Beauty Buzz: “Ask Andi” about brushes

Dear Andi,

Do you think the type of make-up brush makes a real difference in application? My sister bought a very expensive set, but I say the drugstore kind work just as well. What’s your opinion?

Dear Applicant,

The more expensive brushes can create a smoother, more polished look, but unless you are being photographed and broadcast in high-def, you can do just fine with the drug store brushes. The biggest problem I have (because I, too, cruise the drugstore aisles) is that the bristles will fall out and they aren’t as soft, but that just doesn’t bother me. It is more important that you use the right brush for the look you are trying to achieve (i.e.: don’t use a powder brush for blush).

I do invest in a moderately expensive foundation brush, but, mysteriously, lose blush brushes on a regular basis so I look at price before quality when I go to replace them.

If you are going to splurge, try buying them individually so you avoid winding up with a bunch of brushes you don’t need. Also, you have to wash them regularly (a couple of times a week with dish soap and water) and always keep them in a protective case. If you plan on letting your kids play princess with your make-up bag, keep it simple and just buy what makes sense to you and won’t make you cry if it ends up in the toilet or under the refrigerator.

Andi Douglas is a local mom of two and the ruling make-up queen at nwaMotherlode. E-mail your questions to her at and the answer may be featured in her weekly column.