Getting Healthy for Good: So, how’s it really going?

By Laurie Marshall

How many resolutions have you given up on so far? Maybe “given up on” is too strong… have you postponed any? Re-configured one or two? Maybe just switched one out to a lower spot on the priority list? Yeah, it happens.

That’s why, this year, I made NO RESOLUTIONS. Or, at least, I’m not calling them resolutions. You can’t fail if you don’t make concrete, non-retractable statements. I’m clever, right? But, I have decided that I’m going to be more proactive (also known as “intentional”, but that word has become WAY overused ). Last year I vowed that I would not PLAN to do anything, but instead I would DO things. You may think that there’s no difference between the two, but I beg to differ.

I have always used the phrase “I’m planning to….” and then those plans didn’t come to fruition, and the thing I was planning – whether it was tearing out the weeds and planting a veggie garden, or finishing my son’s room makeover (there’s only one thing left!), or reorganizing my laundry room – never got done.

I like to plan. I like to do research and gather information and figure out the best method for getting “It” done. I’m one of those people who kept files of decorating and crafting ideas (Now they’re on Pinterest!) But those great ideas and clippings were never looked at after they were created. I was thrilled to come up with the ideas and get my creative juices flowing, but I rarely followed through.

So, last year I decided I’d had enough. I took on the mantra attributed to the wise Jedi Master, Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”  Or, in my case, there is no PLAN. It worked, to some degree, but this year I’m going to ramp it up a bit. For 2012, I’ll be doing the following:

  • Get one home project done each month.
  • Make a plan for Punkinhead that will improve inventory creation and sales.
  • Hone Junque Rethunque’s brand and focus to build business opportunities.
  • Create weekly time to focus on my writing portfolio.
  • Spend more time communicating with the divine.

Not a bad list I think. Making all those things happen will definitely benefit my mental and spiritual health. Did you notice I don’t have anything listed about losing weight or getting fit? That’s because those things are going to be a part of my daily routine. It’s not a goal just to get fit this year, it’s just something I’ll be including in my life daily, and for years to come. I’ll let you know how that way of thinking works out. I also have some smaller things that are more day-to-day that I’ll be working on…

  • Carry reusable bags to the store every time.
  • Use my composter.
  • Sign up with a local farm’s CSA program for fresh produce deliveries.
  • Buy second-hand.
  • Plan meals and cook at home at least 4 times each week.

I have already placed a clear, lidded jar next to my sink to gather veggie scraps and egg shells and such in. Let me tell you – nothing will make you dump kitchen scraps faster than watching them break down on your counter. ACKGH!!! If you want to know more about composting, there’s a great lot of info here.

I’ve also managed to go to the grocery store several times this month and haven’t brought a single plastic bag home with me. Planning meals… that happened once.

The interesting one is going to be buying second-hand. I buy a fair amount of stuff second-hand already, but this plan is going to limit my impulse buying a LOT. You know, you go to Target for socks, and oh… look at that awesome basket on the clearance shelf! And weren’t we talking about needing a new teapot?

In 2012 I plan to buy everything I need for my home and myself (clothes, accessories, books, etc…) from thrift stores, resale shops, Craigslist, or yard sales. There will be exceptions, like the plastic totes I bought last week at Walmart after going to two thrift stores and striking out. But I think I’ll make a pretty good dent in the spending this year. I’ll keep you posted.

So, what are you DOING this year? What are going to be the biggest challenges? Where do you get your inspiration? I showed you mine, now show me yours!

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