Giveaway: Beakman on the Brain Kids Show Plus 2 Shopping Sprees!

This giveaway for FOUR tickets to a great kids show at Walton Arts Center comes with a special twist — the winner will also get a $75 shopping spree for educational toys and so will the school teacher of her choice! Everybody wins.

The shopping spree for educational toys and games is a perfect combination with this kids’ show, which is called “Beakman on the Brain”. Beakman will take the stage at Walton Arts Center on Thursday, February 24th, at 7 p.m. The show is geared toward kids age 6 to 12 but kids younger and older will also be entertained. (Tickets start as low as $9. Click here for info on getting tickets.)

ABOUT THE SHOW: If Beakman (Paul Zaloom) looks or sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen him and his cool brand of science on television. His children’s show, called “Beakman’s World” won an Emmy and aired on CBS from 1993 to 1998 and was seen in 90 countries. This new stage show tells kids and parents everything you wanted to know about the brain. It includes lots of audience participation and humor, and Beakman uses a series of large-scale, fun, visual demonstrations to illustrate how the brain works.

Ever wondered how we think, feel, smell and see? What makes us cry, laugh, smile and sneeze? You’ll even learn how our brains can get fooled — or the effect of music and art on the brain. Beakman investigates the neuroscience of the brain in a fun, wacky way that kids and parents both love.

ABOUT THE SHOPPING SPREE: Since the Beakman show will teach you and your kids everything you ever wanted to know about the brain, you’ll need to keep their brains buzzing with some new educational toys and games from School Squared, located on the Bentonville Square. Whether you’re helping your child learn the alphabet or world geography, you’ll have fun loading up on lots of fun things that will help make play time an educational experience, too. The winner of the Beakman tickets will also get a $75 gift certificate to spend at School Squared.

HOW TO ENTER: Now, here’s the twist. To throw your name in the random drawing for the tickets and shopping spree, we’re asking you to nominate a school teacher who you think does a great job at molding young minds. Click the orange comment button below and nominate your child’s teacher or any teacher in Northwest Arkansas who you admire. The teacher nominated by the winning mom will also receive a $75 gift certificate from School Squared which she can use to get additional materials for her classroom.

You may also enter the drawing via email by sending your teacher nomination to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: As always, we’ll give you an extra chance to win for every friend you tell. So just send an email about the giveaway to friends (and teachers!) and be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you extra credit!

Good luck in the giveaway! For a sample of what Beakman is like in action, click on the video clip below to see an excerpt from Beakman’s television show.


  1. I nominate NWAR best 2nd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Karie Sutton, and Washington Elementary in Fayetteville. Karie really cares about all her kids and was able to make my 8 y/o daughter LOVE going to school, b/c of Mrs. Sutton.

  2. What a great giveaway!! I have to nominate my daughters 1st grade teacher, Stephanie Lee. She is amazing!!! I can’t thank her enough for the encouragement she has given my daughter!

  3. Coach Wang at Haas Hall Academy is the best. He is funny. He is honest. He sacrifices much of his personal time for his students and players.

  4. This is such a hard choice b/c my son has had the most amazing teacher from Kindergarten to now 8th grade. But if I have to pick one I nominate Mrs. Voss, 8th grade science teacher.

  5. Mrs. Knight at Elm Tree Elementary in Bentonville is an amazing Kindergarten teacher with such a great heart and way with the kids. She is so good I was hoping she would move to teach First Grade with my son!! She is smiling all the time and what a difference that makes to the kids she touches.

  6. Mrs. Owens from Elm Tree Elementary!!!! My oldest daughter had her 2 years ago and now my 2nd daughter has her this year. She is a wonderful teacher, always full of enthusiasm and love. She still cecks on my oldest 🙂 When we walk into the school my 2 year old immediately asks if we are going to see Mrs. Owens.

  7. I’m having a hard time choosing because both of my kids have amazing teachers at Happy Hollow Elementary in Fayetteville. Tonya Lopez is my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and I think she’s magic. She has a way of explaining things to the kids that makes them sit up and listen. Cheryl Sewell is my son’s 5th grade teacher and she made him love going to school again. He loves her science and social studies lessons.

  8. It is hard to decide one favorite teacher. Keegan has had great teachers at Root Elementary. I would love to give the certificate to this year’s teacher Miss Sarah Roberts.

  9. There are so many good teachers that both of my girls have had at Root Elementary, but we would like to nominate Mrs. O’Meara. She and the fourth graders run a Charlie Brown book sale where all the proceeds go to the Animal Shelter!

  10. I would like to nominate my sons first grade teacher, Ms. Holcomb from Bellview Elementary. He enjoys going to school everyday bc of her, she is wonderful!

  11. I have 2, my twins have had some great teachers but last year we were really blessed. Mrs. Reich and Ms. Jones are both 2nd grade teachers at Holcomb Elementary. They were wonderful last year for my kids! Thanks so much for taking such great care of my babies ladies!

  12. Evan’s teacher Kerri Wells at Bellview is everything you would want in a teacher. Firm, warm, patient and you can tell she loves children and her job.

  13. My son’s teachers at montessori are amazing. you can tell they love what they do. They just glow when the kids are around.

  14. I would love to nominate Merilly and Lindsay from Mt. Comfort Sonshine School. They are the best!! My daughter comes home every week knowing so much, more than I have ever taught her.

  15. I nominate Gina Armstrong. She’s been teaching Kindergarten for a long time in Springdale.

  16. I nominate Anita Ulrich at Holcomb Elementary–best Kindergarten teacher for my Lily!!

  17. I nominate Mr. Edwards from Holcomb. My daughter has learned so much this year!

  18. I would like to nominate Tami Dugan at Springdale High School. My daughter says that she is very understanding. She treats the kids with respect. She can always make you laugh and is a dependable shoulder to cry on. “She puts up with hormonal high school students”.

  19. Cheri Roller from Northside Elementary is fantastic!! My son had her in 2nd grade and was so excited to have her again in 5th. I appreciate everything she does for our kids!!

  20. Miss Todd at Lowell elementary is a wonderful teacher for my 2nt grade grand daughter.

  21. I nominate Paul Stolt, 2nd grade teacher at Central Park Elementary. My son loved having him.

  22. I would like to nominate Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Alex at Mt. Comfort Sonshine School. They are wonderful!

  23. I am such a lucky mama. My girls have the best teachers. I would love to help Mrs. Hough and Mrs. Zimmer at Holcomb Schools. What a terrific gift that would be for them.

  24. It is so hard to pick one because we have been truly blessed at Leverett with both my son’s and daughter’s teachers and all the staff there. But this year my daughter often talks about Ms. Seeger, her second grade literacy teacher. She even said if I were not around, she could be her momma!!

  25. Even if I don’t win I’m putting this event on my calendar! What a cool show to take the kids to!
    I’d like to nominate Mrs. Fordyce at Bellview Elementary.

  26. I nominate Mrs Lamp at Westside Elementary in Rogers. She is the BEST 1st grade teacher and gives her all to her students. She would come up with some creative things to do with the shopping spree to help her students.

  27. I would like to nominate my children’s 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Robson from Elkins Elementary. SHe is the greatest!

  28. My boys are SO lucky! Mrs. Berger and Mrs. Weidman at Bellview Elementary are incredible teachers…. professional, caring, and fun, too! My kids love going to school, and these teachers are the reason why.

  29. We are so fortunate to have Mitzi Bingaman as our teacher at Lincoln Academic Center of Excellence (Lincoln Public School). Because she deals with non-traditional students of all abilities, her job, I am sure, is challenging. I am thankful for her and the love and concern she shows not only our 3 kids but also to us as parents!

  30. There have been so many wonderful teachers at BCSA… But I would have to say that Jodi Hamilton, Art Teacher Extrodinaire… Is Amazingly talented and encourages the kids to let their imaginations flow!

  31. My son LOVES his teacher, Miss Lindsay. She has been so wonderful to him, and has taught him so much this year. We are lucky to have her!

  32. I think Beverly Loomis should win. She is one of the best teachers I know. My daughter had a fabulous year with her!!

  33. I nominate NWAR’s best 2nd grade teacher Ms. Karie Sutton at Washington Elementary School.

  34. I would like to nominate Mrs Ober at Williams Elementary in Farmington! She is the SWEETEST Kindergarten teacher and the children just love her! She is encouraging and so patient with her students! We love her!

  35. My son’s preschool Teacher Miss Charla Destry (from Clear Spring School in Eureka Springs) is an absolute Saint. She is so kind, patient and creates a very calm yet stimulating environment for the children. She most definitely deserves recognition, she is truly wonderful!!

  36. My son’s teacher, Miss High, is an amazing teacher! She has been such a blessing to Kevin and our family this year!

  37. I would like to nominate Mrs. Becky Ober from Jerry Pop Williams Elementary in Farmington. She is an exemplary teacher and has the patience of a saint. We couldn’t have made it through Kindergarten without her!

  38. I would like to nominate Mrs. Silva at Pop Williams Elementary in Farmington. She has not only taught my son about reading, writing and math, she has also taught him the importance of respect and hard work. She always has a smile on her face and a high five ready for every child. We feel very blessed to have her as my son’s 2nd grade teacher.

  39. My daughter LOVES 2nd grade because of her AMAZING kind hearted teacher, Mrs. Gourd, at Life Way Christian School in Centerton! She’s not just a great teacher, she is a kind person always thinking of others first!:)

  40. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Karen Hamrick from Cooper Elementary. She does not what her kids to be doing ok, she wants them to be above standard. She gives them the confidence and support to excel!

  41. I am honored to nominate Mrs. Workman of Greenland Elementary, who has an amazing talent of making her 3rd grade students think that reading is cool, and fun! Thanks for turning my baby into a bookworm!!

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