Giveaway: Organize a room in my house (please!)


UPDATE: We have a winner. Let’s all congratulate Jen Simmons!

OK, ladies, which one would it be? Is your living room overstuffed with books, toys and clutter? Do you go a little crazy when you open up the door to THAT room and wonder when you’re ever going to have enough “spare” time to get the “spare room” straight? Are your kitchen cabinets a jumble of pots, pans and never-used gadgets?

We’ve got your back. There’s a mother-daughter team in Fayetteville who would just love to tackle your worst nightmare. It would give them a little thrill to stand in the doorway and imagine exactly what they’d do to whip that room into shape.

And that’s why today we’re giving away an “Organize a Room In My House” package!simple-spaces-ladies-resized-225.jpg

Laurie Malloy and her daughter, Jenna Ruhe, love to help people organize so much that they recently started a new business, Simple Spaces of Northwest Arkansas.

They’re professional organizers who are also experts at home staging (if you’re trying to sell) and helping people relocate (if you’re downsizing, for example).

Click here to read a Q & A with Laurie and Jenna that recently ran on nwaMotherlode.

HOW TO ENTER: The Simple Spaces ladies are itching to organize one room in your house (up to four hours) and all you have to do is hit the comment button below and tell us which room you’ll choose to have organized if you win.

To increase your odds: Send a note about this giveaway to your friends, and we’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell about this fantastic Simple Spaces package. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

Click here to visit the Simple Spaces website and check out all the mother-daughter team has to offer. Like saving your sanity. Good luck winning this great room organization package!



  1. I would love help getting my spareroom organized. It seems to be the catch all and requires tremendous amounts of attention when company is coming. HELP!!!

  2. Kitchen. Seems I spend an inordinate amount of them cleaning and picking up. And yet… every day it looks the same.

  3. Maybe it’s boring, but I would choose my laundry room/pantry area/mud room. It’s small, where we all enter the house, and has way too much stuff in it! I am depressed and overwhelmed every time I go in there, which is probably 20 times per day :)! HELP!!!!

  4. Omg, I can only pick one!?! Would my bedroom & closet count as one? If so, I’ll pick that. Ooohhh I hope I win. I’ve never won a blog giveaway before.

  5. My 7 year old daughter’s room. It is pretty small, she’s a pack rat (her closet is the worst) and she gets so upset if I throw something away. She could not have touched it for a year but as soon as I go to throw it away all of a sudden she wants to play with it. Some days you can barely walk in there.

  6. My spare bedroom which is currently a play room/exercise room and needs to be organized and cleaned out so that it can become a baby’s room.

  7. This is AWESOME! We just moved in to our home this summer and I am ashamed to say it, but I still have stuff stacked up in our bedroom that should be put away! I guess I would have to choose our room for that reason!! Good Luck MAMAS! I know whoever wins this will be thrilled! Thanks for such a great giveaway!! 🙂

  8. I have no idea which one I would pick!! Probably the garage or the attic….do those count? Can they organize my flower bed? That would be very helpful. If none of the above is allowed, I’d go with my daughter’s room. It is tiny and jam packed with toys/clothes/etc.

  9. Oh, dear Lord, if there is an organization Fairy, I need her to come to my house. Being a single mom, working full-time and going to school full-time, there is NO Time to get Organized! Please Help Me!

  10. Forgot to mention the room: my extra closet in the master bedroom. Old bills, papers, piled up high!

  11. I would love to have my bedroom organized! Shoes, clothes, etc…this would make life much easier!

  12. I work from home while homeschooling my preschool and toddler..and I’ve got one on the way. We have changed our master bedroom into an office/school room, but it is always, always a disaster. I would LOVE to have help in there!

  13. I would pick my daughters’ room. Two little girls in one presents an organizing nightmare!!

  14. I would choose my master bedroom and closet. Hopefully, they count as one. Unfortunately, it tends to be the most neglected at my house.
    This is a great giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. I work from home and have my office in my master bedroom. That is the space I would most like to organize. Or my kitchen.

  16. Please organize my utility room! It is frightful mess of disorganization. I have lots of great cabinets for storage, but just need some help with getting it organized!
    Love Motherlode! You guys rock!

  17. scrapbook room/ computer room. Seems like that room is so over whelming that I don’t feel comfortable scrapping, have just became a paper collector.

  18. I would love to have them come and organize my kitchen, or a bedroom or just any room. What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  19. My husband and I are BOTH high school teachers with 2 kids and are completing Masters in Administration. I would LOVE to organize either the family room or the office-pantry area.

  20. My husband and I are BOTH teachers with 2 kids and are completing Masters. We live in Fayetteville and commute to Rogers. Every inch of time is taken up. I would LOVE to organize the family room or the office-pantry area.

  21. So tough to just choose ONE room, but I would probably choose my office. It’s a disaster ALL the time which makes it very difficult to function efficiently.

  22. As a homeschool mom of 4, I’m afraid I have more than one room to organize! But my living room is definitely in need of some love. Put my name in the hat, please!!

  23. I think I’d have to choose my bedroom…though I’d love to have them do my whole house! I have so many wardrobes: pre-pregnancy, maternity clothes I keep loaning out that keep coming back, and my current one. My closet and dresser are maxed out and I just don’t have the time to devote to a complete overhaul!

  24. Of all the contests you have had, this is the one I need the most! If I am the definition of unorganized. I have an office that needs help! My filing system has never worked. I have papers, scrapbooking stuff, grad school stuff, and workout equipment all piled around. I want to create a space where I can get healthy and accomplish work. I want to be able to know where papers are instead of digging through piles. Please pick me!!

  25. I work from home and right now my computer is in our den. We are thinking of moving it into our bedroom so that we can actually use the den how it should be used. So as hard as it is to choose, I think I would have to go with the Den or the Bedroom 🙂 probably whichever has my desk in it at the time! It is always the worst 🙂 Good luck Mama’s!!!

  26. My computer room is a mess. We have all of our computers in one room that used to be the dining room. It is great to have that space for the teens to do homework and all but it is not set up well and is a mess. I can not see what to do with it since I see it every day. Please help me!!!!

  27. Oh my! Which room would I choose? Probably our guest bedroom that has slowly become our junk room! Ugh! GREAT GIVEAWAY!!

  28. I would love to have my master closet or laundry room organized!! Would love, love, love to win this one!!!!

  29. Ask any of my girl friends….I need help! Are you sure I can only pick one room? Let’s see… Bedroom? Living/playroom? Garage? It’s a toss up for sure!!

  30. I would choose my children’s playroom. It would be wonderful to have everything organized so that the children have easy access to all the items and it looks nice.

  31. So many spaces in our house could use organization and attention. Or our office area…

  32. EW, EW!! Pick Me!! Pick ME!! I have a little room that USED to be my scrapbook room. Now it’s an “OH NO!! COMPANY’S COMING!! THROW EVERYTHING IN HERE” room. But, the bad thing is is that it has a window in it!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!? It was my grandparents front door, I’m a sentimental kind of girl. When I was building my house I thought it would be neat to have. Now you can look right through it at my mess!! I feel like Monica on FRIENDS with her secret messy closet! My little room is packed full!! There is enough room to open the door most of the way, then I have to stretch and reach and climb to find anything. No tellin’ what all is in that dang room!! It would be like a treasure hunt!! ;~)

  33. It is hard to pick just one! I would pick either our extra bedroom or our master bedroom/closet!

  34. Our (master) bedroom has become the catchall room in the house. It is horribly disorganized and really not very attractive.

  35. It is definitely hard to pick one area. I will say that my master closet needs some serious TLC. Followed closely by my office and laundry. What a great drawing!!!

  36. Daughter’s room…closet, bookshelves, bath. She’s 9 and would feel special if chosen.

  37. I would pick the kids play room for sure… we have toys, books, tv/games and tv/movies …. lots to organize!!

  38. Hmmm, I think every room in my house could use some help! But if I had to pick one, I’d choose the master bedroom. No, wait, the dining room. Or maybe one of the kids’ rooms. Obviously I’d love to win this!

  39. I would love to have my kitchen organized since I spend half my day in there!

  40. My office/craft/ guest room needs help with so much Going on I don’t know where to start

  41. Wow, that would be awesome!! I would have to say my craft room would be great to have organized…

  42. I would love to have my livingroom arranged to make it more is long and narrow with an off center fireplace, 4 windows, a wall of builtin bookcase and not much wall space for furniture..Help! The house was built in 1927 and is craftsman styly but very dificult to decorate!

  43. I would love to have our master bedroom more organized. That’s where a lot of my odds and ends end up being stored – from picture frames to kiddie keep-sakes, and of course, all of my books! It drives my husband crazy. ‘Would love the help!

  44. Oh my gosh – I need help please!! It is hard to choose one room, but it would have to be the office, which has turned into the office/library/art closet/gift bag central! It is so hard to find anything in here!

  45. our bedroom! I’ve always heard your bedroom should be the most peaceful, relaxing room in your house & instead mine is just stressful because it’s so messy & disorganized. I don’t even know where to start!

  46. Oh my goodness! I have entered all of your contests but this one is my favorite so far! I am constantly rearranging, de cluttering and trying to find ways to make more room. Our girl and boy (1 and 3) share a room since we are really tight on space. Their closet, drawers, toys, and stuff….well are everywhere! I really could use some inspiration. I would like it to be a fun place for them where they can have room to play too. Our home is also currently on the market. Please,Pick me!

  47. I would pick the sewing room or laundry room both need help very much. Kids work and being pregnant makes it tough .

  48. My kitchen! Just can’t seem to get it right. Love MotherLode,love Gwen, love Fayetteville!

  49. We moved here two years ago from a house with a basement to a house without one! My third car garage is now our new basement. I never leave the garage doors open because I am so ashamed! HELP!

  50. It is impossible to pick one room to be organized! I would probably start with my room and hope things would slowly fall into place from there! Help me please!!

  51. It would most definitely be our master bedroom. Everything got moved into our bedroom after we had to turn our office into a nursery!

  52. Which room to choose… I would love to have our spare bedroom/craft room organized into a beautiful, functional space. Right now it’s the ‘land of things that don’t belong’. With one more kiddo on the way it’s unlikely I can do it myself.

  53. Please Please pick me. I am a single mom of 3.
    4th, 1st and Kindergarten. I need to have a space designated for backpacks, shoes, sports bags etc. All of those things are in my dining room, kitchen, living room and car. Really every where.
    Very frustrating.

  54. Seriously, my whole house needs some serious organization-I work on this ALL the time and I feel like I can just never get ahead! I would pick my daughters’ room. I’m about to add my new baby’s crib to my 6-year-old’s room and I so wish to make that room not only functional, but adorable-they deserve an awesome room!

  55. We’ve been in our new house almost a year and still trying to figure out what to put on the walls, how to arrange the rooms…the master bedroom or main living room area would be my choice.

  56. I would love to have a more organized kitchen/dinning room. It is where everyone enters the house and it gets so messy.

  57. The reason of my title is because we really really need help. We are almost to call to any of those HGTV programs to come to our home.
    The thinh is, we made an adition in theMaster bedroom and now we have a big room, a big closet but we don’t have any clue how to put it together.
    In the other hand we made the kids closet a bit bigger, but no clue how to put together their rooma nd closets.
    The living room we have a bit of idea what we would like.
    But the true, right now any room in our home can be yours. You can twist it how u want it, we have ideas but it is too hard to start or to put it together. The true: We don’t know!!!! It seems easy when u see those programs on the TV, but it seems hard when u try to do it by urself.
    We hope to see u soon at home : )
    P.S. The worst part is. All of these stress us a lot. On the other hand. One of our problem I think is storage and a lot of clutter and we don’t want for our kids to grow up in this mess. We have a 3 years old boy and a 1 year old girl), And we all say:
    WE NEED HELP, HELP HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!
    If u can do something in our home. We can say: You guys are Awesome!!!!!!!
    And we will be ur promotion forever. : )

  58. Oh I alost forgot. We tried to clean out home inside, but we ended making a mess in our garage. And like I read somebody saying before. We are embarrased to open our garage (two car garage) because it is a mess. We got some shelves, but no clue where to put anything or. How to organize it. Our house is not too big. 🙁
    Yes we know this is embarrased.

  59. I’d love to organize my daughter’s room! She just turned two and the collection of toys is just getting bigger and bigger! Help!

  60. master bedroom, or garage, no wait….guest bedroom/office b/c would like to change to room for teenage son so he doesn’t have to share w/ little brother anymore

  61. We just converted our formal living room into a play room and I could use lots of help figuring out the best way to contain all these toys!

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