Beauty Buzz: Andi helps families create a ‘picture perfect’ look for holiday shots

By Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode beauty editor

‘Tis the season to force your family into matching outfits and place them in nauseatingly adorable poses in an attempt to capture the perfect picture holiday shots.

Since it is hard enough to get everyone in one shot without any blurry toddler hands or scowling teens, you want to at least start out with the right look.

Gone are the days of a whole family in chambray shirts (admit it, you’ve done this) or all black turtlenecks. Family photographers now recommend bright colors that coordinate but don’t match.

Pick a color theme that works for everyone.

My family looks good in blue, so we usually stay in that family, but reds or greys seriously wash out a few of us.

Adding layers, like scarves and jackets, adds a level of depth to the picture and can provide easy props for some action shots.

When I get dressed up for somethin’ fancy, I dig out my nighttime makeup that has some sparkle to it.

This is a major no-no when it comes to having your picture made, since the camera and flash will magnify every grain of glitter. If you have a teenage girl in your house, it would behoove you to sneak in the day before pictures and confiscate anything that has the word “fairy” in the description or has visible chunks of glitter in it. Remember, those sneaky sparkles like to hide in products like bronzers, blush, and lip gloss.

Enhance your natural features by strategically highlighting your eyes and cheeks. Use a darker shade, like a bronzer, under your cheekbones, under your chin, along either side of your nose and along the outer corners of your forehead. Apply a lighter color to the tops of your cheeks, the corners of your eyes (right by the bridge of your nose) and right under your eyebrows.

Please, please, practice this at home before picture day.

Go outside and take a couple of tests shots in natural light. You will be able to see instantly where you may have over applied or accidentally made your nose look needle thin.

Switch your eyeliner and mascara from the more subtle browns to black. The contrast created with black mascara and eyeliner will make your eyes pop.  Also, use a shimmery gloss on top of your lipstick to create a natural pout.

Don’t forget about the men in the family, especially the poor teenage boys who generally resist wearing makeup to cover the battle with their hormones and the effect it has on their skin. Oil absorbing facial tissues like Clean & Clear Oil Control Blotting Papers will fit discretely in your guys pocket and will keep a shiny t-zone from stealing the spotlight.

For pimples, blemishes or a razor cut, a little concealer will do the trick. But if that’s too “makeup-py” there are several tinted spot treatments that clearly fall under the medicine category.

Remember that the best way to catch a winning photo is to be natural and try to have fun. Oh, and use Photoshop and lots of bribes!