Tell the Dads: NWA has launched!

dadzone.jpgEver wish there was a website where your husband could go and get good dad info? Ideas for fun things to do with the kids over the weekend? Special activities for dads and daughters, fathers and sons or the whole family? Tips on where to take his wife for a nice date night?

The good news is that now this website finally exists! It’s called and it is the “Northwest Arkansas’ epicenter for all things dad.”

We’re happy to say we got to witness the evolution of this website, and we knew it would be a hit the moment our friend Doug showed us the preliminary plans for it. The completed site is easy to navigate and has been designed with guys in mind. It truly is a comprehensive website for dads living anywhere in Northwest Arkansas. We think your guy will like it and use it.

Send your husband a link to this website so he can check it out for himself. After all, if your guy has access to the right information, he won’t have to rely as much on you to plan everything for the family, plan your date nights and find the best places to go. It’s a win-win for both of you.

The kind of info you’ll find on includes:grill.jpg

  • family activities in the area
  • list of nearby lakes
  • ideas mini-vacations
  • golfing
  • grilling out
  • guitars
  • yardwork
  • fishing
  • hunting
  • hangin’ out with the guy
  • calendar of events
  • exclusive local “deals for dads”

One of our favorite parts of the website, for obvious reasons, is the section devoted to Moms and Dads. There is a category called “Nice Surprises” where guys can go to get ideas for something nice to do for their wives “just because.” (LOVE THAT!)

There’s also a category called “Just for Her” which helps a guy out when he wants to do something extra special like send his wife to a day spa for some special pampering.

Congrats to the staff at for a great new website that’s sure to become an invaluable resource for local dads. You guys rock!