Beauty: How to prep skin before makeup for better results

I’m realizing now, more than ever before, that preparing your skin the right way BEFORE you put on makeup makes such a huge difference. My skin has become more dry over the years, and I can tell you from experience that makeup does not play nicely with dry skin. Hello, creases and fine lines! Yikes.

So I’ve been reading more about skin prep lately, and the info has been a huge help. Just by paying attention to how and when you prep your skin, you can make your finished makeup look so much better.

There are tons of posts online about how to do this, but I tried to find one that’s not brand-specific and one that has advice that’s not overly complicated. Moms are busy, and we just don’t have time for a zillion skincare steps.

This post published was by a team of stylists in Dallas at The Styling Stewardess website who prep people for weddings, pageants and other events. Looks like they have some experience with getting women ready to get a smooth makeup application. Click HERE to read the skin prep post.