Giveaway: $100 in fun money plus GoGo squeeZ for the kids!

NOTE FROM THE MAMAS: Congrats to local mom Beth from Fayetteville! She won the giveaway below and will be getting $100 in fun money plus the two-month supply of GoGo squeeZ for her kids. Enjoy, Beth! 

As you know, part of what is known for are fun giveaways to local moms from companies in Northwest Arkansas. Typically, we like to send moms to great events like concerts or dinners out on the town or theatre productions at the Walton Arts Center. Because the pandemic makes it risky to go out like we used to, we’re switching gears this week for a fun giveaway that’s perfect for our current circumstances.

We’re partnering with GoGo squeeZ to give one local mom the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card to be used for something she wants or needs most. Use it for takeout dinners if you’re sick of cooking and really miss your favorite restaurants. Or use it to pay for streaming new movies on the weekends. Use it to buy your next round of groceries, if that’s what you need most right now. The choice is up to you, but we hope you’ll use it to make your daily mom life a little easier or more fun.

Not only will one of our local moms win this gift card for herself, GoGo squeeZ will also send something for her kid, too. The winner’s kid(s) will get a two-month supply of GoGo squeeZ — plenty to stock the pantry, fill the lunchboxes and to grab and go as life slowly gets back to normal over the next six months.

So this giveaway has something for everyone in the family — some fun money for mama and snacks for the kids. After surviving the chaos of 2020, we’re all ready for brighter days on the horizon.

GoGo squeeZ did something remarkable during 2020 when the pandemic changed lives all over the country. The company’s “SqueeZ squad,” which is made up of moms, mobilized more than $5 million worth of donated GoGo squeeZ to food banks, Boys and Girls Clubs, school lunch programs, hospitals and frontline organizations. These donations also included the NWA Food Bank, Arkansas Children’s, Mercy Northwest, Helen Walton Children’s Enrichment Center, Sharing and Caring, the NWA Children’s Shelter and more.

The company is actively engaging with people and organizations in Northwest Arkansas to learn how they can be a true, active part of our community, not just now but into the future, too. (If you are a volunteer with a local non-profit or a school group, keep this company in mind when you’re looking for partners for community events! They’re excited about being part of Northwest Arkansas, and you’ll be seeing more of them at area events later this year.)

Local moms are already very familiar with the product itself. For more than a decade, moms have been grabbing this squeezable fruit on the go and tucking it into lunchboxes, handing it out as an after-school snack and taking a pouch or two with them in the car on the way to soccer practice, piano lessons and more.

Moms like it because it’s made from 100% fruit with no artificial ingredients. It’s also kosher and is soy, wheat, egg and nut-free which makes life easier for moms managing households with food allergies. It’s also non-GMO and BPA-free with several vegan options, too.

GoGo squeeZ is made in the United States (in Michigan and Idaho) and has more than 20 flavors. On a practical note, we mamas also love it because it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and it leaves ZERO dirty dishes behind. That’s about as mom-friendly as it gets! (The company also makes variations including Fruit and VeggieZ,  yogurtZ, SmoothieZ pouches, and new GoGo Big squeeZ and GoGo Happy TummieZ, which is a prebiotic pouch.) The winner of this giveaway will be able to choose from among the most popular flavors to have shipped to her family. It will be a good way to have some favorite flavors and try some new varieties, too. 


If you’d love to win the $100 Visa gift card plus the two-month supply of GoGo squeeZ products, scroll down to the bottom of the post and past the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about one of your favorite ways to spend an unexpected arrival of “fun money.” OR you can tell us which flavors of GoGo squeeZ are your family’s favorites. (We’d love to hear both, too!)

You can also email your answer to us at


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We’ll draw the winner at random next Friday, January 29, 2021! Good luck!


  1. I love to spend a little extra fun money on treats from some of my friends’ small businesses! And my son LOVES the apple strawberry GoGo Squeezes.

  2. My kids love GoGoSqueez! I’d love the extra money to rent a cabin for a spring family getaway!

  3. I’d love to order takeout. I’m tired of cooking and cleaning up 3 meals a day 7 days a week. My daughter loves GoGo Squeeze.

  4. Normally extra fun money goes to travel splurges…
    During Covid it’s gone toward dessert.

  5. My 9 month old loves the yogurt and apple strawberry gogo squeezes! And we would have a nice home cooked meal and dessert. Our family consists of 8 total, so even the 2 month supply would help us out!

  6. Fun money would spend nicely on a mini vaca! It’s been so long since we have been able to do anything like that…… money would be so helpful!

  7. This extra fun money would go towards my son’s birthday celebration next month!

  8. My youngest daughter lives on GoGo squeeZ! She is so picky and basically only will pick to eat these! Unexpected fun money would be awesome for a date night at a local place! I get your newsletter and follow you on Facebook and Instagram and have for years! It’s so cool you guys continue to do things like this for us!

  9. I would love to plan a fun Valentine’s party for my family to throw some excitement into covid life.

  10. I’d love to go pick up carry out food for the family. My kids love go go squeeze, & I eat it too!

  11. My kids like the apple. I would love to spend the winnings on to go meals at local restaurants.

  12. My sons favorite flavor is Gimme Five! It’s actually the only one he will eat but he loves it! The kids have been asking to go to an escape room so that’s what we’d do with the $100.

  13. We’d use it for a plane ticket for my sons 16th birthday! We have family in Florida he hasn’t seen in a decade!

  14. My son just got back from deployment with the military and I would love to take him for a special dinner. Plus my younger one loves Gogo squeeze;)

  15. We would use the money for a day of adventure – mini golf, cave tour, local lunch at a park, and of course dessert at the end of the day!

  16. My kids are strawberry fans and like the Spunky Strawberry. We would put half the money in our vacation fund and use the rest for a new family game and pizza night!

  17. I love to take my family out. Having 4 kids, anything we do can get expensive really fast. Nice to go out and not worry about it

  18. Extra fun money would definitely go towards a family day date… skating, Defy, putt putt or maybe the new nature center, with lunch and ice cream! Something fun and memorable.

  19. We’d love to use the fun money toward a little getaway, much needed after this long year 😅

  20. We love spunky strawberry!!
    My kids literally ask for things to do for gifts instead of toys, so we would do something fun! I would probably take them out to the zoo in Tulsa! They have been begging to go to the zoo, and this would give me an excuse.

  21. I’d love to spend that fun money on a mini vacation for my husband and I and our youngest daughter. This corona virus makes us all want a break from life.

  22. I would love to save this for an upcoming trip to go out to eat to
    Give me a break from cooking!!

  23. Winning this would be really great for us as we are homeschooling due covid 19 the obstacles and changes that these babies have gone have been tremendously difficult…. getting extra snack money would provide security for lunches for my children and others in the neighborhood!!!

  24. Our kiddos love pretty much every flavor! And extra fun money would probably be used at a place like Once Upon a Time books bc my kids browse there for hours!

  25. My daughter’s favorite flavor is apple strawberry. And if I would get the price, I would like to spend it in a big yummy dinner for our family of 5.

  26. I would love to eat out more! I’ve done a LOT of cooking over the last 11 months!

  27. What momma wouldn’t love extra money to do something fun with their kiddos together!

  28. Our grandchildren love all of the GoGoSqueeze flavors! We keep them handy for nutritious snacks any time they come over. We even take them when hiking for a nice snack to refresh us because they’re so convenient to use!
    The fun money would go to getting some board games to play with them or maybe even bowling or putt-putt golf!

  29. Honestly I love going to new grocery stores and buying new things with extra money! Love to find new things to cook and bake for our family.
    Luckily we’re not picky and love any flavor or kind! 🙂

  30. My son would like on go go squeezes if I would let him. He loves the yogurt pouches and the fruit and veggie pouches.
    And if we won we would definitely go have a family fun day around town. Our family loves defy, fastlanes, and going out to eat together.

  31. My kids take GoGo Squeezes in their lunch every single day to school. Their favorite is Apple Cinnamon. I would love to use the money to support a local restaurant with dinner and a local entertainment spot like Arkadia! Arkadia is such a fun spot!

  32. I love these for my kids as a healthy snack option or for lunchboxes. My kids like the apple apple but will eat any of them 🍎

  33. Would love some fun money to order nice takeout from a local restaurant for 4! Maybe Pho or Geraldi’s pizza! Fav flavors are strawberry banana or apple cinnamon

  34. Strawberry apple and definitely take out from a local restaurant and movie night!

  35. Strawberry apple is so good! Good snack to take with us to ride bike on trails and go mini golf! Fun money would be great for outside activities!

  36. We would take that trip to kansas city and visit lego land with the extra money! we have been putting it off due to not having the extra.
    And literally all the flavors are our favorite. Anytime I have my son pick snacks to stock the pantry he always chooses gogo squeeze!

  37. My son LOVES Go-Go Squeez–there isn’t a flavor he doesn’t like 🙂

    If we got a extra surprise $ we would do something as a family (staycation in a local hotel, eat out at our favorite local restaurant or maybe visit Altitude)!

  38. I would love to take my family to Top Golf! ⛳️
    My daughter loves GoGo Squeeze apple! 🍎🍏
    What an encouraging, heartwarming story to read about how GoGo Squeeze has been helping during this difficult time. ❤️

  39. I think we would take a socially distanced outing to the Tulsa Zoo! We would use the money for gas, food, snacks, and the fun extras we don’t usually spring for when we go to the zoo!

  40. I would use the fun money to take my son to do something fun. We would do go karts, modern mission laser tag and mini golf. He loves the cinnamon apple squeeze.

  41. Not sure it would be fun money but it sure would help. We just had a newborn on Dec 31st and my husband is still struggling to find a job because of covid. Would love to take the money and do something fun for our kids since money has been tight.

  42. I like to use fun money on yummy local takeout food! My son loves strawberry gogosqueeze, and my daughter has never met a flavor she didn’t like haha!

  43. I would love to use the fun money on takeout food for my grands. I also would let them decide on a board game or 2 they would like for my house.

  44. My kids love GoGO Squeez! We would use the money towards a family outing! Both my boys have been asking to go to Top Golf.

  45. I would enjoy using the money to help finish setting up my kids’ new bedroom—we are moving to a big boy bed! And my kids both love the apple strawberry the best!

  46. I’d love to spend this money on getting my car detailed! Mom car problems!! Ha!! And maybe a manicure!!

    My daughter loves GOGO Squeez!!!!

  47. I’d love to take my family on a fun filled day playing mini golf and bowling!

  48. I would use the money to do something fun as a family for my son’s 7th birthday coming up. We won’t be doing a party this year due to covid so hoping for something small still to help him enjoy his day. My kids love the gogo squeez yogurtz

  49. My son’s favorite flavor is strawberry. He takes one to school in his lunch every day.

  50. We’re always up for an adventure! This fun money could be used to stag an outdoor socially distanced movie experience for my kids and their friends. We could snag some goodies and rent a film everyone could enjoy. Each kid could sit at a safe distance from each other. How fun is that?! or if your comfort level doesn’t involve other people, then make a great experience for your family in the comfort of your living room.

  51. Would like to take the kids to visit Family!
    GoGo Squeeze has been a favorite snack for many years!

  52. As a family of 5, some extra fun money would be great towards a family outing of skating, Defy, movie, Climb or dinner. Cinnamon apple sauce has always been our fav!

  53. All of my kiddos love go-go squeeze, but my youngest is obsessed! The favorites are berry and strawberry but they they like them all.
    If we won the fun money, I would take the children for a tour of the art murals around town, a trip to the ice cream parlor, and round off the evening by going to Arcadia Retrocade.

  54. Would love some fun money to use for our local Restaurants and local shops.
    My son also love the go go squeeze!

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