Beauty Buzz: My go-to, favorite mascaras on a budget

Beauty editor’s favorite, budget-friendly, high-performance mascaras

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode Beauty Editor and mama of 3

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but sometimes my windows look really, really tired. Maybe a little droopy with some thin, wispy curtains barely framing the view. Thankfully, just like a good designer, mascara comes to the rescue to freshen up my view.

With all the new advancements like lash extensions and serums, a lot of people have been foregoing the beauty staple. But I am a traditionalist and buy my mascara at the last minute at the drugstore, just like my mama taught me.

I generally forget what mascara I last bought and grab whatever has a pretty package when I go to the store, but no more. I am in love with L’oreal’s Voluminous Feline Noir. My girls even noticed a difference when I was driving them to school one day, and that’s how I know I have a winner. It separates and elongates beautifully and the waterproof formula doesn’t flake at all.

Everyone has different criteria for what they consider the perfect mascara, so here are some other highly rated showstoppers:

If you need all day wear without any smudging but don’t like waterproof formulas, Maybelline Snapscara Washable Mascara will stand the test of time and then wash away with ease after a long day.

If your eyelashes are recovering from rough treatment, like lash extensions or a health problem, Almay One Coat Extreme Length Mascara is a serum-mascara hybrid that will give your lashes a lengthening boost with a cocktail of vitamins that will condition and nourish your lashes to promote growth.

For a tried and true no-fail mascara Maybelline Makeup Lash Sensational mascara is an Amazon best seller with plenty of five star reviews and before and after pictures to make you a believer.

If natural and comfortable are on your priority list, Maybelline New York Full n’ Soft Washable mascara will give you fluffy, soft lashes without neglecting length and separation.

Since mascara should be replaced every three months to prevent bacteria growth or flakiness from drying out, having affordable options that also look good is a life saver for a busy mom on a budget. Especially when your kids WILL NOT STOP GROWING OUT OF THEIR SHOES. I absolutely adore the “Free Little Libraries” popping up around town, but if someone wants to start a similar program for shoes that my kids only wore twice, I wouldn’t be mad.

If you have a go-to mascara you want to brag about, drop it in the comment section below and share the wealth! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful autumn weather we had for five minutes Saturday morning… Happy Southern Fall, Mamas!

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