Giveaway: Farmland Adventures Family Fun Pack!


Now that it’s officially fall, it’s officially time to get to the PUMPKIN PATCH, mamas!

And we’re proud that one of the best pumpkin patches/corn mazes in Northwest Arkansas is a sponsor here at nwaMotherlode. Farmland Adventures allows families the opportunity to experience a real farm and to enjoy LOTS of great family-friendly activities for one admission price.

Admission covers all of Farmland’s attractions, including the giant corn maze, mini maze, pumpkin patch, pedal karts, play areas, wagon ride, pony rides, petting farmhuman foosball and more. And today we’re giving away a Family 4-Pack to visit Farmland Adventures and enjoy all of these activities!

farmland adventures 2016HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win this Family 4-Pack to Farmland Adventures, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us what your kids love most about Farmland Adventures — or what they look forward to doing when you visit!

Click here to see all the activities offered at Farmland.

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CLICK HERE to visit the Farmland Adventures Facebook page so you can be the first to know about any special hours, special admission prices or fun tidbits about life on the farm! Here’s their latest coupon, which you can use this coming weekend:



  1. My daughter loves the pony rides and my two boys love feeding the cows. I get the newsletter, follow you on Pinterest, commented on FB and follow you on Instagram.

    • I love getting your newsletter and checking out local activities for kids and families. We have been to Farmland Adventures for the first time last year, what a blessing to have this activity in our area. Fun for the whole family.

  2. We’ve never been and would love to go check it out. We moved here in March.

  3. We are signed up for your newsletter, follow on ointerest, Facebook and instagram!

  4. Our favorite part is the quality family fun time we get to spend together. My kids also love the hay ride to go out and feed the cows!

  5. Would love to take kids this fall to enjoy all the wonderful things about fall. Thank you.

  6. We are new to the area as of August and I oils love to take my three kiddos. They have been asking for us to do some fun fall things!

  7. My kids are looking forward to the petting farm and picking out their own pumpkin in the patch! I follow you all on twitter and pinterest and get the weekly newsletter as well.

  8. My two year old girl is just the right age to really enjoy this trip and everything there fall. So hope we win!

  9. We’ve never been to the pumpkin patch, but I know our little one is going to go crazy for the petting zoo! She LOVES animals of all kinds. Can’t wait!

  10. We lllove the corn maze and the petting zoo!!! I follow you guys on FB, Twitter and INstagram 🙂

  11. My daughter loves the pony rides, feeding the goats and cows, and playing in the corn box!

  12. My kids love the hayride and feeding the cows. Farmland Adventure is a family tradition!

  13. My kids are dying to go to a pumpkin patch this year! They also love the pedal cars. We have a 1year old who would love the wagon rides. This year will be her first time going!

  14. My kids are looking forward to the petting farm and picking out their own pumpkin in the patch.

  15. Move here earlier this year would love to experience farmland with my 3 &1 yr grandchildren. The petting zoo would be their fav.

  16. Petting zoo! Follow you on Pinterest and Facebook and commented there as well!

  17. So many things to love about Farmland Adventures…my daughter loves feeding the animals, she LOVED feeding the cows last year, and of course the corn box is always big fun. And mama always loves all the pictures we get from our time there!

  18. My daughter’s favorite activity at Farmland Adventure is basically everything! We can spend hours in the corn box, riding the horses, feeding animals, climbing the hay bales, and picking out pumpkins to take home!

  19. My kids get the biggest thrill out of getting lost in the corn maze! We love this place!

  20. My 3 year old would love to ride a pony and likes the wagon ride. I love the fall in NWA and the pumpkin patch is a must-do on our family’s list.

  21. Feeding the cows!! I follow on fb, Instagram, Twitter and get the newsletter, thanks!

  22. My kids are now old enough to enjoy the corn maze more! Our family of 5 would love to go for free!!

  23. My boys LOVE the corn box…Such a simple thing, but they could spend hours playing in it!

  24. We LOVE Farmland adventures and have gone every year since they have opened. It’s our favorite cornmaze and you get the best bang for your buck as there are so many things to do that you don’t have to pay extra for. Also the kids love the challenge of finding all the chalk fingers. Their favorite thing of all though is the corn box. They could spend hours in there just rolling around. It’s amazing!

  25. My little boy loves the pedal karts, while my daughter’s favorite thing to do is to see all the animals at the petting zoo!

  26. We have never been, and I have really been meaning to check this place out the let few years! The human foosball sounds amazing, and who doesn’t live a corn maze?!

  27. My son loves the animals! He enjoys feeding tortillas to the cows, petting the goats, and watching the pigs race. We love Farmland Adventures!

  28. My son loves the pig races. Oldest daughter loves the zonkey, and youngest daughter loves to ride the ponies!

  29. We LOVE Farmland Adventures and go every year! I think my kids like the petting zoo and pony rides the best, but I tend to really like the pig races and feeding the cows from the tractor/trailer ride! Fun family place and we would really enjoy these tickets 🙂

  30. My 3 year old son loves the pony rides & my 6 year old daughter loves the petting zoo & feeding the animals.

  31. My girls love it all! Ponies, hayrides, corn maze, corn box, and more! They especially LOVE picking out the perfect pumpkin!!!

  32. Picking out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and the giant corn “sandbox” are my son’s favorite activities.
    It is a great place, run by a great family! Would love to go back!!

  33. We have my not had the pleasure of visiting Farmland adventures… I would love to be able to take my kiddos. To experience all the wonderful activities out there.

  34. My kids love all the activities at Farmland Adventure. They are always excited when we get to go, which isn’t as often as I would like as a single mom of 4.

  35. My daughter is almost 2! She hasn’t been to the Farmland Adventures yet, but by the description she would love it all!!!

  36. I have foster kiddos that haven’t been that I’m aware of. I’m sure they would love the animals the most.

  37. My daughter loves the pony rides!! I’d love to win this for my friend and I–we need a play date and this would be perfect!!

  38. I have heard amazing things about this place and would love to experience all the Fall activities with my husband and our almost 1 year old daughter!

  39. My kids love the animals and the “corn box” which just sounds weird until you see it!

  40. New to the area so our family would love to come check farmland out, my kiddos love picking out their own pumpkin, hay rides and my oldest would love the foosball

  41. My youngest daughter loves the petting zoo – one year she got to name a new baby goat (Strawberry)!

  42. We’re from California and have never been to a pumpkin patch farm adventure I have 3 kids and I would really LOVE to take them one day

  43. I’m not sure that we’ve ever been to Farmland but my kids love pumpkin patches and they love fall so I’m sure they would have a blast!

  44. My kiddos loved their first trip to Farmland Adventures last year and they loved the race track! They played so hard and for so long we weren’t even out of the parking lot and they were crashed out asleep 🙂

  45. My family LOVES to feed the cows! It seems to be the one time my girls don’t mind getting dirty by all the cow slobbers!

  46. We love the corn maze. The kids love to tease me because I usually can’t find my way out.

  47. We love the corn maze and the fun we have trying to find our way out!!! 🙂

  48. We’ve never been, but I think we’d love it all! My daughter would really enjoy the petting farm, and the pedal karts sound right up my son’s alley.

  49. My kids love everything! They’ve been asking me all year when it opens again. We love Farmland!

  50. We love this place! My kids’ favorite activity is the corn boxes to dig and play in, no matter how old they get. But they are also at the ages now where they are enjoying the corn maze and the challenge of reading a map.

  51. They literally love everything and run from one thing to another the whole time!! Probably the pig races if I had to choose just 1! 🙂

  52. My kids love the corn maze, wagon ride & choosing the pumpkin they want to bring home!

  53. My kids love the pony rides, hayrides, and feeding the animals! We love going to Farmland Adventures every year!

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