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Okay, mamas. This is the year we’re all going to do something for ourselves. Yes, I said it. I know we’re all used to putting just about EVERYBODY else’s needs before our own. It’s noble and generous and all that. But even we humble mamas need to do something for ourselves once in a while that makes us feel good, right?

So… this one is for you! We thought the New Year would be the perfect time to give away a nworthodontics.jpgnewly brightened smile. Our sponsor, Dr. Jesse Gray of Northwest Orthodontics, is going to make the winner a very happy mama because he is going to professionally whiten her teeth… FOR FREE!

Go ahead and check around to find out what professional teeth whitening procedures cost, and then you’ll know just how pumped we are about this giveaway. This one is worth hundreds of dollars. Besides that, it’s tough to put a price on how good it feels to know that your smile looks good — really good.

This whitening system is custom-mixed in the doctor’s office and can be done at home. You’ll get a six-month supply! That ought to keep you smiling for a long time. (If you’re pregnant right now, you can still enter the contest but you might want to wait until after the baby is born to use the product since Dr. Gray wouldn’t recommend it during pregnancy.)

We know you’ll like Dr. Jesse Gray because we’ve met him and he’s fun, cool, loves the Internet and gadgets and is a devoted runner, too. He is a father of FIVE little kids, so he and his wife are very busy people who know exactly what we mamas do on a daily basis. He’s also really good at creating the kind of smiles that people are proud of. In drgray-patient.jpgfact, one of his patients, Savvy Shields, recently smiled her way into a crown in the Heart of the Ozarks Outstanding Teen pageant last summer. Then she went on to win the Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen pageant! Her photo is on the right. Pretty fabulous teeth, huh?

HOW TO ENTER: Let’s make this simple. To throw your name in the hat for our RANDOM drawing, just click the “comment” button below and tell us something that makes you smile. Who knows? Maybe your comment will make a fellow mama smile when she reads it. You can also throw your name in the drawing by sending us an e-mail at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we reward those who blab to everyone they know about our giveaways. So if you send an e-mail about the giveaway to friends/family, be sure to put us on the CC line of your note and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell.

Have a great week, and remember to smile!



  1. My son’s laugh. No matter how hard of a day I may be having, the sound of his laugh always brings a smile to my face.

  2. My son, especially when I tickle him and he giggles. Also, watching my husband do yoga moves with the wii fit 🙂

  3. I smile when my 3 year old daughter says “I Love you Mama. I wanna give you a kiss and hug”.

  4. I have a 3 year old and anytime he laughs and not just one of those little laughs, the deep down, sincere laugh that is contagious. Just writing about it even makes me smile!

  5. When I go eat lunch with my boys at school and they don’t know I’m coming. Seeing their face light up when they see me make me SMILE…..

  6. When my one year old runs to his highchair and yells eeeeeeaaaat! He’s such a pig!

  7. when my kids or friends having something so exciting to share they can’t contain their smiles. This is contagious and I love being able to be a part of it!

  8. Of course my kids make me smile… especially when I witness them being nice or doing something nice when they think no one is looking.

  9. My almost four year old makes me smile constantly…oh and shoes…even if I can’t afford them!

  10. My wonderful children–I was feeling rather low but trying not to show it. My 7 year old daughter came up to me, put her arm around me and said, “its ok to cry Mommy.” No crying needed after that.

  11. After watching the news all day about Haiti, my healthy family and home make me smile from ear to ear!

  12. I smile so many times a day with a 3 year old and a 2 year old in the house. Even when my 2 year old is being ‘bad’ I can’t help but laugh. Just this morning, I got a tiny finger pointed in my face and she said, “no, no, NO! Mime OUT! Two minutes!” I can’t help but grin…hard to be a disciplinarian when stuff like that is so hilarious. 🙂

  13. Three beautiful children make me Smile even though they are all grown up. I think back to the time Jamie woke up Christmas morning and said I didn’t think there was a Santa Claus but when I saw that the Cookie had a bit in it I knew he was real, or the time that Chris would eat a Taco Burger from Taco USA and when he was finished I would gather the paper up from his highchair and he would say nooooooooo, and the time that Jennifer decided to go exploring with her cousins in the pasture and got into ragweed. Looking back on those moment make me happy. 🙂

  14. Last night, our six year old daughter said to her father “I’m glad you’re married. Because mom is a better parent but you’re a better cook.”

  15. When my kids are trying to tell a joke, that not really is funny, it makes me smile just because they want me too and are so cute in their effords.

  16. My husband makes me laugh because he says he bought the wii for our 3 boys. He’s completely useless now.

  17. I smile everytime I look at my just turned one year old’s face. She is a precious gift of life and a blessing to me and my family.

  18. My little girl and my dog keeps me smiling. If it wasn’t for them, not sure what I would do! I have always took great care of my teeth, but I’m sure a whitening would make my smile even brigher!

  19. Hearing my husband playing kid’s songs on the guitar (with our son singing along) cracks me up every time.

  20. Watching my two kids playing with each other and cracking each other up always makes me smile.

  21. My husband–and that’s why I want this for him, actually. He’s a wonderful husband and really deserves it!

  22. My boys of course! Watching my 19 month old call the Hogs is just adorable. My 4 year old can beat dad at Mario Kart on the wii, his victory dance is priceless!

  23. My daughter makes me smile when she wakes up from a nap and wants a hug and kiss. Also when she shows excitement from something fun that we did!

  24. Watching my son walk to the car while in the pickup line. I love him so much it makes me smile!

  25. My babies make me smile!! Even when they are being little stinkers I smile at them because they are so funny sometimes!! 🙂

  26. Waking up to see my 8 month old daugther talking and laughing to herself during the middle of the night makes me smile. She is too funny!

  27. The thought of having white teeth after all these years of not, makes me smile really big. Thanks, ladies!!!!

  28. I’d love to enter my husband for your teeth whitening giveway (I’m pregnant). We’re all big smilers in my family and I’ve noticed his is not as white as they used to be 🙂

  29. I can’t help but smile when my almost 7 year old son smiles at me. He is missing his top 2 teeth and 1 on the bottom. His favorite song this past Christmas was “All I want For Christmas is my Two Front Teeth!” That was the theme of our Chistmas card picture this year.

  30. I’d love to have a bright smile!! I smile when my 4-month-old sleeps through the night!!

  31. Morning kisses from my 19 month old. He gives them to everyone in the house when he wakes up happy!

  32. When my daughter, Michaela does her “Michaela news” videos. She gives us a daily update of what’s going on around her. She’s really quite good!

  33. Seeing my kids come into my office at the end of every school day and hearing them say “Hi Mom!” They always give me a hug and then ask “Can I go play?”

  34. Having a 5-year-old son at 44 after raising a couple of daughters (they’re 18 & 15) makes me smile a LOT. (I think it’s because I’m going insane… ) Especially when he comes out of his room with one glove, a pair of goggles, and a cape on. He wore his p.j.s and snowboots to pre-K yesterday, just because. Hysterical.

  35. Oh, I so need teeth whitening! My teeth get yellower every year and I get so jealous of all those pretty white smiles I see all the time. I certainly don’t have the money to do this, not even for the kind you buy in the store.
    However, even with my dingey teeth I still have so much to smile about. I have a wonderful husband and 3 children who are constantly making me laugh. So whether I have white teeth or not, I will still smile at all that God has blessed me with!

  36. My husband makes me smile when he gets down on the floor to play with our daughter and even helps her make bead necklaces. It’s so sweet!

  37. Most recently, the two specific things that made me smile: watching my little ones eat blackberries and make funny faces (they sure were trying to convince me that they liked them); and watching my little girls cheeks bounce up and down as she ran around playing at the park. 🙂

  38. My husband & daughter… let’s just say we’re still watching Rudolph & it’s the 3rd week of January- she’s 2 & really got into Rudolph this Christmas :0)

  39. My kids first thing in the morning when they come down stairs and say good morning mama. It is almost as if we have not seen each other in so long and it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face!

  40. I smile a lot at people, memories, music, and more. At the end of good day, I put my head on pillow and smile in the dark too. 🙂

  41. I’m smiling right now as my girls (4 years and 22 months) are sitting on the couch together “reading” books to each other.

  42. Like any mom – my kids. This week, my 2 year old doting on my week old newborn. She’s in love!

  43. My kids; Layne, Conner, and Alexandra and our sweet little granddaughter, Braylee! I can have the most awful day in the world and come home and one of my kids will do something to cheer me up. It is so precious! Or I will get a picture message of Braylee and her sweet smile makes everything better! I love our family! Thank you Mamas and Northwest Orthodontics!

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