Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy,

How can I convince my mother that her pancake foundation is outdated? She has been doing it this way for 40 years. I know her make-up could look a lot better and much more natural, but I don’t know how to get her to try something new. Any advice?

Dear Daughter,

I had the same concern with my Mom and I just had to tell her point-blank, “You need some new makeup.” I took her to the Estee Lauder counter and, with help from the sales clerk/makeup artist, helped her select lighter foundation and more modern color for her eyes, cheeks and lips. It was a fun experience, especially since the makeup artist and I offered up lots of compliments (“You look so young and have such great skin, you don’t need all that makeup!”) If you can’t be that direct with your mom, how about asking her to join you for a makeover and sell it as a fun mother-daughter outing? All of the major lines periodically host makeover days where you are encouraged, but not required to purchase a few of their products. You could call ahead and request a more “mature” artist who can guide your mom toward age-appropriate yet modern makeup that will enhance her best features. Good luck and have fun!