5 Minutes with a Mom: Courtney Pacheco

christmas2009-132-1.jpgName: Courtney Hickman Pacheco

Children’s names and ages: Isabel Annaleigh: 6 & Sophia Nicole: 3

Where were your children born? They were both born at Willow Creek Women’s hospital in Johnson (we refer to them as our “Johnsonians”)

Where were you born and raised? I am a Cajun girl, born and (half) raised in Baton Rouge.  The other half was in McKinney, TX

What’s your work experience? I worked at Fayetteville Creative School before having Isabel, and have been a full time mommy ever since. My degree is in Elementary Education, so I really enjoy volunteering at Isabel’s school. I love being around kids, and surprisingly, find myself way more patient with other people’s than my own!

My favorite parenting moments are: The comedic relief my girls provide on a daily basis!  I love that Sophia always refers to her feet as “stinky feet” and Isabel’s nightly singing/dancing variety shows.

I wish someone had told me before I had kids: How they can go from sweet to sour faster than the speed of light!

My favorite hobbies are: Fayetteville Athletic Club is pretty much my second home! You’ll usually find me on the tennis court or in a group fitness class. My other hobby is cooking. Most of my meals would be labeled “speedy weeknight suppers”, but I do enjoy those rare times when my hubby is watching the kids and I get to take time to prepare a tasty meal.

I have been meaning to: get my hair cut! It is usually last on my list of priorities, until I actually need to get ready to go somewhere nice, and then I regret never making that appointment!

The last good book I read was: After becoming…what’s the word… OBSESSED with the Twilight series, I have not been able to get into a book like that since.

What’s your favorite part of the day? Probably bedtime. It’s usually the only time of day when we are not running around from one place to the next.  The girls start opening up about their day, and we all cozy up in bed for a good picture book or two.

What’s your idea of a great weekend? I love when my hubby and I get a weekend to travel.  It is such a treat to explore a new city, indulge in great food, and take a few days to be selfish and do what we want to do.  We also come back refreshed and better parents.

One word to sum me up …. minimalist.


  1. As Courtney’s Mom, I couldn’t be any prouder of her. Not only is she an amazing daughter, wife and Mommy – she is a genuinely nice, thoughtful and caring person.
    I love her and appreciate how much she enriches my life daily. Love you Court!

  2. Haha— I always forget to get my hair cut, too. I never slack on pedicures, but the hair… I usually don’t do anything until I start resembling a woolly mammoth. 🙂

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