Giveaway: Win tickets to hear Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson speak!

BCA - Growing for EternityMissy Robertson of Ducky Dynasty fame will be at Bentonville Christian Academy’s fundraiser on April 25th and we’ve got FOUR tickets to give away so you can make this a double date or a fun Girls’ Night Out.

These tickets are $100 each, so this giveaway is HOT!

The event is called “A New Season” and is a fundraiser for Bentonville Christian Academy’s new kindergarten, now enrolling for fall 2014.

BCA plans to expand the school to other grade levels each year. Right now, the school offers preschool and pre-kindergarten programs for kids 3-5.

ABOUT THE EVENT: In addition to Missy Robertson as keynote speaker, dinner will be provided by some of the very best NWA restaurants: Tusk & Trotter, Table Mesa and Tavola Trattoria.

The event will be at The Lodge at Bentonville Church of Christ located at 904 N Walton Blvd in Bentonville. To buy tickets, contact Dallas Henderson at or by calling 479.616.4880. All proceeds will go to support Bentonville Christian Academy’s new kindergarten and existing pre-school.

CLICK HERE to read more about the event and Missy Robertson. CLICK HERE to buy tickets for the fundraiser if you don’t want to take any chances on getting a ticket!

BCA event

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these four fundraiser tickets, just leave a comment telling us your favorite memory from kindergarten (since this fundraiser will help BCA’s existing pre-school and brand new kindergarten).

I (Shannon) remember feeling terribly shy the first day of kindergarten and how a little boy — who’s still my friend to this day — came up and asked if I wanted to play in the classroom kitchen. I also remember playing Duck Duck Goose and the time my teacher stapled her own finger to the wall.

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Good luck!


  1. I remember dressing up as my favorite letter person in kindgergarten. My mom even dyed my hair green:)

  2. My favorite memory from kindergarten is the very first day. I remember lining up to go in and looking back at my mom and grandmother feeling a bit nervous but excited all at the same time. I remember making butter in a jar one time too!

  3. I honestly don’t have memories of my own kindergarten experience but I remember my son’s first day like it was yesterday.

    He’s always been smaller than everyone else his age so my protective instincts were in high gear.
    His little backpack covered his entire backside down to his knees! He was so excited he couldn’t contain his smiles but his dad and I were nervous wrecks. Well, I was nervous and my husband kept reminding me that I shouldn’t cry in front of him.

    I managed to only shed a few tears, took way too many pictures, and prayed to God that he would protect him and keep him safe.

    I have three more children who will too soon experience their first day of kindergarten. I will again shed a few tears, take way too many pictures, and pray to The Lord for their protection and safety.

  4. My favorite memories included nap time, reading lots of books and having great passion for reading and learning, and getting a popsicle treat every once in a while. That was the best! If you knew me, you wouldn’t be surprised food was involved in my favorite memories. 🙂

  5. I loved kindergarten. I remember learning a lot of songs to help us remember all the new things we were learning. That was my favorite part and of course recess 🙂

  6. That is going way back… I remember our class room was locked after lunch and I didn’t want to wait for the teacher so I tried using a plastic fork to unlock the door and it broke off in the door and the janitor had to climb in through a window so we could get in. I was in a bit of trouble but it was not my fault the teacher was late lol

  7. I was very shy and I think I cried everyday. One day my mom got her very long hair cut into a bob while I was at a.m. Kindergarten and when she came to pick me up I didn’t know who she was:(

  8. My favorite memory of Kindergarten was my best friend Aaron proposing to me with a little blue heart ring!

  9. I got my picture on the front page of the paper on my first day of kindergarten! I was crying and crying. I was not ready for school. I was terrified!

  10. On Fridays instead of taking a nap we got to watch a movie and eat popcorn! I would give anything to have those daily naps back!

  11. I remember sitting in a circle waiting for the teacher to call my name to go to one of the ‘centers.’ I always wanted to go to the kitchen center…fun times!

  12. I remember my teacher was super nice. Loved all the coloring! The teacher made me feel like a “Coloring Rock Star!”

  13. My favorite memory of Kindergarten is knowing that my grandparents were there (they were teachers). How fun was it to be with my grandparents all the time! what a blessing!

  14. My favorite memory for Kinder was when my “boyfriend” Bradley was talking to me…my other “friend” Meghan said that he shouldn’t be my boyfriend because I pick my nose and eat my boogers. Oh kinder…what fun!!

  15. I remember at the end of kindergarten we had a fishing derby , All of these little kids out there fish and I caught 3 fish and I had never fished before. I remember how much fun it was to reel those fish in. I also loved my teacher, Mrs. Brown. She was a very sweet, encouraging women and teacher.

  16. I had a lot of testing done in kindergarten. They were trying to figure out what was wron with me. Ended up being asthma 😉 But I remember the day my mom told my teacher that I only had asthma and would be ok and she hugged me and cried and said she was so thankful. I’ve always remembered that! Made me feel like she loved me a lot!

  17. I remember making Minature Easter baskets, with colored shaved coconut and Minature Candy pastel eggs . I also remember being som proud when my parents showed up for easter lunch to eat the goodies we made. I also remember hating nap time :)…

  18. My favorite memory from kindergarten actually came the year after, when I found out my kindergarten teacher named her new baby after me 🙂

  19. For book character day I dressed up as the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz with real hay and all. I won first place!!

  20. The only memory I have from kindergarten is getting in trouble for talking with my best friend during nap time. Oh the good ole days when we had nap time!

  21. My memory of kindergarten included a little girl asking me to be her friend, and her grabbing my hand, and playing with me the rest of the day. We’re still best friends to this day!

  22. My memory of kindergarten – when I finally learned how to tie my shoe! My teacher had a bulletin board filled with little green tennis shoes with orange “shoe strings” yarn. When we could tie the shoe with our name on it, we could take it off the bulletin board and take it home. It took awhile but I finally was able to do it! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  23. My most vivid memory of kindergarten was being terrified! Back then, it was only half-day kindergarten, and I don’t think there was any open house-type event prior to that first day of school. (How things have changed!) Anyway, I was painfully shy, but somehow I managed to make friends quickly with a girl who remained a good friend through all my years of elementary school. 🙂

  24. My fav memory from Kindergarden was playing “house” with my friends and a boy named Kelly would always play the baby. We all just loved him!!

  25. I remember wanting to wear a dress EVERYDAY to kindergarten. It was a tradition repeated when my own daughter started school.

  26. I remember on Halloween that year we had a Halloween festival that was amazing- I can still remember everything about it!

  27. I remember meeting the sweetest lady ever! My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Oaks was an amazing lady who took time for each of us individually. Encouraging us every step of the way.

  28. I learned to read in kindergarten! It was so exciting bringing home my “readers” to read to my mom and dad. Now I have a son in kindergarten, and it’s just as exciting hearing him read for the first time.

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