Giveaway: A FREE Amazeum family membership!

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Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Christen Chamberlain, winner of the Amazeum membership!

You’ve heard about the Amazeum, which is opening in Northwest Arkansas in the second half of 2015.

It sounds pretty AMAZing, right?

So, how would you like to win a charter membership for your family?! Charter members will enjoy museum access before it opens to the public + lots of other perks. Sounds like fun to us!

In addition to charter member benefits, here are some other great things you’ll enjoy:

  • Unlimited admission all year
  • Discounts on birthday parties, advance notice and early camp registration
  • Special members-only hours
  • 10 percent store discount
  • Special pricing for educational programs and camps
  • Free or discounted admission to more than 550 science and children’s museums across the country
  • Invitations to members-only events and exhibit previews

Amazeum memberships also make great holiday gifts. It’s easy to do: When you’re purchasing a membership, just check box indicating whether or not it’s a gift membership (and if you’d like to receive the information or if you’d like the Amazeum to send it straight to the recipient). Click here to buy a membership for yourself — or as a gift!

amazeum girlHOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win a family membership to the Amazeum, click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us about something your kids are completely obsessed with learning about right now. Does (s)he tear apart every toy just to see how it’s made — and for the fun of putting it all back together? Do they read, read, read about dinosaurs? Do they love science experiments? The Amazeum will be great for fueling every kids’ imagination — and for inspiration!

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  1. My five year old is excited to learn to read and also loves to explore “how things work.” My ten year old is fascinated by Roman History, especially Greek and Roman goddesses.

  2. My six year old is obsessed with any thing he can call an experiment. Magic kits, physics experiments….anything. He also loves gardening, but he calls that “experimenting” too. I receive the newsletter and follow on Pinterest.

  3. My 9 year old loves animals. He loves reading about the tallest, largest, fastest, smallest, etc.

  4. My son is completely obsessed with learning about electrical circuits and magnets.

  5. We have a serious dinosaur obsession in our house right now!! Would love to win…we are so excited for the Amazeum!!!

  6. My kids are obsessing over reading, animals, science, and anything that is fast. loud, or in any other way appealing to a 7 year-old boy! We would LOVE to win this!!!

  7. Addie would love to explore this amazing museum and is obsessed with learning about art!

  8. My son loves to tear apart his electronic gadgets and put them back together and my daughter is loving all things science – how things work.

  9. My oldest son is completely nuts about robots right not– he attended a Robotics Academy event in Joplin and has been building them at home ever since! We go to the science museum in Springfield often, so the whole family can’t wait for Amazeum to open! How lucky are we, to have something like this in NW Arkansas?

  10. My oldest likes to do her own experiments. She has recently made goo and sold it to her classmates. My three year old som likes to build things. They will love the new museum!!

  11. My daughter loves to read, & learn about how things work. She loves the stars, & moon and points them out every night!

  12. My daughter is obsessed with sewing. Which is tough because I don’t know how! My son is into building forts with yarn, sheets, blocks….whatever is handy!

  13. My 8 year old is fascinated with George Washington. My 7 year old is interested in building things right now.

  14. Both of our kiddos are totally into building right now! They love constructing things out of Magformers and lincoln logs.

  15. Both my girls LOVE Science and Adventures! They love to create & Build things & enjoy being outside! Crystal Bridges is a Favorite place they like to visit with Family & Friends!
    Having a Family Membership would be a Dream Come True!!

  16. Our kids are obsessed with animals. They just got a guinea pig so they want to learn everything about her…what she likes to eat, why she makes those noises, etc. And they love exploring Arkansas nature.

  17. My child is crazy excited about pouring liquids in to different containers. Too bad he misses a lot !

  18. My 9 year old son LOVES science. He is always looking online and on Pinterest to try and find new experiments. He loves getting messy and creating new things. He recently did the experiment with Ivory soap in the microwave. We had so much fun with that!!! He loves Crystal Bridges and is so excited about Amazeum opening!

  19. My 5yr old is obsessed with “fixing” things. She loves to know how things works and why.

  20. My daughter is all about learning to read right now. She also asks a million questions a day, about anything and everything she sees. My son is all about cars, trains, and airplanes right now. We can’t wait for the amazeum to be finished!
    I also commented on facebook 🙂

  21. My 5 yr old is loving learning how to read and my 3 yr old really enjoys learning how to build things.

  22. I have to be honest, my oldest (5) is really into the brain right now!! I’m following on Twitter (@channynn)

  23. My 10 year old loves history – specifically WWII history. And he’s becoming sort of a buff! When we hit the local antique stores and flea markets, he searches for memorabilia from the war that he can collect. Besides various badges and ration books, he has also scored a gas mask, chemical suit, and practice missile!

  24. We love Science. My 11 daughter is obsessed with experiments and circuits. With another daughter on the way, we would love a family membership .

  25. My daughter loves to learn about anything, but especially about real people such as Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, and other people who have done great things. 🙂

  26. My kids and I LOVE science experiments!! The favorite around here is the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment. They ask me to do it everytime they pass the pop aisle! Haha

  27. My daughter is obsessed with science and aquarium life .. She is hoping to become a marine biologist someday and is loving manatees right now. 🙂

  28. My 4 year old talks constantly about where her bones are and where her heart it. I have to kiss her heart every night at bedtime. Maybe we have a little doctor on our hands! Can’t wait to take her to the Amazeum!

  29. My son is obsessed with learning about the brain! They have been learning about it in GT class, and they even dissected a sheep brain! He says he is going to be a neurologist! We are so excited about the Amazeum!

  30. My 3 year old twin boys are curious about all kinds of things especially about the digestive system. Pretty precious to hear a 3 year old use the word “esophagus” and explain how it connects their mouth to their stomach. They also love using magnifying glasses to explore outside. Also commented on Facebook.

  31. My 4 year old is trying so hard to learn all her letters. She is so upset she can’t read and is trying so hard to learn!

  32. My Grandkids love science experiments! We buy books with different experiments and try them all.

  33. My 3yo is obsessed with baking! She wants to smell, measure, and learn about why each ingredient is important to the recipe.

  34. My son is obsessed with “fixing things” and how things are put together. We would love a family membership! (I am also following you on Pinterest: bliss design studio)

  35. My youngest is crazy about animals!! We would love to get charteremberahip to share with our friends!!

  36. Both of my grandchildren are obsessed with MineCraft right now. It has sparked an interest in how things are made, what materials are needed to create other things and how to make their own “mods”. They are only 6 & 8 so it amazes me what kids can do these days!

  37. My son is obsessed with robots at the moment. My daughter is in the imagination stage though.

  38. My 7 year old is obsessed with rocks. He is always picking them up wherever we go. He cracks them open to expore and organizes (classifing)them for hours.

  39. My four year old is obsessed with baking. She loves following recipes and tasting the final products!!

  40. My 2 yr old is startinf to develop her language skills and soaks in every word we say and when we correct her speech. Amazes me how she learns grammar and new words so quick!

  41. My son loves all about science and he wants to be scientist like Bill Nye. I think by having Amazeum in our area will save us a lot from travelling to another city that has Children Museum.

  42. All of my kids love to learn about new ways to do things, love to cook, and I’m excited to share these experiences with my students as well.

  43. My 2-year old daughter is totally obsessed with the birth of Jesus. They have been learning about it at daycare and for the past week she has told me the story numerous times and it is so sweet. Makes my heart SO happy!!

  44. My girls absolutely love taking things apart and them putting them back together!! I love watching them figure things out for the first time!!

  45. It is hard to pinpoint one thing my kids are crazy about learning right now because at ages 2 and 3, they want to know everything. The word, “why,” is uttered AT LEAST 40x per day.

  46. My 9 years old daughter is all about science experiments. She filled her list to Santa with experiment kits.

    My 7 year old son is obsessed about building and constructing things that currently do not exist.

  47. My daughter is obsessed with cooking. Wants to try to recreate everything she eats. My son is obsessed with building with Legos. Everything is Lego in our house right now!

  48. My kids love to take things apart and then put them back together. Mainly toys but have tinkered with a old printer and bikes.
    I follow on Pinterest and facebook!
    We would love to win these passes!

  49. My son loves anything that goes! Planes, trains, trucks – he loves learining about all of it! Thanks so much!

  50. My kiddos are obsessed with robots right now.
    And not the Transformer type, the full blown make from scratch ones. I love it!!

  51. My boys love dinosaurs right now. We saw a skeleton recently and they were AWED. This museum is going to be amazing, we’re so excited to have such a thing locally!

  52. My niece is crazy about books and reading. She loves to explore and put things together. I would love to be able to tale her and my nephew!

  53. My 2 boys are loving lego building right now. I am amazed at how creative they are! We are thrilled to have this new addition to NWA!

  54. My 5 year old is full of energy and curiosity for science and nature. We are so excited about this awesome opportunity right in our backyard! We look forward to the museums opening and all the joy it will bring our family!

  55. My little guy loves to create his own “science experiments” out of random things he has found around the house and garage. He also loves to try and take everything apart and figure out how it works, but hasn’t quite gotten to the putting it back together stage.

    His sister on the other hand LOVES weather and experiments. She likes to read about everything national geographic and likes to figure out what makes things work or why things are how they are. Love seeing their little minds going to work on things!!

  56. My daughter is always changing her mind. She doesn’t have a current obsession. She’s inquisitive about everything!

  57. My youngest child LOVES Science experiments. He literally can’t wait until Science everyday to see what his teacher is going to do next. He gets in the car and tells me all about it. For a child with Autism to be this turned on about something as technical as Science is just fabulous. Would love to be able to continue to nurture that in him.

  58. Our little guy loves to make his own “science ‘speriments” by using random things he has found around the house. He also LOVES to take apart everything and try and figure out what made it work; he hasn’t quite gotten to the putting it back together part.

    Our little lady loves weather and figuring out how things work. She reads National Geographic Kids every month it comes out and loves to discover new facts about just about anything and everything. I love seeing their little minds learning and discovering new things!!

  59. My oldest daughter is really into books about science and history right now.

  60. We would love to win this! My kids are obsessed with building things and love putting things together.

  61. My girls are all about reading, learning about weather, and how the human brain works.

  62. Our 3 kids are crazy about Minecraft, Roblox, and any movie about dogs, cats, or horses.

  63. This would be SO FABULOUS to win! We homeschool, so like to hit up museums, parks, zoos, aquariums- and anywhere the kids (and parents!) might get to learn something new.
    My 13 y/o is fairly into “Diversity” the xbox video game at the moment, but he also reads a lot and really enjoys chemistry.
    My 3 y/o likes singing and dancing- and beading. She wants to make brownies and cards and bracelets for all her friends for their birthdays, Christmas and when they’re sick to “help them get well and feel happy” O:)
    I also follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
    THANK YOU ladies, and Merry Christmas!

  64. My oldest (7 year old) loves to read about animals, insects, sea life, etc! My 3 boys are going to love the museum!

  65. My five-year-old got very interested in lobsters after seeing the live tank at Red Lobster, so we’ve been reading lots of library books about lobsters and other crustaceans. 🙂

  66. Both my kids love to do science experiments and crafts! They also love building with anything from Legos to blocks and dominoes.

  67. My six year old loves to make up stories and act them out. My three year old loves to build. My almost 2 year old loves books and animals. Thanks for chance to win!

  68. My fitst grader is currently obsessed with how things go together, like the different parts to the car and such. My four year old loves reading about dinosaurs. We are so excited for the amazeum to open!

  69. My son is obsessed with all kinds of animals right now! We would LOVE this!

  70. My girls are really into science… Why oil and water separate, water changing forms, water cycle, making volcanos with oil water and effervescent tabs!

  71. My son wants to know how everything works and the history behind everything.
    My daughter just likes to play and create things

  72. My granddaughter is 4 years old and counting is very big for her. She loves frozen and baking. Being a helper is very important. She is such a thankful child I pecan hear her already thanking me fir raking her to the musuem

  73. My two boys are curious about everything! One day it’s dinosaurs or spiders, the next, it’s science, weather or circuits!

  74. My daughter (5) has just discovered REAL Legos and loves taking them apart and putting them together again!!

  75. My 7 yo son is all about science experiments. He loves mixing different ingredients to see what reaction they make. My 2yo daughter loves just being right in the middle of whatever her big brother is doing!! 🙂

  76. 3 y/o is obsessed with animals of all kinds, 12 y/o is ALL about meteorology, and the almost 14 y/o is drawing everything she sees. We can’t wait to explore the Amazeum!

  77. My 9-yr old daughter likes to build model houses out of cardboard boxes, and my almost 5-yr old son likes to put together train sets and 3-D form figures. It is exciting to watch them explore, and the Amazeum will be wonderful to have in our area!

  78. My daughter is on a First Robotics team and is loving learning how to program a robot built out of Legos.

  79. My 6 year old is all about reading right now. My 9 year old is enjoying learning history. So much fun!

  80. I commented on Facebook, and I follow you on Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks for always offering such great giveaways!

  81. My 8 yr old loves anything to do with building- Legos or making things on Minecraft. He loves studying maps & architecture.

  82. My two homeschoolers love anything science related. Both are convinced they will grow up to be scientist-inventors.

  83. One of my children loves to read anything and everything. My other child is much more mechanical–she loves to figure out how things work or how she can work them differently.

  84. My kids are so in to music, playing mandolin, bass, guitar, electric guitar, and piano. They also love anything Steve Spangler. My kitchen is an ongoing science lab!

  85. My daughter is so into Greek mythology right now. Both my children would so love this.

  86. My 8 year old son is obsessed with math facts and football stats. He is constantly asking everyone in the family math questions. He loves math and enjoys learning new math equations each day. He also enjoys any and everything football. He even checks books out from the library on football players and understanding the game.

  87. My son loves football right now, which doesn’t sound much Ike learning, but he memorized al the scores from all the games. Think he might be a math whiz

  88. Both of my girls love Legos and like creating new buildings to go in their city!

  89. I follow on Twitter and Facebook. My 4 year old is obsessed with drawing. She sits for hours and draws. Each week the drawings change and become more advanced. I love it!

  90. My 8 year old son loves all things math and science! He’s always conducting experiments.

  91. My son loves learning about everything really… he’s at a very fun, curious stage! But he’s very interested in dinosaurs and the mechanics of vehicles (especially cars). I was sooo excited to hear when they were building Amazeum; I’ve always wanted a children’s museum in the NWA area. I really hope we can win this so I can take him to the museum tons and stimulate that active imagination!

  92. Both my kids love to read. My 6 year old likes animals, sea creatures, dinosaurs and planets.

  93. My 8 year old loves doing science experiments, generally with acorns. She will have 12 different bowls of acorns and will put different things in each bowl to see how the acorns react. She records all of her steps, hypothesis’, and finding in a notebook. My 5 year old loves Legos, dinosaurs and all things that make a lot of noise 🙂

  94. My five year old is always saying he is doing his science. Anything that he can act like he is fixing or make do different things he will do it.

  95. My 6 year old grandson is obsessed with all things Minecraft…I have ordered the legos and given him a book, but more hands on (and hands off the computer would be great!)
    And my granddaughter loved Robotics last year but changed schools and there are no robotics or any other extracurricular programs whatsoever. Both kids really need lots of enrichment programs or activities.

  96. My 9 year just finished a natural disasters unit in school and he loved it. He would come home spouting out facts each day!

  97. My 3 year old loves learning about the planets and music. My almost 2 year old is obsessed with learning how do do things his older brother can do… like turn on the lights, or change the speed of the ceiling fan. haha.

  98. I have 3 and a 5 year old granddaughters who want construction sets, tools like daddy has, dinosaurs, etc. for Christmas.I think little girls should be strongly encouraged to explore and learn about science, technology, math; anything that helps them use all their strengths. This would be an AMAZing gift for them!

  99. My five and six year olds are obsessed with math right now: putting numbers together, writing the biggest numbers they can write, solving problems. And I’m a language arts girl—where did this math stuff come from??

  100. Right now, it’s all about counting to five and colors. Granted, my LO is only 17 months old, but it tends to take me back…

  101. My son loves to build and take things apart. He also loves doing different science experiments.

  102. My 2-year-old son is obsessed with caves (appropriate, since his daddy is a hydrologist) and bats in particular (makes me happy, because I’m a biologist!).

  103. My 3 year old is obsessed with creating outlandish stories complete with fairies, goblins, and princesses. My 1 year old can’t get enough of the magnetic gears for the fridge. She just loves seeing them all turn when she turns one.

  104. My 8 year old is obsessed with magnets! He loves to figure out what they will stick to and what they won’t. Hope we win – our family will be paying LOTS of visits to Amazeum!

  105. My kids are obsessed with learning to read and sounding out words. They also love animals! We can’t wait for Amazeum to open!

  106. My son is all about history right now. He knows more than I do!!

    My daughter is a future chef and wants to know all about how to decorate cute cupcakes and cakes.

  107. My high school freshman has been really intrigue by the Hindenburg Disaster he learned about by doing a science report on it. Which, I will add he made an A+ on!

  108. My 6 year old is obsessed with ANY trivia about the world’s around us. He’s been reading children’s encyclopedias and spouting off new facts every day.

  109. My daughter wants to learn all about animals. For the boys, one is into robots and the other building things.

  110. my youngest is into doing mazes, my daughter loves making things such as cards, bracelets, etc. ,and my oldest ( today is his birthday) loves building things and taking them apart. He loves it when something around the house breaks because then him and his younger brother get to take it to their workbench and take it apart.

    • Well, since it’s Christmas time, my four year old is learning and singing all the Christmas songs. She can’t get enough. She has songs and dances to many of them.


  112. My babies love creating things from scratch. They also love all things domestic such as cooking, sewing, etc.

  113. My son Jonas loves to learn about animals. I think we’ve watched every episode of Wild Kratts ever made!

  114. My children would love a pass to visit this museum. Our hometown has a museum that is similar and we enjoyed many, many visits. It always a nice thing to learn and have fun at the same time. So excited for it to open!

  115. My son who 7 loves dinosaurs and any animals that the wild Krats teach. He loves to learn new thing and how they work and how there made.

  116. Our 2 year old daughter loves to build towers, learn about animals and cars and also watchinghow I fix the toys she breaks.

  117. My son loves tearing this apart to figure out how they work and enjoys building with blocks his favorite is cars though 🙂 comment on facebook page

  118. I was a mid America museum, “Young Einstein” volunteer as a kid in Hot Springs…… I love science museums and visit then everywhere we go……. I would love to give my daughter the same passion!

  119. My daughter and my son are all into science experiments. They love to see what happens when you mix things together. It is fun to see what they can come up with and if my kitchen survives their antics. 🙂

  120. I have one interested in the human body and how it works. My younger is all about animals. This would be amazing!!

  121. My kiddos are both into animals right now. They love the book series, who would win! This is the best giveaway!

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