Doc Talk: What is a calcium score and why do I need one?

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Sometimes we mamas worry about the wrong things. We worry about crazy accidents or abductions or natural disasters. But we forget that, statistically speaking, it’s the subtle, quiet things that threaten us most — like heart disease.

We need to know what’s going on with our heart and the hearts of those we love. And thanks to advancements in cardiology, there are some simple, very effective tests that can help us stay on top of our heart health.

A calcium score test is a special kind of x-ray of the heart that will tell you how much plaque may have built up inside the walls of your arteries. This test helps doctors take steps that can prevent a heart attack from happening.

Click the play arrow below to see Dr. Larry Weathers, cardiologist with Mercy Health, talk about what it’s like to get a calcium score test. (Good news — this test includes NO needles or pain so there’s no reason to put this off!)

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