Dear Amy

Dear Amy,
I was watching one of those makeover shows the other day and the makeup artist said that the woman’s look was very “dated.” Now I’m paranoid that I’m “dated”, too, because I’ve been doing my makeup basically the same way for the past 10 plus years. Nobody has said anything negative about my makeup but how can I be sure that I’m not stuck in a time warp and don’t even know it?
Time Warp?

Dear Time Warp,
I think most people sporting a look from a past decade are blissfully unaware of how “dated” they appear. So, since you are concerned about it, my guess is that you are a modern, stylish woman. But, if you are looking to update your makeup routine, it’s always great to sign up for a lesson with a makeup artist. They often have new application techniques and terrific “tricks” that you would never have thought of yourself. Also, pick up an “In Style” magazine and look at the pictures of celebrities who share your age bracket. You wouldn’t catch Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry with fushcia lipstick or glittery blue eye shadow. You know that saying “less is more” – it’s certainly true with makeup. When in doubt, pick the softer shades and skip the sparkly ones.