A Ring is Born!


“I would have a mother’s ring made that has plenty of big diamonds surrounding the birthstones.” ~ Lisa

“I would have my grandparents’ weddings rings made into a ring for my mom. She would love that.” ~ Lindy

“I would redesign my wedding ring… The new design would have a wider band, to show how our love has grown in the past 20 + years…” ~ Patti

Those were just a few of the wonderful, touching responses we received this week when we asked the question “What piece of custom jewelry would you have made if money were no object?” Thanks so much for offering a glimpse into what you’d design for yourself or someone you love. Well, we think all your good comments and e-mails deserve an equally good story about a phenomenal ring created by Underwood’s for a fellow mother who lives hundreds of miles away. She did it all by phone, Internet and e-mail.

Dee Velvin lives in Dallas and had never laid eyes on the beautiful Underwood’s building on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. But when a friend in Dallas told her about the nationally-recognized jeweler, she called the store and asked if they could help her upgrade her wedding ring in honor of her 10-year wedding anniversary. Craig Underwood took that call, and that’s how the story began years ago. They worked via phone and e-mail without meeting in person.

Dee was so happy with her upgraded wedding ring that she and her husband continued to buy pieces from Underwood’s and even recommended that Dee’s father call Underwood’s when he wanted to design a special sapphire ring for Dee’s mother. The sapphire ring was born via phone conversations and e-mail messages between Dee’s dad and Craig Underwood, who would send detailed photos to make sure he was on the right track for creating the perfect ring.

When Dee and her husband inherited a ring from his great grandmother a few years ago, they knew exactly who they wanted to update it and enhance the diamond’s family history. They shipped it off to Underwood’s, where Craig analyzed the diamond and recommended it be re-cut to give it more sparkle. Then he suggested different designs that would best fit the diamond’s cut and color. When Craig sent Dee a photo of this original Underwood’s design (pictured above) she fell in love with it. It was the perfect combination of modern elegance and old-world beauty she’d been hoping for. After years of sitting in a safe-deposit box, the diamond was reborn.

“I get compliments on this ring a lot because it’s something you don’t see all the time,” Dee said. “It really is special.”

Last summer, Dee paid a visit to the birthplace of her custom ring for the first time when she was in Arkansas to pick up her daughter from summer camp. “Everybody there (at Underwood’s) is just wonderful. They really take care of you.”

So for those of you dreaming of a special piece of jewelry you’d like to have made, check out the Underwood’s website for more info on custom creations. Or call Craig Underwood at 479-521-2000.