Getting Healthy For Good: Doesn’t typing burn calories?

By Laurie Marshall

A couple of months ago I had what I considered to be a brilliant idea. I would write about my efforts to lose weight and make healthy choices. Not only would I write about these subjects, but I would contribute to a popular local website! My extensive research showed that being accountable to a buddy while trying to lose weight could help me stay on track, so it was only logical to think that being accountable to hundreds of people should make it a cinch to stick to my plans.

 It has become apparent that I was WRONG.

Okay, not entirely wrong. I have been refusing sweets, and I have stuck with my commitment to drink water and tea instead of cokes. (Pop, soda… it’s all coke to this Southern girl, and I’m not drinking it!) But after weeks of writing about healthy choices and making some changes in my diet, I’m still seeing the same number on the scale – and it’s not a number I can live with.

Thankfully, it hasn’t been all bad. The banishment of cokes from my diet has made a difference in my waistband. There are studies out there saying that caffeinated drinks might cause water retention. Of course, there are other studies saying that those studies are not correct. Therefore, I ignore the studies. I’m just telling you that when I quit drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, I could tell that my face was less puffy and my pants loosened more than five pounds would normally cause them to do. Results speak louder than studies in my book.

But what am I still doing wrong? Why only five pounds in two months? Why doesn’t typing a blog twice a month burn off more calories??? I’m guessing that it’s because I’m still eating portion sizes that are too large for weight loss. My plates are far too full far too often, and “good” foods still contain calories. That, and the fact that at any given moment I have a lap in front of me instead of a walking trail or a treadmill.

Now, I don’t eat too much every day – but it makes sense that if I’m good for a couple of days, then screw up for a couple more… of course it all evens out and leads to no weight loss. I consider myself fairly intelligent, but I’m obviously diet-stupid.

The activity thing will be happening soon. I’ll be coaching my son’s soccer team in April, and I’m going to take an intermediate belly dance class (we get to use zils!), and I’m also signed up to be on a recreational softball team. Now, if I can combine more activity with smaller portions – I think some additional pounds may start coming off.

So, I know I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again. I am committed to eating LESS, eating more healthily, and getting off my butt more often!!! I am hoping at least three people are reading this (my sister, and the Mamas)… but if there are any others, please feel free to comment so that I can feel crappy when I let you down. If writing about it won’t work, maybe guilt will?

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  1. Oh don’t get discouraged! Once this silly snow gets out of the way this weekend, it’ll start to get warm and nice again and you’ll be able to get out and walk or do whatever you want! YOU CAN DO IT!! 😉

  2. OK, Laurie, I switched from regular Dr. Pepper to diet and thought that was a big victory! 😉

  3. When I dropped sodas and deep-fried foods from my diet several years ago, I didn’t lose any weight at all, but I lost over an inch around my waist. Some experts actually press this point. They say your weight isn’t a good indicator of your health/diet goals. How your clothes fit and how you feel are the best measures.

    Here’s something else I did a few years back – I let myself have one day a week where I could eat whatever I wanted. The rest of the time I stuck with the Zone diet’s basic portion rule. That seemed to work well.

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