Dear Amy

Dear Amy,
Sometimes when I look in my makeup mirror, I think my pores look roughly the size of my toddler’s kiddie pool. Is there really a product out there that will shrink the size of my pores or is it all just a bunch of marketing lies?
Pore problem

Dear Pore problem,
Unfortunately, there isn’t a lotion or cream that can truly shrink the size of your pores, but there are steps you can take to make them appear smaller. Exfoliating regularly with a topical scrub (I like Aveeno’s Skin Brightening Daily Scrub and Neutrogena’s Fresh Foaming Scrub) is a great first step. Using a product that contains salicylic acid (like Clinique’s Mild Clarifying Lotion) will also help by preventing old cells from gunking up pores. I recently discovered another Clinique product called Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector. Clinique boasts that this primer-like lotion “Instantly refines the look of pores with a natural-looking, long-lasting matte finish,” and I find that it really does do a good job.