Giveaway: Dinner and a movie!


Apparently, there are a lot of us mamas who are way overdue for a date night or a much-deserved girls’ night out because our last “Ask the Mamas” giveaway was very popular! The comments (click here to read them) and the e-mails came flyin’ in. (Congrats to Amy McCrary, the mother of five boys, who won the first giveaway. Amy literally can’t remember the last date night she had, so she’s on Cloud 9!)

So, back by popular demand, we’re doing an encore giveaway for a gift card for two movie tickets to any Malco theater and dinner at any Chili’s location! All you have to do to throw your name in the hat is answer the question of the day (see below).

popcorn-and-drink.jpgAs before, the “Ask the Mamas” feature is sponsored by Core4 Research, a Northwest Arkansas company that conducts focus groups on lots of household brand names we’re all familiar with. (By the way, they PAY local moms to give their opinions in a focus group. Score! Click here to find out more about being a participant in one of their 2-hour focus groups.)

Here’s the question of the day: Name one or two products (bought from anywhere) that make your “gotta have it” list. (Gripe water for your colicky baby? The perfect shade of lipstick? The iPhone app that keeps your life organized? The Oreo cookies that keep you sane?) Feel free to tell us what you love about your faves because other moms will want to know!

How to enter:  Just click on the big orange “comment” button at the bottom of this post and answer the question of the day. You’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win the movie tickets and dinner on the town. The giveaway is random, so anyone can win. You can also e-mail us your comment by sending it to

chilis-logo.gifRemember, to increase your odds of winning, send this giveaway info to your friends and we’ll throw your name in the hat for each one you tell. Just CC the mamas at when you send that e-mail so we’ll know about it.

Info about paid focus groups: During a focus group, you get to talk with other grown-ups (woo-hoo!), share your opinions, have snacks, go to the bathroom without your toddler, AND GET PAID for your time. (Focus groups last about two hours.)

To be notified about upcoming focus group opportunities via e-mail, CLICK HERE to answer a few questions for the people at Core4. The questions ask for things like contact info, year question-mark.jpgof birth, how many kids you have, where you shop, etc., but don’t let the questions scare you off. The reason they ask the questions is because some companies request a certain type of shopper for their focus groups. (For example, Company XYZ might want mothers with two or more kids who shop at Wal-Mart and Target, etc.) After you answer the survey questions, Core 4 will send you notices via e-mail to let you know about focus group opportunities. (No phone calls, no pressure.) If you have friends who are looking for flexible ways to make extra money, be sure to let them know about this.

Rest assured this company is legit and will NOT try to sell you anything. They’re only interested in your opinions on products.

Core4 is looking right now for moms around Northwest Arkansas to take part in upcoming focus groups. Click here to take the survey and be considered for the next focus group! You’ll go to their office, give your opinions and leave $50 richer. By our calculations, that’s enough money for about seven trips to Chick-fil-A, a new cute top at Target or some birthday gift money for your kids or sweetie. Woo-hoo! Extra money rocks.

Good luck in the drawing!



  1. Milstone coffee is one of my got to have things. So yummy and a great way to start and end a day. My other got to have thing is my family. I dont want to think of life with out my husband or grand daughters. Got to have them all

  2. I have to have my eyebrow tweazers! At age 47, I cannot stand for the whiskery facial hair to be on my face for a minute! And I have to have a good operational camera! I am a picture-a-holic and don’t want to miss a photo opp. And I love dark chocolate!

  3. My most recent can’t live without product is Treseme Dry Shampoo. It is amazing! Spray it on and leave for a couple of minutes, brush out and style. It is fabulous! And I’m not washing my hair everyday anymore!

  4. Got to have my FiberOne Yogart everyday! Tastes great and only 50 calories. Also love reduced fat Wheat Thins. Use them for snacking and excellent for taking the place of chips.

  5. Crystal Light Energy!! It’s only available in the On-the-go packets, but it is the BEST morning motivator! Especially if you don’t like coffee.

    And better yet, it has more caffeine than soda, but only 5 or 10 calories per serving.

  6. My “got to have” every week is the Sam’s brand Strawberry Water at Wal-Mart. I am addicted to this stuff and get very grumpy when someone drinks it all and I am left without any. That makes an emergency run to Wal-Mart necessary!

  7. This sounds silly, but I love my leggings! They are super comfortable and you can dress them up or dress them down. Plus, they are perfect for getting down on the floor with the kids or a night out with your honey!

  8. Sonic coke…My husband almost cried when they put in one on the street we turn down to get to our house.

  9. Some of the things that I can’t live without: McDonald’s Iced Tea(1/2sweet), my cell phone, Outlook calendar, and most importantly, my husband and children.

  10. Gotta have my morning prayer time and “breakfast with God” bible study. If I miss that then I don’t feel as good and I am grouchier. Gotta have carnation instant breakfast in the pantry at all times! Tastes better than Hershey syrup and has a lot of vitamins and minerals too! My kids love it. Also gotta have Smart Balance in the fridge. I love butter and this is a healthier alternative and helps with cholesterol. In my bathroom gotta have Redken Outshine for my frizzy hair and my Arbonne FC Hydrating Body lotion so my knees don’t look ashy.

  11. My favorite can’t be without are morning coffee — full caffine — and my family. Both get me going every day!

  12. I live by my Fuller Brush degreaser! It works wonderfully on most all stains, even older stains. Just rub a little on spot and wash as usual.

  13. One thing on my “Gotta Have It” list is a PB&J Sandwich…I always have those supplies stocked in my cabinet. It’s the one thing my picky son will always eat. 🙂

  14. Bare Essentials powder foundation – fast and not greasy. Also, Annie Chung’s Sesame Seaweed snacks. They’re a great substitute for chips.

  15. I can’t live without Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, Cavenders seasoning, Oseguera’s Mexican Restaurant in Fayetteville (their mole sauce is TO DIE FOR!), and my iPad! How else could I keep up with the Mamas?

  16. Love my bare minerals lip gloss….GAP’s dreams body spray….iphone, using the restaurant dining guide when eating out…:)

  17. Celentano frozen cheese tortellini-great, quick meal with any kind of alfredo sauce or even red sauce on it.
    Peanut Butter M&M’s, best treat ever!

  18. For a baby’s diaper rash – Lotrimin

    And for myself – I mostly drink water….but sometimes I just have to have a Dr.Pepper!!

  19. I have to have my morning hot tea! I try to keep several kinds (black, green, white) on hand since each have different health benefits. I currently have on hand Blackberry Sage (black) from The Repulic of Tea, Goji Berry Pomegranate (white) from Celestial Seasonings, Mixed Berry Green Tea by Lipton. I just bought Purple Acai and Blueberry Green Tea by Lipton and can’t wait to try it.

  20. My gotta have is a book by Janet Evanovich! Her books always make me smile on my worst days. Also, on any trip my girls must have an empty notebook and a box of crayons!

  21. Diet Coke! (my own personal sweet nectar straight from Heaven! It can set my world straight again.)annddddd…my blow dryer. You don’t wanna see this hair without a lil heat applied first!

  22. While some knitpicks interchangeable knitting needles or a good, basic sewing machine are both near the top of my list…I couldn’t use either half the time if not for my Didymos wrap, BabyHawk or a good ring sling. I’m not super picky on carriers, just as long as I can be hands-free with a happy kiddo.

  23. My gotta haves:
    Big Sexy hairspray
    Cajun Shrimp nailpolish by OPI
    Philosophy face cleanser
    Netflix on the Wii
    Burt’s Bees chapstick

  24. 1. Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara. It is all about the brush. I have tried expensive mascara’s, but nothing compares to this. I will be heartbroken if they ever stop selling this. It makes my lashes look fuller and longer. There is a noticeable difference in the ways that my eyes look.
    2. Lindt chocolate-consumed in moderation of course. These are heavenly. I like to let them just sit and melt in my mouth. Great after a long stressful day.

  25. I would have to say Diet Coke, which I cannot function without and something I just recently found, Organic Wear tinted moisturizer. It goes on so light, is chemical free, and is super fast in the am.

  26. I have to have my coffee with Coffee-mate creamer, no substitutes, every morning along with breakfast with the family. Also, I can’t live my Amy Knapp Family Planner. The best planner ever! It keeps me sane and organized.

  27. There are several favorites:
    Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus for Lift
    Sebastian Plus Hair Shaper Hair Spray
    O.P.I. Nail Polish
    Vanilla Diet Coke from Sonic
    Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its
    Yellow Box Flip Flops
    Tyler Candles

  28. Peppermint patties, our new thing, we eat one after dinner, it takes the place of something sweet & the mint helps to get rid of the dinner taste left in your mouth- I’ve lost 20 lbs since April & I think this is one of the keys that has helped me!
    No desert, just a small YORK peppermint patty please!

  29. Coffee! Love the new (I think they’re new) Folgers Gourmet coffees.
    Also, have to have my Chapstick at night, and Avon Moisture Therapy hand cream – especially in Winter.

  30. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm & Cover Girl invisible concealer. I love Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara, but Walmart nor Target carry it anymore! So I’m forced to live without, but I have not found anything near as good.

  31. My must haves, my phone and earrings, something about even a simple pair of hoops complete any look, even if its just jeans and a tee!

  32. Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm by Rosebud. It looks great for a little color, can be used as a cuticle cream, on dry heels, on little chapped faces (or bottoms in a pinch!)

  33. My favs I couldn’t live without are my IPOD, my whole family loves their playlists. Also there is no way I could live without my cell phone’s calendar. It organizes me and helps me remember the appointments etc that I would easily forget with my hectic schedule.Also, Im trying to finish school myself and my husband and I never have a dull moment with our three children and one on the way!

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