Crafty Mama: Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

Mamas, a few years ago I read this article about how doing something repetitive with your hands is a good way to lower stress and anxiety. It mentioned knitting as an example, and even though I’m not that crafty and never have been, I decided to learn how to do it. I didn’t know any knitters at the time, so I learned by watching YouTube videos and reading step-by-step instructions. I was SO BAD in the beginning, but I was determined to figure it out.

Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly I had a lot more time to practice. And now it’s just something I do for fun because it truly is a “zen” type of activity, and it keeps my hands busy so they can’t endlessly doom-scroll on my phone. I’m still NOT a fast or highly skilled knitter, but that was never the goal anyway. I’ve made some simple scarves, baby hats, and a few blankets, too.

I’m so appreciative of the website Purl Soho (which is also a shop in New York) for keeping me inspired and learning more about how to knit. The website pictures are SO gorgeous, and their instructions are easy to understand. They have some wonderful videos for beginners, too.

Right now I’m working on a baby blanket that I spotted on the Purl Soho website, where they often share free patterns along with yarn recommendations. I’ve always been a sucker for anything with cute stripes, so this pattern jumped out at me. And the best part? The pattern is seriously as easy as it gets. It’s the very first type of stitch beginning knitters learn how to do — the garter stitch. See how cute and modern (but also timeless) this design is?

Super Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern courtesy of Purl Soho website. Click the photo to visit the site for this free pattern.

There’s no need to keep up with complex instructions or stitch counts. You can just start knitting and keep on cruising while you watch Netflix or keep your eyes on your kids while they play. You can make it in a baby blanket size, or you can double it like I did and make an adult-size blanket. It’s also a project you could keep in your car and knit during your wait in the car line, at basketball practice, dance rehearsals, etc.

The Purl Soho yarn is heavenly, but if it’s too much for your project budget, just find yarns you like in similar colors, or make up your own color combinations. Here’s a photo from the Purl Soho website that shows how beautiful this pattern could be as a baby blanket made with a combination of soft blues and neutrals.

Super Easy Baby Blanket in soft blues and neutrals. Click photo for more details on how to make it, courtesy of the Purl Soho website.

I’m almost done with my blanket using this free pattern, and I’m already looking forward to starting the next one in a different combination of colors. It’s the perfect pattern and project when all you want to do is chill out after a long or stressful day (or for snow days when you’re on the sofa watching movies).

Hope you try it and love it as much as I do. Click HERE to get this free knitting pattern from the Purl Soho website for the Super Easy Baby Blanket.

Be sure to read the comments posted at the bottom of each pattern because often you’ll find answers for any questions you might have about the project. Purl Soho has a ton of active users who ask smart questions, and the experts always answer. Happy knitting!