Five Minutes with a Mom: Amanda Reed

Name:  Amanda Reed

Kids’ names and ages: Addison, 4 and Sutton, 16 months

Where are you from? I grew up in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas – in a resort! and came to the UofA for college, married a Springdale boy and stayed!

Tell us about your work-at-home business: I started a little business when Addison  was born to provide me with something to do – ha – since I was staying home. In the four years since I started, I am still amazed that I have a steady stream of business with Bibs & Cribs, not to mention where my customers sometimes come from! (The mamas say click here to visit Amanda’s website. Click here to check out her new Facebook page. Her creations are amazing.)

What’s your typical day like? I’m not a morning person, but my household wouldn’t know it! I usually get to snuggle with Addison for a few minutes before Sutton starts calling for his breakfast! I get everyone ready (myself, that’s a different story!) drop kids off at Preschool or MDO, head to the gym, get a quick shower (sometimes), run a few errands, pick up one or both kids, quick lunches, some play time, then naps!

Fortunately, Addison is still willing to at least have some quiet time, so she and Sutton allow me a couple of hours to work on whatever my current project is – or laundry, dinner, etc. We like to take a quick walk as a family after bath time, then kids are off to bed. Reading time just before bed is my favorite part of the day! And then it’s more laundry, cleaning up the day’s mess, and time for me to read, play on my iPad, watch some of the trash tv I am addicted to (Real Housewives of Anywhere is clogging my DVR right now). I am a night owl, so I always stay up too late! Maybe that’s why I’m not such a morning person…

What’s the last song you sang along with? We are Young by Fun. – my kids  (and husband) love my VERY off-tune rendition. And dance moves.

What’s your favorite vacation location? Any beach will do!

Favorite restaurant in NWA? I love Mellow Mushroom, Sassy’s, Damgoode Pies, Noodles, Burger Life, Grub’s, Jose’s. Great food and most are pretty family-friendly!

What about your fave movie?  I just saw The Hunger Games and don’t know how I am going to wait until Catching Fire comes out. I also love just about any chick flick like Sweet Home Alabama, The Devil Wears Prada or Legally Blonde!

Is there a character on television that reminds you of yourself? Considering the television shows I tend to gravitate to, I certainly hope not!!!

What’s something that makes you cringe? Wearing pajamas to Walmart. Sorry, even my four-year old notices it now.

Where did you first lay eyes on your husband? We were sort of unoffically set up by friends – we met at a family friend’s house. After that first “date”, we were pretty much together immediately. That was 12 years ago.

What are your favorite parenting moments?  When I see one of my kids do something nice for the other one without being told to. It’s like, “Huh. Maybe I am doing something right.”

What’s your fool-proof way to get the kids laughing again after a hard day?  Turn on Pandora and have a loud dance party in the living room!

What’s a tradition you hope to pass on to your kids?  My parents gave my sister and I each a Christmas ornament every year. Actually, they let us pick our ornaments out, so it was nice (and meaningful) to start my adult Christmas tree with pieces from my childhood. Some of my choices were a little questionable, though, in retrospect. Always good for a laugh when the ornaments are unpacked! We have done the same for our kids, and I know it will be entertaining to see what they choose in the years to come!

What’s a meal you make over and over for your kids?  Taco-ritos (which, loosely translated from Addison’s made-up word, is any Mexican meal) are a weekly staple in the Reed household.

Your most-loved hobbies? I love painting – it’s so therapeutic and sanity-saving for me!

What would your ideal day look like? Pretty much like what my “typical” day looks like, except Ed McMahon would show up with balloons and a big ole check! 😉

One word to sum me up … CRAZY!

*Photo Credit: Yocum Photography

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