Drop and Shop Events at Jumpzone!

Here’s how we would define a “win-win” situation for moms and kids. Mom gets her Christmas shopping done — without the “help” of the kids — and the kids get to play, run around and slide at Jumpzone jumpzonejack3.JPGinstead of being bored to tears watching Mom shop. See? Everybody is happy.

(Pictured here is one my little ones during a recent trip to Jumpzone. He never looks this happy at the mall.)

If that sounds good to you and your kids, be sure to check out the Jumpzone website for their list of “drop and shop” dates in December. You drop off the kids and go shop while they play with supervision from adults. Space will be limited, so you will need to call ahead and make a reservation. The number to call is 202-4476. Be sure to tell them you read about it here on nwaMotherlode!

Click here to visit the Jumpzone website and check for available dates.