Beauty Buzz: How do I heal my super dry hair?

Dear Andi,

My hair is so dry and brittle from the winter. I know you usually answer makeup and skincare questions, but I need help! What do you recommend I do to get my hair looking good again?

I think we’re all ready to leave that crazy, roller coaster winter behind, including the damage it did to our skin and hair. And I will always take an opportunity to talk hair when it comes my way.

The best thing you can do for your hair is making the switch to sulfate-free shampoo. I don’t totally understand the science behind the new lines of hair care that are growing in popularity but I was sold after just one use.

The first difference you’ll notice is the lack of suds involved.

Although the bubbles can be used to sculpt a super awesome Mohawk, they serve no real purpose when cleaning your hair.

I have incredibly dry hair, even on the best day, and one wash after making the switch to sulfate free, I was blown away. I had straightened my hair and was so excited that I had “second day hair”.

I have tried a couple of different brands and keep going back to the affordable, and conveniently available L’Oreal line of sulfate free hair products. They have formulas designed for color care, curly hair, silky straight and thickening (I’m a little bummed I couldn’t keep the rhyme going).

All of the lines have two versions: one normal and one for repairing hair. I like to alternate them every time I buy based on the super scientific principle of “why not”, but definitely start with the reparative formula this time. Also, a leave-in creme conditioner will help you to detangle your hair without adding more damage and is well worth the extra time.

masqueNow, at the end of a long, brutal season, treat yourself with a hair masque like the EverCreme Sulfate-Free Moisture System Deep Nourishing Masque from L’Oreal.

Apply the mask to towel dried wet hair and wrap your hair in cellophane, then go pick your kids up at school and scar them for life…

(Just kidding, unless you’re looking for creative new punishments.)

Do heat your cellophane wrapped head with a hair dryer set on warm and allow it to cool. Then, rinse it out in the shower as usual.

Last but not least, step away from the blow dryer (after your hair masque, of course) and the hot styling tools for a while.

Natural texture is in style right now and summer is a perfect time to try it out.

You can DIY a beach hair spray to get the vacation look by mixing a little salt with water in a spray bottle. Mind blowing, right? Or a texturizing creme will help give your hair some oomph.

If you feel bare without a sculpted coif, try out some of the super on-trend braided styles on Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest, please tell me what you do with all that free time..have you written a novel yet?

If you can’t break the hot habit, protect your hair by applying a heat protectant hair oil or coconut oil before styling, avoiding you roots. Also, apply a little olive oil to the plates of your flattening iron once a week.

Okay, to summarize: Sulfate free hair products, be super lazy and stop fixing your hair, and search braids on Pinterest. Done! Sounds like the formula for a pretty stellar summer!

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