiences! Most of those were in high school. Everyone is trying so hard to fit in that sometimes they will bully others to keep from being bullied themselves. Glad those days are over for me, but I would love those tickets! Thank you!

  2. It’s hard to remember the movie it has been so long. Which is why I’d love to see the musical version.

  3. “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”
    I tell my kids that all the time, I’m not sure they agree 🤣

  4. “I don’t think my father, the inventor of Toaster Strudel, would be too pleased to hear about this.”

  5. I love the part about wearing pink on Wednesdays. It seems some girls are still the “mean girls” even today. I just don’t get it!
    Would love to see this play. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway chance! I would love to go see this with my hubby, but he’d never let me buy such tickets (and go voluntarily) BUT if I won, he’d have to go, right? LOL. Good luck everyone!

  7. Love when they sing at the school talent show, every part of that movie is funny though! :):)

  8. I was lucky that we really did not have mean girls in my small school. I would love to bring my teenage daughter for a bonding day 🙂

  9. Have never seen the movie but want so badly to see the play! Meanest girls I have seen are some of the moms at athletic events!

  10. I enjoy watching the movie & reminiscing about the fashion choices during the time period.

  11. I teach middle school and often see mean girls in action while doing my best to promote kindness! I would love to take my 13 year old daughter to see Mean Girls on stage.

  12. I see a lot of mean girls’ exclusionary behavior. I also see trying to make others less than.

  13. I like the part during the talent show where the “cool mom” dances the routine with them from the audience, haha!

  14. I tell my kids all the time- I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!

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