Five Minutes with a Mom: Kristy Brown

kristy-brown-5-minutes.jpgName: Kristy Brown

Son’s name and age? John Lleyton, 10 months

Where were you raised? Fort Smith, Ark.

What’s your occupation? Speech Language Pathologist

Last song you sang along with? “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night”

Where do you expect to take your next vacation? Belize

Favorite restaurant in NWA? Bordinos

Favorite way to de-stress? Clean OR , I am a information junkie, so I love to read research.

Something that makes you cringe? Celery, makes me shiver all over!

Where did you first meet your husband? On a blind date at Bordinos.

Was it love at first sight? More like intrigue at first sight.  I had sworn off dating and only agreed to the blind date to get my friends off my back.  I agreed to give him my email.  Over email, he told me he was a body double for Christian Slater …. so I knew the sense of humor was going to get me.

What has been one of your favorite parts of motherhood? The family moments….all three of us sharing the same cookie, watching your husband change the ‘stomach virus’ diaper, taking afternoon naps together, daily walks, and dinner time with no tv/telephone.

What’s something that has been unexpectedly difficult? To watch someone so little be in so much pain. From the time we brought him home, John Lleyton was an unhappy baby. Instinct and persistence got me through it. As a therapist, I knew something wasn’t right, but more so, as a mommy.

After many trips to the doctor we were told he had colic AND reflux to the point that he had ulcers in his nose and throat. I was persistent about specific medications (as there are different types of reflux). At 4.5 months of age the colic was gone, reflux was somewhat under control (although he was still choking on it at night), and the ear infections and teething had already started. He had 7 double ear infections in four months before he had a myringotomy.  Now he is the happiest baby EVER. I knew that happy baby was in there and so sad to see he was in pain for so long.

Last book you read? Infidel (it was wonderful!)

Favorite all-time movie? Dirty Dancing

A fond childhood memory? Riding four-wheelers in the woods to visit a nearby Arabian horse farm.

A project you’ve been putting off for way too long? Not sure it is a project, but I LOVE to cook.  My husband now cooks dinner every night and I MISS IT!

One word to sum me up …inquisitive