Doc Talk: 10 Commandments of Weight Loss


Welcome back to Doc Talk, which is like a virtual trip to the doctor’s office (minus the waiting room). We feezellmugshotwhite.jpgsat down with several of the docs, nurses and specialists at Mercy Health System and asked them all kinds of questions that we, as women and mothers, are interested in. We post the video answers to those questions in our Doc Talk category, which gives you a chance to not only get health info but also get to hear a doctor answer the question in his own words.

If you click on the doctor’s photo on the right, you’ll also see a bio video that gives more information about the doctor’s background, training and experience.

Today’s topic is “The 10 Commandments of Weight Loss,” and we’re featuring Dr. Randall Feezell, who is not only a gynecologist but is also a board-certified bariatrician (which means he’s a weight loss specialist.) We’ve interviewed Dr. Feezell several times, and he always finds a way to make his answers not only informative but also fun to listen to. We think you’ll enjoy him, too.

For more info about his practice, click HERE to visit him online. Click the “play” arrow below to see Dr. Feezell issue the 10 Commandments of Weight Loss.

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