Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy,

If you had to choose the celebrity who typically has the best make-up job on the red carpet, who would it be and why? Who has the worst?

Dear Red Carpet Mama,

I imagine that one of the biggest and best perks of being a celebrity is having a talented makeup artist on your speed dial. It’s no surprise that nearly every female celebrity looks pretty marcia-cross-picture-1.jpgfabulous on the red carpet, but if I had to pick just one, I think Marcia Cross is a winner every time. When I look at her I notice her features – not her makeup – and that is exactly the goal of artful application. Another favorite of mine is Kelly Ripa. She (or rather, her makeup artist) has perfected the natural but polished look that always looks fresh and youthful. The worst celebrity makeup job? Amy Winehouse. I have a feeling there is a pretty girl under all that liquid eyeliner and fuchsia lipstick.

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