Best gift wrapping tips and tricks

The month of December is always busy for me because I’m still wrapping gifts. So much wrapping! I like to wrap boxes on the kitchen island and watch favorite movies on the little kitchen television while I do it. It’s a Zen experience for me.

BUT… I do know that there are people who don’t love it and others, like me, who are always trying to learn a few new tricks that make it easier, faster and make the packages look better.

So today I’m sharing a link that is fabulous because it includes a lot of short videos put together by Hallmark that show you some of the best gift-wrapping techniques to use. (Fyi… no one paid me to say this but I am a big fan of Hallmark brand wrapping paper. It’s easier to work with, cuts cleanly, and has those awesome grid lines on the back to make measuring easier.)

Click HERE to see the Hallmark collection of gift-wrapping tips and tricks.

If you’re already pretty good at wrapping, check out this collection of tips from Martha Stewart, for those who want a fancier finishing touch for their gifts. 

Last but not least, click HERE to see a whopping 45 gift-wrapping tips and ideas from Good Housekeeping. We guarantee you’ll see something new that you didn’t know before. 

Happy wrapping, mamas!