Moms’ Choice Business Directory website launched today!


It’s ALIVE! We’re happy to announce that has spun off a new little sister website, and we’re calling her “Mom’s Choice”. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

We want to thank you guys for giving us the idea for this new site. Many of the moms who read nwaMotherlode have sent us questions via e-mail over the past two years, and lots of those questions read like this: “I just moved here two months ago and now I need to find a bakery in Springdale that can make a birthday cake in the shape of a Transformer for my son’s 4th birthday party. HELP! Where do I go for that?”

We got so many different inquiries that we decided it might be helpful to build a directory that has a true mom-slant to it. We moms always ask other moms for recommendations, and that’s the foundation for this directory.

smallmamabizdirectory.jpgYou may remember that last fall we asked for your recommendations on favorite businesses in various categories. (Click here to see that post.) Many of you commented or e-mailed us to let us know which businesses in Northwest Arkansas you frequent most often. We used a lot of that information to begin building a list of businesses throughout the area, and now it has become this new online directory. The cool thing about it is that it will let you search for a business by category (like appliances, music lessons, women’s clothing, etc.) and it will also let you search by individual city or you can choose “all cities” if you’re not sure.

If you remember part of a business’ name but not all of it, you can also search by partial name, too. For example, you might remember that a store has the word “Purple” in the name. So you type the word “purple” into the search bar, and then the website will give you a list of businesses that have that word in the name (like “Purple Armadillo”, which is a fun furniture/accessories store to visit in Bentonville.)

moms-choice.pngWe wanted to make the directory as useful as possible to our fellow mamas, so we’ve included as many businesses as we could find in a given category. All the listings include business name, phone number and address. Some of them appear with a “Mom’s Choice” blue ribbon beside the name, and those are the ones that Shannon and I personally recommend because we’ve shopped there ourselves or have used that particular service.

purse.pngIf you see a pink purse icon beside the business’ name, click on it and it will give you a quote from a localĀ  mom who has used that business before. If you see the word “info” beside the business’ name, that means that the business has chosen to expand their listing in the directory and provide more detail to local moms about what they do and sell.

go-icon.jpgIf you see the “go” button beside the business name, that means you can click it and go directly to the company’s website.

PLEASE NOTE! If you see any error in the search results of this new directory, we’d really appreciate it if you’d shoot us a quick e-mail to let us know so we can correct it asap. As you can imagine, the amount of data in a directory like this is HUGE, so it will be an ongoing process to make sure all the info is absolutely correct and up to date.

If you happen to own or work at one of the businesses listed and want more info on the directory or how to expand your company’s listing, just send us an e-mail at and we’ll send you the details.

We hope you love and use the new Mom’s Choice Business Directory. We will keep adding new categories to the database, so let us know if there’s a particular area you’re interested in.

Stay tuned because next Monday we’re going to have an awesome giveaway tied to the new directory. More to come on that next week!