Beauty Buzz: Make Halloween make-up vanish…

Dear Andi,

My family plans on using a lot of makeup on our faces to complete our Halloween look this year. What’s the best way to remove the thick costume paint with little damage to our skin?

A: Our grandmothers and mothers had it right when it came to removing heavy pancake makeup…cold cream is the fastest and gentlest way to loosen the thickest of formulas.


With your fingertips, smooth cold cream, like Pond’s Cold Cream (Walgreens, $5.99), over your entire face in gentle, circular motions, focusing on the most covered areas. Once the cream is no longer white, remove with clean cotton squares. Avoid tissues and other paper products, because they can be very abrasive and will just irritate the skin further.

Repeat until all of the make-up is removed. Wash your face with a cleansing soap and a washcloth. Cetaphil Facial Cleanser (Wal-mart, $9.67) is gentle enough for the youngest skin. Follow up with an astringent soaked cotton square to fully cleanse your pores to avoid any post-Halloween breakouts. Finally, your poor, abused skin is going to want some T.L.C., so don’t forget your moisturizer.

Creative makeup can be the best way to scare your neighbors come Halloween, but avoid scaring all of your friends Monday morning with real red, splotchy skin by insuring the theatrics are left were they belong, on the 31st!

Happy Halloween!

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